Two days after Jack left to join the shock army heading out to the Fulgur region, the dragon army and phoenix army arrived at their destinations.

There was no significant defensive landscape around the area, so the Verremor armies just waited around the border towns they had conquered. Once they defeated these Themisphere armies, they would proceed deeper and conquer more cities.

Emris, the lord marshall who led the dragon army, watched the one million-strong army of the Verremor nation. Within those one million, two hundred thousand outworlders were mixed in.

Emris didn't think much of those outworlders, their levels were just around their average troops. Furthermore, they had low HP pools. If he disregarded them, that meant his 1,200,000-strong army would only be facing 800,000 enemies. Even if there were two mythical-grade war chiefs, his army should still be able to match.

Beside him were his right and left-hand aides, Mordin and Geoffrey. Mordin was a level 85 rare elite while Geoffrey was a level 80 rare elite. These two were the main force to deal with the other mythical war chief. They were supported by several level 70 rare elites. Even if they couldn't win, they should be able to hold the war chief while their army crushed the enemy.

The two armies watched each other from a distance. Their numbers filled the vast plains. It was like two seas that were ready to devour one another.

Two orcs came out from the Verremor army. One of them looked like an orc, but rather than calling him an orc, it was more appropriate to call him an ogre. His size was three times the size of a regular orc. He carried on his shoulder a silver-color gigantic club that looked more like an obelisk than a club. Each of his steps created a slight tremor even when he didn't mean to.

The other orc wore a ceremonial garb adorned with the skulls and bones of various animals. In his hand was a long staff, its one end was adorned with a demon skull sculpture, or was it a real demon skull?

The gigantic orc was one of the Verremor war chiefs. His name was Makubwa Mountking. He was a level 83 mythical-grade orc. The orc with the ceremonial garb was Samuhn Spiritcrier, Verremor's shaman king. He was also a mythical grade at level 81.

These two were the leaders of Verremor's first army. The orc simply gave their armies a designation using numbers, rather than fancy names like John did. The second army was the one that was facing the phoenix army. While the one that Jack did battle with was a small part of the third army.

Makubwa and Samuhn stopped near the middle point between the two armies. Makubwa then lifted his gigantic club high and slammed it to the ground. The ground cracked and caved in. A shockwave followed by an earthquake radiated out toward the human army.

The ground where the human army stood shook heavily. Some soldiers fell due to the unsteady footing. It caused commotion along the ranks of the human army. Emris looked back with displeasure at those who had fallen. They were making the human army look bad.

"HUMAANNN…!!!" Makubwa's voice reverberated in the air. The sound was like thunder that struck next to one's ears. Human soldiers with low levels covered their ears because of the pain it caused.

"You now faced the mightiest army in this world! The mightiest race! And I who stand before you here am the mightiest warrior in existence! Prepare to face defeat! Prepare to be crushed…! Now, as honor dictated. I will let you do your pathetic war declaration before we crushed you under our boots!"

Makubwa finished his war declaration. He placed his two hands on his club, which stood upright on the cracked ground, and waited for the human's response.

Emris walked a few steps forward. His silver staff was gleaming with light. The jewel on the top of his staff changed colors with each passing second. He stopped and uttered with a soft voice. Yet, his voice traveled to the end of the orc army. The further his voice traveled, the louder it became. At the backline of the orc army, the voice was even so loud that it shook the orcs' bodies.

"This is my war declaration to you, you filthy orcs," Emris uttered. "DIEEE…!!!"

A spell formation formed with the speed of light. His silver staff burst into a brilliant blue flame. The flame grew so large that it seemed ready to burn everything there. The flame then shaped itself into a titanic firebird. The firebird uttered a high-pitch cry. It then flapped its wing and rushed forward, seemingly seeking to devour the orc's army. A trail of fire followed its flight.

The shaman king, Samuhn, took action then. He made a gripping motion at the skull head of his staff. A spell formation formed then. When it was completed, ominous fog seeped out of the skull. Samuhn pulled the fog as if it was a tangible thing and threw it into the sky above. The fog rolled forward at the firebird who was about to fly through above them.

