Chapter 1585. A Warrior and an Assassin Against a Dragon

When Tiemezzys advanced, the standstill was ended. Everyone started moving again. Young Januses resumed casting their spells. This time their targets were the members of the League of Champions and Assassins Guilds.

Ragorth and Hashi didn't bring many followers. The Young Januses still outnumbered them despite having been culled by the past Themisphere Kings. Even so, the ones they brought were elites. These faction members, seeing that they were targeted, weren't just letting themselves be sitting ducks.

All the cloaked figures from the Assassins Guild vanished in the blink of an eye, while the League of Champions' warriors dashed in different directions. They and the Young Januses soon clashed.

Ragorth and Hashi didn't retreat despite Tiemezzys' menacing advance. Ragorth unsling the gigantic greatsword on his back and swung it forward. Following the swing, the greatsword grew to a bigger size. Hashi thrust his daggers. As he did, uncountable images of daggers stabbing forward were seen.

Tiemezzys swung his massive claw. The impact between his claw with Ragorth and Hashi's assaults caused a shockwave. The result of the exchange sent Ragorth and Hashi a distance away. Tiemezzys looked at his two adversaries with disdain.

Both Ragorth and Hashi expected this outcome. Both of them were level 90 mythicals, but Tiemezzys was one grade higher.

"That girl is right again, we do need this potion," Hashi said while taking out a small bottle from his back. Ragorth did the same.

If Jack saw the bottles, he would recognize them. The bottles in Ragorth and Hashi's hands were Divine Might Potions.

Tiemezzys also recognized the bottles, but he had been underestimating the two so his response was late. Ragorth and Hashi acted fast. They immediately drank the bottles after revealing it. The two's aura increased exponentially.

"Hmph! Even if you get a boost, the two of you are still not my opponent," Tiemezzys uttered.

"Is that so…?" Ragorth said. He took a low stance. His skin was covered by crimson tattoos. His armor also glowed with light that was usually seen when Ki Weapon was used.

The greatsword in his hand had grown to three times his body size. He was as if holding a huge pillar. Yet, he didn't appear encumbered. His body abruptly shot forward. This movement skill was the same as Spring Crown's Propelling Dash.

Ragorth's charging speed from the propelling dash was very fast, but Tiemezzys' dragon eye was able to catch the movement. Tiemezzys slapped downward, attempting to swat Ragorth into the ground. Ragorth's colossal greatsword swung up and collided with Tiemezzys' massive claw.

Different than before. This time, the impact threw the two back. Ragorth retreated a farther distance which showed that Tiemezzys was still stronger, but it was no longer as one-sided as before.

Tiemezzys was unhappy with the outcome. When he was about to retaliate, he felt a sting on his back.

"Rargghh…!!" He roared both in fury and pain. He swiveled backward with his claw, but the one who hurt him had retreated. He saw that it was the guy from the Assassins Guild, Hashi.

"Why didn't I sense your attack?" Tiemezzys asked in puzzlement.

"Hehe. If my attack can so easily be detected, do you think I will still be called the greatest assassin?" Hashi returned the question.

What Hashi used was mana concealment. One that was very advanced. His degree of mastery was even better than Wong's because he could completely mask his mana during an attack.

Tiemezzys felt his back itch. He felt his mana was in chaos at the spot where he had been stabbed. He also lost a bit of HP every second.

"You use poison!" Tiemezzys exclaimed.

"Of course. Which respectable assassin doesn't use poison?" Hashi replied.

"Fine! You want to die? I will fulfill your wish then!!" Tiemezzys opened his mouth wide. Heavy torrents of yellow fumes poured out of his mouth. It was his divine earth breath.

Hashi turned into multiple shadows that ran everywhere. Tiemezzys couldn't pinpoint which one was the real one with his mana sense. In the end, he tried to swipe all the shadows, but there were too many and they ran around haphazardly. His breath ended up hitting Young Januses and the other faction members who were unfortunate enough to be in the path.

Ragorth came from the side when Tiemezzys was firing his divine breath. Unlike Hashi, Ragorth couldn't conceal his mana, so Tiemezzys sensed the attack. Tiemezzys's claw clanged with the giant greatsword. Ragorth used Ki Strike in the blow. Tiemezzys's claw ended up getting smashed to the side.

Ragorth followed with Deca Slash into Tiemezzys' exposed side. A move similar to Penta Slash but landed ten successive rapid slashes instead of five. Each slash produced higher damage than the last.

Feeling humiliated by the successive hits, Tiemezzys stopped his breath and slammed into the ground. This produced a localized earthquake that knocked Ragorth off-balance. At the same time, earth spears thrust out of the ground, impaling Ragorth.

Ragorth's Ki Armor reduced the damage he received, but he was unable to take a proper stance due to the earthquake. He activated his Wing tool to escape. He was paying attention to Tiemezzys' next move as he flew up. He saw Tiemezzys' eyes glowed.

'Oh, no!' He thought, but his mind became empty after that last thought. He had been hit by Tiemezzys' Divine Stone Gaze. His mind was petrified.

Tiemezzys stretched his neck. His mouth was opened wide ready to chomp Ragorth who was helpless in the air.

Hashi suddenly appeared in front of Tiemezzys. He waved his hand. A bright flash was produced with that wave. At the same time, Tiemezzys felt stinging pain in his eyes. Tiemezzys was forced to shut his eyes and jerked backward.

What Hashi used was the Flashing Powder Throw. It was a variant of Hidden Weapon Specialist's Powder Throw. It not only caused Blind to the target, but it also disrupted the opponent's mana sense for several brief seconds.

While Tiemezzys was blinded both in visual and sense, Hashi grabbed Ragorth and pulled him to a safe distance.

When Tiemezzys regained his sight, he saw Ragorth had broken free from his Divine Stone Gaze. He snarled. These two proved to be more troublesome than he thought.