"Flying units…?" Four Winds said after seeing the flocks of eagle rider hunters in the air. He had just joined his army and was now fighting with them against the human native army.

"Are those from Everlasting Heavenly Legends?" Coca asked.

"I don't see any other guild player in this army. It should be safe to assume that they are," Purple Mist replied.

"How did they get flying units?" Violent Blizzard asked. "I haven't heard any Verremor guild possessing a flying unit. Do you think it is special to the Themisphere country?"

"I think it is special to only that guild. Look! They not only have one type of flying unit," Four Winds pointed at amongst the flocks. A large figure was within the flocks, raining red beams down to the battlefield below.

"Is… Is that a dragon…?" Disco Rain uttered with disbelief.

"No, it is too small for a dragon," Four Winds replied. "Hurry, the fighting against that guild is on the other side. We need to head there!"

"Shouldn't we just focus on the human native army here?" Coca said as he fought a human native soldier. He had the slowest movement speed. He was not keen on traveling another distance again. "Let the Warsong's army handle them. They are closer."

"I believe the key to winning will be the Everlasting Heavenly Legends. If we can't defeat that guild, we won't win this war," Four Winds replied. "Disco, I have another task for you," He whispered something to Disco Rain before running forward. Violent Blizzard and the others followed. Coca grunted before he unwillingly followed as well.


Supported by the twilight champions, Uruk tore through the enemy's rank. His charge didn't seem to stop even after he punched through the enemy's front line. The enemies who were trying to focus on him were blasted by the ice beams from the Ice Cannon Tanks. The tanks had been enhanced with Offensive Formula rune diagrams. Rune symbols adorned their metallic bodies, boosting their firepower.

"Barbarian! Face me…!" The spear-wielding hero from Warsong Rising uttered.

Uruk was not going to back down from a challenge. He swung his large two-handed club at the opponent's hero.

The spear-wielding hero turned out to be more agile. Uruk's heavy club failed to hit him while his spear jabbed Uruk several times.

Uruk was annoyed by the harassment. He made a strong blow which produced a strong shockwave. The shockwave unbalanced the enemy hero. Crimson tattoos then filled his body. His speed and strength multiplied. This took the enemy unaware, Uruk had already arrived before the enemy hero before he knew it.

The enemy hero tried to parry the incoming blow using his spear, but it was knocked aside by the powerful blow. The large club came back without losing momentum. This time it struck the side of the enemy. The enemy hero flew away as if a baseball receiving a homerun hit.

The twilight champions cheered from their leader's triumph over the adversaries.

"With me!!" Uruk yelled as he charged forward. This was a war, he wasn't going to entertain a duel for too long. The Twilight Champions followed as they cast their spells to support Uruk as he resumed his assaults on the enemy hero. They wanted to finish the enemy's hero while they still had the chance.

The one who controlled Warsong's army must have seen their guild hero's predicament. Their guild guardian, the Glacier Cockatrice, was sent to provide aid. But before it arrived, it was intercepted by a being as large as itself. It was knocked back when this being came charging and rammed its solid body.

The Glacier Cockatrice balanced itself and looked at its adversary. It was a large metal human.

When Jack saw it, Jack was reminded of the titanic brave statues that were the Council of Virtus' defensive mechanism. This Brave Golem was much smaller than those brave statues but it was large enough to contend against a large-size monster.

This was the first Brave Golem that they had produced. Kirsi was the one who had crafted it. Many blacksmith players aided and learned through the process. John informed that these blacksmith players were now in the process of crafting more Brave Golems after the experience. They didn't have enough materials to craft many but John said that by the time the fight to disrupt the enemy's supply line began, they should have more than one.

The Glacier Cockatrice made an ear-splitting cry. This cry caused negative status to all the enemies in the vicinity but the brave golem was unaffected. The cockatrice's eyes also glowed bright blue. It was its icy stone stare, but the brave golem was not petrified. The brave golem was immune to all negative effects.

The brave golem lunged forward. Even though it was large, it was not slow. Its speed took the cockatrice by surprise. Before the cockatrice knew it, it had been punched in the face by the golem. The cockatrice reeled backward with a dizzied head.

The brave golem's punch was no joke. It had an Offensive Formula rune diagram engraved on its body. Its original power was already astounding. Added with the offensive buff, the simple punch generated 10,000 damage. Any player who got hit by that punch would die in a single hit. Even Jack would lose more than half his life, providing he didn't use any defensive skill, of course.