The fog then turned into a titanic demon wolf. Its fang opened and bit at the firebird in the sky. The firebird in turn used its flame to burn the demon wolf. The two otherworldly creatures conjured by magic tussled in the air, fighting for dominance as the two armies below started advancing toward one another.

The army moved around and avoided the mythical grade beings at the center of the battlefield. If they got caught in those beings' battles, they would just get chewed up. Only those high-level officers could afford to join in on the fight.

The two illusory creatures in the air continued their brawl. The firebird was winning. Its flame slowly consumed the grey fog that formed the demon wolf. But the firebird was not without wounds. The fog from the demon wolf corrupted its flame and dimmed its brilliance. When the demon wolf was finally extinguished, the firebird was as if composed of dying embers.

At this time, Makubwa jumped high above and swung his obelisk club onto the firebird. The force from the swing generated a forceful wind that extinguished the weakened flame. The firebird burst apart into tiny fire dust.

A pair of large illusory wings appeared behind Makubwa and he shot forward at Emris. Emris made a wave and several round metal shields appeared on Makubwa's path. Makubwa just barged through these shields as if they were nothing. They broke into pieces upon contact with his massive body.

The shields did nothing to slow Makubwa down, he slammed his towering club once he was upon Emris. But the club just passed through Emris as if Emris was air. Surprised, Makubwa looked around and found hundreds of Emris around him.

"Cheap tricks!" Makubwa uttered and slammed his club into the ground the second time. But this time, the whole ground collapsed before turning into a huge explosion that shot upward, engulfing all the Emris.

When the explosion subsided, only Makubwa was standing in a huge hole on the ground. His wings supported him from falling into the hole. He looked up. Emris was high up in the air. He flapped his wings and shot toward his adversary.

Mordin and Geoffrey, Emris' trusted aides, led a team of high-level rare elites to engage Samuhn. Samuhn tapped his demon-skull staff to the ground and several fog clouds appeared. These fog clouds took the shape of various animals with demonic features. Wolf, dog, bear, deer, eagle, and many others. These summoned creatures then rushed toward the incoming enemies while Samuhn prepared another spell.

When his spell was completed, a huge twister formed and headed towards the team of rare elites.

Geoffrey, who saw the incoming twister, knocked the demonic deer before him to the side. "Cover me!" He shouted to his comrade who took over dealing with the deer. He then slung his long hammer to his back and used both hands to hold his unusually large tower shield.

He made a motion of shoving his tower shield forward with both hands. A fifty-meter-tall image of the tower shield materialized. The twister slammed into this imaginary shield. The shield stopped the twister from advancing. Geoffrey held his position as his feet slowly slid back. Even though he was pushed, his shield appeared strong enough to stop the twister from causing harm to the rest of his team.

The rest of the army also clashed then. Spells and arrows flew everywhere. Swords and shields collided. Catapults behind each army line shot large fiery rocks at the battling armies.

The outworlders within Verremor's army were more vulnerable due to their low HPs, but they possessed more skills from a collection of basic, advanced, and elite classes. Some experts with good martial arts and non-standard skills even caused headaches to their higher-level enemies, allowing their native comrades to fight better.

Four guilds within Verremor's army possessed guild headquarters. They summoned their guild armies and added around 40,000 to the orc army's soldier count. It's not much, but it was still an increase in number.

The battle raged on until the sunset. The number of soldiers was just too high. The soldiers who did the actual fighting on both sides were only a quarter of the entire army. Added to the fact that natives had high HP pools, it took a long time to wear their HPs down. Some, who had HP fallen to critical were ordered to retreat to receive treatment while the reserve on the back moved up and replaced them. Thus, the battle lasted for a long time. Still, casualties slowly piled up.

When the sun was completely gone, the sound of a horn was heard from both sides. It signaled the end of the battle for today.

They rested for the night and continued the battle the next day.