When Paytowin was in a critical situation, Jack used Wind Slash and sent five wind energies his way before getting blocked by orc soldiers. The five wind energies were very fast and they cut through the soldiers that were about to hit Paytowin. This interruption granted Paytowin a precious second, which he used to activate his Brave Techno Suit.

Layers of golden-white metallic parts appeared and covered his body, turning him into a humanoid cyborg. Paytowin immediately activated his techno suit's first skill, Overdrive mode. Multiple jets of vapor were released from his suit followed by high-pitched sounds. His speed increased. He did a backflip, escaping just in time as the orc soldiers resumed their assaults.

Brave King used its brave blast at this time, blasting all the soldiers who were holding it down. It then used its projectile punch. Its fist swooped down on the orcs that were trying to finish Paytowin.

Paytowin stood back up. With Brave King's long-ranged assist, he managed to put a space between him and the enemies. He aimed his gun and fired. He was still in overdrive mode, so his rate of fire was fast. With the aid of the reticle in his sight, his rapid gunfire hit all targets without any miss.

"Danger! An invisible enemy coming from three o'clock!" Paytowin heard a voice from his helmet. He instinctively looked to the right and saw in his vision a humanoid shape in red and yellow color.

'It is infrared vision!' Paytowin thought.

This red and yellow figure was coming at high speed at him holding a short weapon. Paytowin hurriedly shifted his left hand that held a dagger and parry the incoming attack. When the two weapons hit, a woman materialized. Her eyes were wide. She must not have expected Paytowin to manage to block her sneak attack. Paytowin recognized her as one of the finalists in the world tournament, Disco Rain.

"You can also sense mana?" She asked.

Paytowin replied by firing his gun at her face point blank.

Disco Rain reacted swiftly and dodged the shot. A phantom dagger came out of her at the same time she dodged. Paytowin was still in overdrive mode, so his response didn't lose to Disco Rain. He jumped back before the phantom dagger hit. Disco Rain's Unblockable Stab failed to reach Paytowin.

The other orc soldiers resumed their approach again. Paytowin's visor glowed at this time. A thick golden beam shot out from the visor. It struck one of the orcs and knocked him back. The beam didn't vanish, Paytowin swiped the beam to the side, hitting every orc and preventing them from coming near.

The visor beam was another of his Brave Techno Suit's skills. One that was available when Paytowin leveled up his Brave Techno Suit to level 10.

When the visor beam came at Disco Rain. She disappeared. She turned into a blur and zoomed past Paytowin, who received multiple slashes as she passed by. However, Paytowin didn't receive any damage. The Brave Techno Suit possessed a golden shield that absorbed damage equal to 100% of his HP. The shield was almost depleted though, showing how deadly Disco Rain's skill was.

Disco Rain was rather surprised to see her opponent didn't lose any HP. She thought her skill should bring Paytowin's HP to critical if not outright killed him. Her surprise caused her to pause. She was just about to follow up with a finishing blow, but due to her pause, it was enough time for Paytowin to flee. His Brave King activated the flying jetpack on its back. It flew by and swooped up Paytowin and brought him away.

Brave King was aiming its flight to bring Paytowin out from behind the enemy's line. However, large blue sword energy struck Brave King's flight path, and the resulting force caused the techno golem to stumble back and Paytowin to fall to the ground again.

Before Paytowin could get back on his feet, he saw an orc come at him with a jump assault. He also recognized this orc as Four Winds, the leader of the runner-up team in the world tournament. Paytowin crossed his dagger and gun to block the inevitable attack, but a humanoid dragon suddenly appeared before him and blocked Four Winds' assault.

"Jack!" Paytowin uttered after recognizing Jack's draconic back. Jack's spirit weapon hovered beside him.

"Dude, why didn't you call Mihos to protect you?" Jack asked.

"Oh, right...," Paytowin had completely forgotten that he already had a companion. He took out his companion token. However, Jack stopped him.

"Wait! Summon him later. I have a plan. You move back first!" Jack said.

Paytowin didn't waste time by questioning Jack's plan. He retreated following Jack's request.

"Hah! You might have saved him, but you have delivered yourself instead!" Four Winds uttered. His body grew to an impossible height. Jack remembered Peniel mentioned this was the skill of the Titan bloodline, a unique-grade bloodline.

Despite his body size multiplied, Four Winds' speed was not affected. His two axes turned into blurs as they created uncountable starlight. The starlight seemed about to engulf Jack, but Jack's two claws also turned into a blur. At the same time, Jack yelled, "Pegasus meteor slash...!!!"

Jack's claws appeared to explode and turned into uncountable swords. These swords slashed all over the place, clashing with the starlight.

