Finished announcing his declaration, Jack used Blitz Slash. His body zoomed past Abasi who was still dumbfounded by Jack's unconventional declaration. The slashes caused by Jack woke the warlord up.

"You despicable human outworlder! How dare you sneak an attack!!" Abasi bellowed. He brandished his gigantic axe and turned around to chase after Jack.

Armstrong and Bordo were similarly confounded by Jack's abrupt declaration and first strike, but they soon made their moves as well. Lubanzi and Bishara reacted at the same time. Armstrong clashed with Lubanzi while Bordo took Bishara on.

"What are you complaining about? I've already announced it before I made my attack! It's you who are being sloppy!" Jack returned Abasi's accusation.

Jack didn't stop and battle Abasi, he continued forward after going past the three orc leaders. The human army had also started charging forward after Jack's attack command, but they were still far behind. The scene appeared as if Jack was going to clash against the entire orc army by himself.

The players who were with the orc army thought to themselves, 'Who is this lunatic player? First, he did a perplexing imitation from the seventies kid show in front of everyone. Now, he is charging without fear at an enemy army all by himself. Does he think he has a cheat code that makes him invincible?'

Jack cast Magic Wall just as the first barrage of range attacks came. His magic wall broke soon as he cast Barrier and erected Magic Shield while using Charge to increase his rushing speed. Many of the follow-up range attacks missed him because of his charge.

The melees at the front line were not going to back down from a single attacker. They came forward when Jack came close enough. Jack used Wings of Devastation then. The energy wave from the skill covered a large area. Many were afflicted with Bleed and Dizzy after the wave hit them. The dizzy status caused their advance to stop.

Jack multi-cast a seven-runes spell then. The opponents who were not afflicted by Dizzy were alarmed seeing the number of runes. The orc players were especially astonished. Firstly, many of them were not aware yet of Jack being a multi-class player. Jack had used several physical class skills moments before and was now casting a spell. Some of them had heard about such a human player, but they just treated the news as baseless rumors. Secondly, they never expected any player to have gotten a spell with so many runes yet.

The spell was completed very fast due to Jack's multi-runes casting method. An electric orb appeared as lighting elements from the surrounding rushed into this orb, including several lightning strikes that came down from the sky above. This orb then exploded and uncountable lightning snakes fanned out, hitting everyone in the area directly in front of Jack.

The lightning snakes from this Perpetual Lightning Judgement spell caused massive damage. All basic natives within the affected area were killed outright as well as elite natives of level 50 and below. Players who had lower HP than natives were of course not spared. The area where Jack's spell had passed by was instantly devoid of players.

Several high-level orc soldiers rushed out to come after Jack, they were not going to let Jack off after causing such casualties.

Jack flapped his wings and rose into the air. He flew back to his army. He was not suicidal enough to fight the entire army all by himself. He was simply stealing the first strike advantage.

A figure appeared before him in the sky. Abasi had used his flying tool when Jack took to the sky.

"Don't think you can escape!" Abasi roared and made a slash. His axe swing created a fiery slash.

Jack didn't intend to fight it out with this orc warlord. Abasi was a rare elite nine levels above him. He might be able to cross swords with the warlord for a bit but he was not confident he could win. Jack used his dragon form's inherent Wind Jet and shot away, dodging Abasi's slash, before resuming his flight. He also cast Magic Bind which hindered Abasi for a while.

"Hey, come out! I need your boost to my recovery!" Jack said when he didn't see Peniel around. Although he had used defensive skills, he was still hit by a multitude of ranged attacks during his charge.

Peniel came out but was showing a grumpy face. "Do you have to do that?! It is so embarrassing! I will hit you now if we are not in the middle of a battle!" Peniel scolded. He was mentioning Jack's silly act before transforming into dragon form.

"I can't help it! The idea is stuck in my head. I have to do it at least once or else it will keep on gnawing at me," Jack explained.

"That is a ludicrous explanation! I will stay in my hidden dimension and not help you anymore if you do that again!" Peniel warned.

"Yes, ma'am! That's a one-time thing. I'm satisfied enough to fulfill my childhood dream at least once," Jack replied with a laugh.

Abasi wanted to give chase, but the human army had closed in enough. It would be unwise to just charge forward recklessly like what that outworlder human did just now.

The two armies were in the range of ranged attacks. Colorful spells, arrows, and bullets started crisscrossing on the battlefield.

Arriving back in the army, Jack summoned his minions, Arlcard, Ice Demon Fiend, Therras, spirit weapon, and his ten wolves. Arlcard had increased another level again to level 62, while Therras was at level 58.

Arlcard looked at the clashing armies before him. "Are you a war magnet?" He asked Jack.

"You are happy I invited you to one again, aren't you?" Jack returned.

"I ain't complaining," Arlcard replied and brandished his crimson rapier.

"Everyone! Attack at will!" Jack shouted.

The front melee soldiers had started clashing with the enemies. Jack first cast Magic Field among the mage soldiers behind the front line, he then cast most of his spells, hoping to take advantage of the 60% probability of triggering a double cast.

Out of all the spells he cast, several received double cast, namely Tracing Beam, Lightning Strike, and Acceleration. The two pillars of lightning came down from the sky and slammed into the enemy's front line. Since everyone was packed together, even after they saw the symbols on the ground that marked the area that would be scorched by the lightning strikes, they still couldn't dodge. They could only brace themselves with defensive moves to endure the lightning attacks.

Jack had also cast Myriad Venomous Vipers. This spell, unfortunately, didn't trigger the double cast. The fifteen green vipers were binding the enemy orc soldiers, allowing the human soldiers to freely deliver punishment.

As for Acceleration, the double cast allowed him ten targets. He placed the enhancement on himself and his four minions aside from his wolves. Another he placed on Paytowin who stayed near him as well as Brave King. The remaining three he gave to the highest-level native soldiers nearby. He wanted to give the spell to Armstrong or Bordo but they were not nearby.

With the acceleration buff, they went to the front line except for Jack's spirit weapon. Jack had commanded his spirit weapon to use his ranged mode to support them. Therras used supersonic mode, Ice Demon Fiend used its ice spears rain to hit a large area, while Arlcard cast his Sonata of the Night and Perpetual Sword of Death.

Paytowin climbed on top of Brave King and stormed into the enemy's ranks. He used his pistol to shoot at enemies. He planted Beam Turret on the ground and then placed several traps around the turret.

"Hey, George. Don't go too far!" Jack called.

Acceleration didn't last long. Paytowin had barged in a bit too deep because everyone appeared too slow. This was the first time he was under the effect of such a drastic time-warping spell, hence it had made him too confident. When everything was back to normal speed. He felt slightly overwhelmed because there were enemies all around. He immediately commanded Brave King to retreat.

A whistling sound was suddenly heard as a giant bolt came at high speed. Paytowin was taken by surprise. The bolt hit him, dealing almost 1,000 damage. Paytowin was at level 53 now. The damage was not a problem for his 4,360 HP, but the bolt had a knockback effect. The impact caused him to fall off Brave King's back.

Jack looked over and recognized the one who had shot the giant bolt. It was the same native orc chieftain who had been chasing him during his first war with the orc army, Jomo Sharpstone. This elite orc was now at level 50. Jack had no problem dealing with this orc now but Jomo stayed at the back, shooting using his giant crossbow.

Paytowin, who had fallen to the ground, was now beset by enemy soldiers. He was slightly dazed because of the fall. His position was far from Jack, Jack won't arrive in time to save him. The Brave King was also being crowded by the orc soldiers, making it unable to save its master.