Chapter 1586. Additional Reinforcements

When the battle reignited, Jack sent his two clones to Evil Janus, who was also heading his way. Evil Janus had drunk two different recovery potions during the standstill. His life which was only one-third left had recovered to almost half.

His eye pulsed with red light. Jack's two clones were stunned when this red light washed over them. Evil Janus cast two spells in succession. Magic Bind which was evolved to produce multiple binding rings. These magic rings locked the two Jacks' bodies.

The second spell was Black Hole. Jack had run out of his defensive skills, so the two Jacks were helpless as they were sucked by the black hole. The instant kill effect triggered and the two Jacks were devoured by the black hole.

When Evil Janus was about to resume his advance, he was bewildered when he found Jack to be smiling.

"What are you smiling for?" Evil Janus mocked. "Do you think you are safe just because Ragorth and Hashi came to your aid?"

"Oh, I'm not smiling because of them. I'm smiling because of that big tear above," Jack pointed at the crack in the void above. The crack was mending but the gap was still visible.

Evil Janus then noticed that Jack was holding a small badge. It was his King Badge!

All of a sudden, ten additional figures appeared around Jack. They were his royal agents.

Jack barked his orders without delay, "Duke! Jonathan! Lindsey! Robinson! Help the league faction members deal with the clones. Eyrene! Laurent! Howard! Help those two against that big dragon. Amy! Nerd! Support me. Elayne! Play music that boosts everyone's stats."

Amy! Nerd! Support me. Elayne! Play music that boosts everyone's stats."

Evil Janus was too startled by these additional reinforcements. His response was late. Elayne was the first to take action when the other royal agents spread out. She thumped her zither and a reverberating shockwave radiated. It was a skill she had just learned in the Brave Academy, Debilitating Broadcast. It was a sound skill that caused magical damage and stunned enemies in a large area around her.

Evil Janus was stunned by this sound attack. Jack and Therras took the chance to fuse into a huge meteor using Combination Assault and slammed into him. When he was reeling, Hell Whip cast by Nerd coiled around his body. Jack said to Evil Janus, "I still have another trump card, you know."

Jack used Reset. He then cast Double Clone and resummoned Spark. His true body then exploded into lightning form while his first clone transformed into Supreme Dragon Form and his second clone cast Time Lock.

"Time to wrap this up!" Jack declared. He cast Superior Acceleration. With boosted speed, he activated Soul Asura, his weapon's Overlimit, and performed the burst attack of his sword art.

Uncountable lightning slashes battered Evil Janus' body during the short two seconds he lost.

At the end of those two seconds, everyone landed a combined assault. Spark and his two clones were also under superior acceleration. Spark used its Finishing Mode. Dragon Jack used Soul Breath. Clone Jack cast Perpetual Lightning Judgement. Lightning Jack used his weapon's skill, the God Annihilating Sword.

Amy and Nerd also cast their offensive spells. Nerd cast Warlock's Hellish Explosion. Amy cast Celestial Explosion, which was similar to Hellish Explosion but dealt light damage instead of chaos. The two's attacks didn't land at as precise timing as Jack's, though.

One of his royal agents landed an attack with perfect timing. It was Elayne, who used Sound Cannon empowered by mana manipulation.

The combined attacks created a spectacular explosion. When the dust settled. Evil Janus was no longer in his shadow form. He was back to his original form. The staff of Illios' eye was also back to its sculpture state. Evil Janus' HP was less than 5%.

When Lightning Jack was about to land the killing blow. He sensed a powerful attack from the side. He turned and saw massive torrents of rocks coming his way. He turned into a lightning bolt to dodge. These torrents of rocks swirled around Evil Janus, protecting him. They swatted anyone who tried to get close.

"You, miserable mage! How do you get defeated so fast?" Tiemezzys bellowed. The torrents of rock were his spell. Even with Eyrene, Laurent, and Howard joining the fray, he was still able to watch the situation on the other side.

"That won't save him!" Dragon Jack exclaimed and used Gold Dragon Breath.

The gold dragon breath had a powerful corrosive effect. The stones surrounding Evil Janus seemed to decompose rapidly.

Clone Jack used his other weapon's skill, World Splitter. The energy from his sword cut through the decomposed rocks, destroying them.

A shadow suddenly zipped through the open path and landed a stab into Evil Janus' body. It was Hashi. The assassin was also paying attention to the battle on this side. He used Combat Clone and left that clone to fight Tiemezyss. He himself rushed here once he saw the opportunity. "I will avenge my leader!" He exclaimed.

His dagger contained powerful venom. Evil Janus' HP dropped rapidly.

"Oh, no. You won't kill-steal my prey!" Lightning Jack exclaimed.

He shot back using Wind Jet. The side he was facing still had some defensive rocks swirling. He didn't have the time to move to the side where the path was opened by World Splitter. He used Ghost Sword and stabbed using the One-word Thrust.

Storm Breaker was still in its Overlimit state. The maxed Overlimit increased Storm Breaker's reach by a great deal. The weapon had the length of a spear in its current state. The Ghost Sword skill allowed Jack to bypass all the defensive rocks and reach Evil Janus behind.

His thrust accurately stabbed Evil Janus' forehead.

That last stab finally took out Evil Janus' HP. Unlike other natives, Evil Janus' body disintegrated when he died. Several loots fell. Jack had used his Runestone of Luck when he delivered his stab.

"Raggh! Useless…!!" Tiemezzys cursed.

Hashi turned to Jack. His face was slightly dissatisfied. He was supposed to take this killer's life to avenge his leader. He looked at Tiemezzys. He had achieved his objective. He wondered if he should continue fighting that dragon.

While Hashi was having second thoughts, Lightning Jack, Dragon Jack, Therras, Amy, Nerd, and Elayne went to assist the others who were battling the yellow dragon.

Young Janus clones stopped fighting after Evil Janus was defeated. Good Janus could now assume control of them. He instructed them to help Ragorth and the others fight Tiemezzys.

Suddenly finding himself beset by everyone, Tiemezzys was now regretting his deal.

"Rarrrgghh! This is the worst deal I have ever made!" He shouted in frustration.