The setup of the League of Champion's challenge stages was the same as the Order of Magi. So, Jack already knew what to expect from the stages. Even though the monsters were different, the quantity and the grade of the monsters were the same.

Considering Jack was more accustomed to melee fights, he barreled through the stages with more ease. Additionally, his equipment had increased in level compared to yesterday, so the speed he completed each stage was also faster.

Before he knew it, he had burnt through 936 of his challenge points. When he came out of stage 66, he had only 13 challenge points left. He was confident he could complete higher stages, but he had no more challenge points to do it.

His rank was now Primus after passing stage 60. Since he didn't have any more challenge points to proceed, he figured he should just take a look at the exchange list to see what his 2671 glory points could get him.

As he turned and was about to leave this colosseum hall, he saw Gruff coming in from the entrance. The guy looked around before seeing Jack and coming over. Gruff was wearing a serious expression that Jack seldom saw on the old warrior's face.

'Uh… Maybe I should have visited and apologized about Miller right after the civil war,' Jack thought after seeing Gruff's expression.

When Gruff was near, Jack hurriedly spoke first before Gruff said anything. "I'm sorry! I know I should have come earlier to say something about Miller. You have sent him to assist me but I instead let him fall."

Gruff paused when he heard Jack. He then said, "His passing was very unfortunate indeed, but soldiers know that they can lose their lives any time on the battlefield. Miller was fully aware of this when he joined the military. It was nice of you to say what you said."

"Oh…," Jack said. He thought Gruff's grumpy look was about Miller. He was slightly lost now.

"Still, I have to give Bailey many benefits to appease her for her brother's downfall. If you feel so bad, maybe you can contribute some coins as well."

"Sure. How much do you… Hey, wait a minute… You are not swindling me for my coins, are you?"

The two stared at one another for a while, before Gruff finally said, "Well…"

"I'm not giving you a single coin!" Jack uttered.

Gruff laughed, but his expression abruptly turned serious again, as if remembering something. He said, "Look, I know you are heading to the frontline, right? Speaking of which, aren't you leading the third army? Why are you still here?"

"I will join them midway."

"What the heck kind of general are you?"

"The kind that can do whatever the hell I want."

"I seriously pity your troops. Well, anyway. I know the third army is heading to reclaim the Thesewal's region, right?"

The plan was to defend the area so the enemy didn't penetrate any deeper, but the end goal was still to drive out the Verremor army and free Thesewal. So, Jack guessed Gruff was not wrong.

"What about it?" Jack asked.

"You remember Guss, don't you? The acting mayor of Thesewal. I lost any contact with him after the occupation. I have no idea if he made it out or not. If you are heading there, I believe the remnant of Thesewal's army will join you. Can you please keep an eye out for him and make sure he was all right?"

'So, he is worried about his brother,' Jack thought.

"Not a problem, I will keep an eye out for him," Jack said.

Gruff nodded with gratitude. He then looked at the wall where Jack had come from. "Stage 66? That's rather fast."

"I can still beat a higher stage. Hey! Speaking of which, can you give me a benefit where I can challenge the stage without needing challenge points? Like a title or something?"

"The hell are you talking about?"

Jack told him about his Honorary Magi title and the benefit of the title.

"Holy… You are messing with me, aren't you?" Gruff asked.

Jack equipped the title, removed his cloak, and ask Gruff to use inspect on him.

"My goodness! You are a Brave Swordsmaster?" Gruff uttered when he saw Jack's class while reading Jack's title. "You might have become the champion in their tournament, but I don't know you are that close to the Council of Virtus to be granted their special class. Since you are, you should have known about their fate, right?"

"Yes. I was there yesterday when Daminos Square Garden was destroyed. That's how I get this special class. I'm surprised the news traveled so fast."

"The base of a divine faction was destroyed, it will be strange if no one talks. Are you truly on site, kid? Tell me all about what happened!"

Jack recounted the incident.

"Fear's cult? The World Maker…?" Gruff mumbled.

"So? Anything like this Honorary Magi title that this faction can grant me?" Jack asked again.

Gruff looked at Jack's title description again before asking, "How do you get them to give you that title anyway?"

Jack told Gruff about his special class and how it was related to the order of Magi.

"I remember it was mentioned that the founder of the Order of Magi and League of Champions were brothers. Is the League of Champions' leader also one from the Council of Twenty-four?"

"The founder was, the current leader is not. Damn, kid, I just can't stop being amazed by you. Time Sage? I'm honestly speechless."

"So, from which elite class was the pinnacle special class that this faction's founder possessed?" Jack asked.

"The pinnacle class from Weapon Master, Weapon God," Gruff answered.

"Awesome! Do you know where the founder left his legacy?" If his grandfather could get this special class, then it would be perfect.

Gruff eyed Jack like he was looking at an idiot. "If I know, don't you think I will have gone and got the class for myself already?"

"I suppose that's true," Jack said, remembering Janus who had also expressed an interest in getting the Time Sage.

"Like his brother, our founder had hidden his legacy somewhere unknown. You are tremendously lucky to be able to get one of them."

"Luck is my middle name."

"Storm Luck Wind? that's one terrible name."

"Do you really have to take it so literally? Whatever, circling back to my request. Any way I can get leniency in attempting the challenges without using challenge points? I have run out of them already."

"Unless you get the Weapon God title, I doubt our leader will grant you the same privilege," Gruff said. "Though maybe you can try your luck with the Brave Swordsmaster class… Our leader has a close relationship with the Council of Virtus. That's how we get the news so fast."

"Great. Take me to the leader then," Jack asked.

"You wish. Do you think anyone can meet our leader just like that?"

"Man… Then why do you bring up the relationship between the leader and the Council of Virtus? Just tell me I have no chance then."

"There is no chance you will get the benefit from our leader, but perhaps I can give you my personal help," Gruff said.

"You can? How?"

"By giving you my challenge points. Bring out your badge."

"You are willing? Wow! Thank you!" Jack said and took out his badge. But then he thought of something and retracted his hand. "Hey… What's in it for you? Are you going to ask me to do something fishy in return?"

"You have agreed to help look out for Guss. This is the least I can do. Glory points are precious to me, but I do not need so many challenge points. I am too lazy to repeat the same challenge stage just to get glory points, I can get the points some other way."

"Like betting or swindling others?" Jack teased.

Gruff rolled his eyes. "What I'm saying is, I have no problem sharing the challenge points. Seeing how impressive you are, I think getting your favor is a good investment. Just remember to help me back in the future."

"No worries. Despite your dubious nature, I consider you my friend. As long as I am able, I will always help my friend."

"What dubious nature. Seriously, kid," Gruff grumbled. "Hand me that badge."

Jack put his badge forward. Gruff touched his badge to Jack's. A stream of light flowed from his badge to Jack's. After the process was done, Jack found that his badge had 2,000 challenge points added.

"Wow, thank you!" Jack exclaimed.

"Go continue the stage. I am curious to see how far you can go with your current ability," Gruff said.

Jack nodded. He turned around and headed to the wall that had the roman numeral of sixty-seven carved on it.

After Jack disappeared into the wall, Gruff turned to look at stage 70 which was only three stages away. If Jack managed to beat that stage, Jack would be in the same rank as him, an Angusticlavian.