The Glacier Cockatrice, despite losing the melee exchange, did not retreat. It fluttered its feathery wings. Icy spikes were formed following the wind produced by the wings. These spikes then battered the advancing brave golem.

Each spike caused damage, but the golem had a very high defense. It just barged through the ice spikes and made another punch. But this time the cockatrice was ready. It jumped to the side before agilely jumping back and slamming the golem's side with its two large claws.

The golem made another swing. The cockatrice repeated its dodge and counterattack.

The glacier cockatrice was seemingly at an advantage with this tactic. But on the fifth time when it was dodging the brave golem's punch. The air around the spot where the brave golem punched started to shimmer before it exploded into a shockwave blast. The cockatrice who thought it had evaded the punch was hit by this blast, causing it to stagger.

The brave golem took advantage to come near at this time. It made a strong downward blow, sending the cockatrice to the ground. It then used one foot to step on the cockatrice, using its weight to pin the monster, before started pummeling the hapless cockatrice using its two fists. Other guild soldiers immediately aided by sending additional attacks considering the cockatrice was immobilized.

Jack, who saw it from some distance away, was amazed by the golem's ruthless fighting style. He led the imperial knights and engaged the enemies who were trying to give aid to the glacier cockatrice. Brave King was nearby while Paytowin supported using gunshots from the back. Paytowin's Brave Techno Suit had run out of duration, he was now back to his normal self.

Jack was cutting down any player or guild soldiers that were in his way. It was not only the burst attack of his sword art that improved after his Formless Flowing Sword Style reached the third phase, its flowing style also underwent major improvement. His swords' movements were more fluid. They swung unpredictably from all angles. Whenever Jack moved, sword lights seemed to dance around him, as if two rivers were flowing beside him, bringing about an unstoppable flood that could wash away any obstacle.

Additionally, the Orb of Eurus installed on Storm Breaker generated additional attacks on all melee exchanges. Four wind energies constantly swirled around the sword. They struck any enemies that came into contact. Hence, there were like two sword rivers and four wind slashes that constantly followed Jack around, cutting everyone he passed through.

Many of Warsong Rising's guild players that happened to be on Jack's path died without realizing what had hit them. They didn't even get the chance to use their skills. Jack had incorporated mana manipulation in his attacks. Despite only using standard attacks, they still caused high damage.

Even though Jack moved continuously, he wasn't oblivious to his surroundings. His guild soldiers were also a class above the enemies. Not because they were upgraded units, but because of their fighting styles. Jack could see his grandfather's mark on each of them.

Domon had carried out Jack's suggestion and gave these guild soldiers martial art drills. Although they couldn't be said to have become experts, the precision and efficacy of their movements were a league above the standard of native soldiers. When a guild soldier from Everlasting Heavenly Legend fought against a similar level and grade from the opposing guild, Everlasting Heavenly Legend's soldier could easily secure victory.

In the sky, Penny, their mythical guild guardian, rained down lava terror on the enemy's mid ranks, throwing their formation into disarray. At this time Penny was already a level 62 Lava Dragonet. It also displayed a new ability to cast spells. She cast Flame Wrath, the same spell that was cast by the Grim Flame Drake when Everlasting Heavenly Legends were hunting for their guild guardian. Multiple tracking fireballs flew around and struck the fleeing orcs.

Only a short moment since the two guild armies clashed, it became a one-sided massacre.

'By the way, where is Nilrem?' Jack wondered. He had been expecting to see that mythical elven heroine in action, but she was nowhere in sight.

'Did she look down on this battle? Damn it! Maybe I should go back to the platform and manually control her,' Jack thought. However, the current battle was in their favor. Even without that second guild hero's aid, it seemed that they should win this battle easily.

While Warsong Rising's guild army was decimated, a large portion of Cipher Flight's guild army disengaged from the fight with the human native army and circled around their comrade. They then came at Everlasting Heavenly Legend from the side. Leading them were Four winds and the Hellion Panther.

Cipher Flight's guild hero riding on top of the Hellion Panther initiated the attack by shooting a large arrow into the sky. The arrow broke into numerous ice darts that rained down upon Everlasting Heavenly Legends' soldiers. The ice darts not only caused damage but also slowed their movements.

The slow status caused them to be unable to respond well against Cipher Flight's army that crashed into them. Cipher Flight's guild soldiers were better compared to Warsong Rising's. Everlasting Heavenly Legends' guild soldiers didn't have as easy a time as before. The side where Cipher Flight had attacked started to get pushed back.

Jack was about to head over to provide backup when suddenly the sky above shone brightly. The cloud above parted way and a humongous greatsword fell down from the sky.