Four Winds was more startled by Jack's yell compared to his sword art, but his self-control allowed his movement to not be affected.

Countless sparks resulted from the impacts between the slashes and the starlight. At the end of the exchange, it was Four Wind's titanic body that was pushed back several steps. Four Winds was amazed that even with his titan strength, he still lost in raw power against Jack.

"Amazing! Not considering your weird yell, your swordsmanship has improved to another height again since we last fought," Four Winds said with admiration.

"Of course. If I don't improve, that means I'm declining," Jack replied with a smile.

Violent Blizzard, Purple Mist, and Coca arrived then, joining Four Winds and Disco Rain.

"Oh? Where is the Elementalist chick? Replaced by this sentinel?" Jack asked when he noticed Water Lily was not around.

"What are you people conversing with our enemy for? Attack!" Abasi came from the sky with his flying tool. The other orc soldiers also rushed in on his command.

"You won't escape this time!" Abasi yelled at Jack. Since Jack had penetrated behind the enemy's line to save his friend, Abasi won't let this chance go. He had ordered the orc soldiers to cut Jack's escape path. Two orc mages with flying spells also cut Jack's escape path from the air.

"General!" Armstrong shouted. Seeing Jack surrounded, he tried to barge in to save Jack. But Paytowin who had returned said to him, "No, let him! He has a plan. Don't worry, he will be okay!"

Jack had sent a message to Paytowin asking him to prevent anyone from coming near him. Armstrong was a bit hesitant, but he had seen how close the two outworlders were during the march. He decided to trust their bonds.

"I will aid you, my lord!" Phithion uttered. He had followed after Abasi. Seeing the warlord's animosity with this particular player, he was not going to let go of this opportunity to garner favor from his backer. He was a technocraft, one at level 52. He was now using the skill that technocraft got at level 50, Bombardment.

As he executed the skill, a disc-like thing appeared in the air. It looked like a small UFO. Multiple missiles were released from this round aircraft. The missiles were so many but Jack's eyes managed to count them to fifty.

Peniel informed him that it meant that the skill had been max-leveled. A level 1 Bombardment would fire thirty missiles. Every increase in level added another missile to the skill. When the missile hit a target, it caused an AOE explosion that dealt physical damage. This skill was a very effective skill for group battles.

The missiles shot from this skill were homing missiles. Since the area covered by the skill only had Jack as a single enemy, all fifty missiles rearranged their flight paths and flew at him.

Jack didn't panic seeing either the missiles or the enemies surrounding him. The faster missiles arrived first. Jack activated Gold Dragon Armor and then his two claws again exploded with the burst attack of Formless Flowing Sword Style. Each incoming missile was met with a sword slash. None of the missiles hit Jack, they exploded after getting slashed by his sword art.

The resulting explosion still caused AOE damage but Jack's Gold Scale Armor dampened the received damage.

When the explosion settled, Jack was still standing and only lost less than ten percent of his HP. A spell formation with five runes was in the process of forming on his left hand.

"Get him!" Abasi roared.

"Peniel, do it!" Jack uttered. Peniel followed Jack's cue and cast Invulnerability on the spirit weapon.

Jack's spell was completed then. With the spell completion, his body vanished with a flash of light.

"Te–Teleportation...?!" Abasi uttered when he identified the cast spell.

Jack's Teleportation was still at level 1, but the fifty meters distance displacement it provided was enough for him to escape the encirclement.

At the same time he disappeared, the spirit weapon broke apart and its center core expanded. Four Winds and his friends who had mana sense knew that a strong attack was coming.

"Destroy that spirit weapon!" Four Winds instructed.

He and the others immediately sent their attacks. Abasi was not ignorant of what was happening with the spirit weapon. He also delivered his attacks. However, the spirit weapon was protected by Peniel's invulnerability spell.

The invulnerability only lasted a few short seconds, but it was enough for the spirit weapon to complete its finishing mode detonation. At the same time, twenty large lightning balls came at them.

Four Winds knew Jack had planned this, which meant that these attacks would be his ultimate attacks that had a high probability of decimating them. He immediately called his teammates, "Coca, final sacrifice! Everyone, gather!" Four Winds reverted to his normal size before grouping near Coca with the others.

Jack had purposefully only brought his spirit weapon when he rushed to save Paytowin. He had instructed the others to stay back. Therras who was waiting behind had been preparing as well. It was in its sovereign mode and a glowing yellow core was formed in front of its maws. It fired this earth core toward where Jack's spirit weapon was. At the same time, Jack also unleashed his soul breath.

The four attacks combined and created a spectacular explosion.