Chapter 1583. Summoning a Reinforcement

"What the… He was hit by three rune techniques and two mega spells. How can he survive?" Jack uttered as he watched Evil Janus' HP bar.

The two mega spells and two rune techniques affecting Evil Janus were near completion, but his HP was still half full.

"It is probably his unique dark form. It must give him very high damage reduction," Good Janus presumed.

"His eye!" Jack exclaimed.

After they had a good look, some sort of a translucent veil shrouded Evil Janus' body. The large eye on Evil Janus' head was pulsing. With each pulse, the veil turned more tangible.

"The eye was using some kind of skill to mitigate the damage," Jack said. He then asked Peniel, "Do you know what that skill is?"

Peniel shook her head.

"Never mind that. I'm going to try something," Jack said. He turned to Good Janus, "Do you also have the spell that teleports a target like what he used on my clone?"

"I have," Good Janus answered, before asking. "What are you going to do?"

"Not me. My other clone," Jack said.

Dragon Jack had arrived. He used his natural wind jet and flew directly into the chaotic world covered in golden flames, windstorms, and lightning calamity. His Lightning God Suit had already ended, but his Strength of Hope was still on. Even protected by this divine power, Dragon Jack still lost HP extremely fast. He used Gold Dragon Vitality halfway to replenish and double his HP.

Arriving before Evil Janus, he used Devouring Cross, refilling his life again. The damage from the Devouring Cross was greatly mitigated by the translucent veil. This confirmed his analysis. However, the purpose of his barging into this world of elemental calamity was not to land the Devouring Cross. It was to get close to Evil Janus.

When his Devouring Cross landed, the air right in front of Janus' head shimmered. It was not so obvious due to all the flames, winds, and lightning, but Evil Janus could sense an attack coming.

Evil Janus didn't do anything about it, though. Firstly, he was confident of the defensive veil he had conjured. Secondly, there was nothing he could do. He had to fully concentrate to maintain this veil.

A long black light flew out from that shimmering air with lightning speed. This thin black light pierced through Evil Janus' veil. Evil Janus didn't have the time to think about how his veil was so easily penetrated because that black light stabbed right into the large eye in his head.

"ARRGHHH…!!!" Evil Janus cried out. His hands went into his one eye that had shut from that stab.

"Now!" Jack called.

Good Janus had prepared the spell formation. He cast the spell once he received Jack's signal. The Dragon Jack next to Evil Janus vanished and appeared next to them. His life was only one-third left. Peniel quickly used her healing skill on him.

"Continue attacking!" Jack exclaimed. They fired their ranged attacks into Evil Janus inside the elemental sphere.

Young Januses tried to get to Evil Janus to help him but they were stopped by the Themisphere's past kings. Theridan and Jack's second clone had also returned and wreaked havoc among the Young Januses.

Evil Janus was only disabled for a short instant, but it was enough since the defensive veil was no more. Evil Janus' one eye opened again. It was emitting blood-red light this time. This eye looked at Jack for a brief moment, Jack could feel the hatred from that stare. It then looked away in the chalice's direction. That red eye pulsed.

As it did, the air above the chalice shimmered.

"Protect the chalice!" Jack shouted.

Thebalder, Thewolden, and Thegromar were staying near the chalice, they readied themselves. Thegromar cast a spell that conjured lightning fences around the area where the air was shimmering.

Something colossal suddenly materialized from that shimmering air. This thing did a swipe as soon as it appeared, destroying the lightning fences as if they were nothing. At the same time, the shockwave sent the three kings flying. It then landed hard on the ground. Knocking the chalice over.

As the chalice tumbled, Theridan and all the past kings vanished.

Jack and Good Janus were dumbfounded by the sudden turns of events. Everything happened so fast. Now only did they register the thing that had appeared out of the shimmering air was a dragon. Not just any dragon. It was a true dragon. One that Jack knew and had seen before.


The yellow dragon stared at Jack briefly before turning to Evil Janus who was still imprisoned inside the elemental sphere. Tiemezzys cast Telekinesis at Evil Janus. His telekinesis was so powerful that it broke the pulverizing chains from Thebalder. Free from the chains, Evil Janus was dragged out by Tiemezzys' telekinesis.

"Stop him!" Jack shouted. He cast Telekinesis at Evil Janus. Good Janus did the same.

Their spells hit Evil Janus. The two spells and the telekinesis from Tiemezzys were like two invisible forces pushing Evil Janus in opposite directions. One tried to hold Evil Janus inside the elemental sphere. The other was trying to pull him out.

Unfortunately, Tiemezzys had far greater intelligence stat. Jack and Good Janus couldn't compete with the eternal-grade dragon. Evil Janus was plucked out of the ongoing mega spells. Only Jack's infernal cleansing flame was still ravaging his body.

Evil Janus knelt on the ground after being saved. The white flames burning his body soon ran out of duration. Neither Jack nor Good Janus dared to do anything with Tiemezzys next to Evil Janus. Evil Janus still had over thirty percent HP left.

Jack looked at the situation around them. A large portion of Young Januses had been defeated, but there was still plenty left. Evil Janus might only have one-third of his life left, but he was still a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention the Themisphere's ex-country guardian who had made it clear that he was Evil Janus' ally.

No matter how they assess the situation, it was a clusterf*ck!