Among the eleven guilds in Themishphere who possessed guild headquarters, John had brought six of them in the shock army. Seven, if included his own guild. These guilds were White Scarfs, Black Cloak, Crowd of Sins, Dogs of War, Gluttonous Despot, and Six Rings of Prosperity.

These were the guilds that had fought together during the civil war against Therribus. They were also the guilds that Everlasting Heavenly Legends had allied with and formed some sort of loose coalition with.

As for the other four guilds, who fought opposite them in the civil war. John didn't trust them enough to include them in the shock army. These guilds were Death Associates, Corporate United, Warriors of Solidarity, and Jackal Crews.

They were left behind at the two passes. Even on those two passes, John had organized so all four were separated. Death Associates was placed in the fort at Themisphylae pass. Warriors of Solidarity in the fort at Slaughterer Plains. While Corporate United and Jackal Crews were under Jeanny's watchful eyes on the hills North of Slaughterer Plains.

John didn't think they would do anything to jeopardize the war. After all, what benefit for them to do that? If they did, they would not only not receive any reward, but there would also be penalties. Yet, he still isolated them, just in case.

Additionally, he had a suspicion about one guild. So, he had prepared a trap to see if his suspicion was correct.


On a curtain wall atop the fort in Themisphylae pass, Commander Ahab, Captain Salem, Duchess Isabelle, and Fierce Flame were watching the gathered army in the distance. This army had been sending small attacks in the early days, but they mostly kept their distance lately. Their siege weapons still sent regular attacks, but nothing their fortress' defensive diagram couldn't handle.

"They have been awfully peaceful," Captain Salem asked. "Do you think they are up to anything?"

"Even so, it is nothing this fort can't handle," Ahab replied. "I'm more worried about the other pass."

"It is also quiet there," Duchess Isabelle said. "The report says that it is the dragon and phoenix army that have fierce battles."

"Their number has reduced," Fierce Flame said. She was the player John had placed to take charge of the player stationed within this fort. Her archer's keen sight allowed her to see far. She also had another skill called Eagle Eye, which further enhanced her vision. Similar to Jack's Dragon Eye, only slightly inferior.

"Are they repositioning their soldiers elsewhere? We might need to warn the other pass about this," Salem said.

"I will send the message," Ahab said and then instructed his aide to bring him a pen and paper.

"Is their mythical-grade war chief still with that army?" Duchess Isabelle asked Fierce Flame.

"Yes," Fierce Flame confirmed.

Isabelle nodded. As long as that war chief was still around, she couldn't leave this place.


White Death and Yellow Death were also on that curtain wall, standing some distance away from the leaders of the army in charge of this fort.

Yellow Death looked at Fierce Flame, who was one of those leaders, in jealousy. How come the member of that upstart guild got such a high station in this army? No one even know her name before the world turned. Why did a famous player such as him have to bow to the command of a nobody player?

He turned to White Death, who was gazing at the distant army with a calm expression, and whispered, "Are we going to do it?"

White Death didn't answer. He instead made a gesture with his head and walked towards the stairs. Yellow Death followed.

They walked down the stairs into the fort and continued until they reached an empty hallway. Only then did White Death say, "have our people confirmed the content of the lower warehouse?"

"Yes. That is where they stored the explosive ammo for the trebuchets as well as the war fires brought here by Fierce Flame," Yellow Death answered.

"Heh, putting those two war tools together is just asking for disaster to happen. But their carelessness is our opportunity. We will carry out the plan tonight."

"But…," Yellow Death wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Something you want to say?" White Death asked.

"Won't our guild get into trouble for this? We have signed up to help this country win the war. Doing this is a clear act of treason. Won't our guild get into trouble?"

"We won't be staying in this country for long. We have found a suitable place in Aurebor Dynasty to relocate our headquarters. There is no need to worry about this matter."

"But… A lot of our members will be upset about this. They have spent quite an amount of time climbing the ranks of the kingdom faction here. Some even have bought lands in this country's towns or cities, and a few have business dealings with these country's citizens. They will lose all that if we become the enemy of this country. Many members might decide to leave the guild after this."

"We can't let those small fries dictate the direction of our guild. We can even use this chance to separate the ones who are truly loyal to the guild. When World Maker and the Liguritudum conquered this world, we will get even more than what we have now. Then they will understand our actions. If we weaken the defense here and let the orcs invade deeper into Themisphere. It will prolong the conflict and weaken both nations. I have talked to one of the high-ups in World Maker and they are very supportive of this plan. They will also send experts to help us secure our new headquarters in the Aurebor Dynasty."

"Are you sure they can deliver on what they say…?" Yellow Death asked with hesitation. "Do you truly think they can conquer this world?"

"You might not know this, but they are very close to conquering the Liguritudum already. I have got the news that they had secured an alliance with the Aurebor Dynasty and currently the two armies are working together. Now they are sieging the Liguritudum's capital. It might even have fallen by now. We just need to do our parts to make sure that we are considered their allies."

Yellow Death nodded. He understood that the bigger the risk was, the bigger the reward. He again hoped that they were making the correct gamble.


That night, when most inside the fort were resting except the ones on the wall who watched over the enemy army, three shadows were skulking through the corridors.

These shadows came to the lowest part of the fortress. They hid behind a corner and one of them who was the leader peeked out. One soldier was guarding a door. The leader used his Inspect and saw that the guard was an elite-grade level 60 soldier, which was the same as usual when they investigated this place.

The leader, who was Yellow Death nodded to the other two, an Elementalist and an Assassin. They were going with the plan.

Yellow Death waited until the guard looked the other way before he made his move. He came out of hiding, then fired a bullet. The bullet hit the guard and dealt ambush bonus damage. Additionally, energy chains burst out of the point of impact. These chains locked the guard in place.

It was Lock Shot, the same non-standard skill that Fierce Flame possessed.

At the same time, the Elementalist used a magic scroll that contained a Silence spell on the guard. The spell not only caused the target to be unable to use skills or spells for a duration but also literally silenced the target. Hence, the soldier couldn't call for help.

While the guard was incapacitated and silenced, the Elementalist and Yellow Death spam their ranged attacks. The assassin rushed forward and dealt melee damage.

With the three working together, it didn't take long for the level 60 elite to fall.

They came to the door and found that it was locked. The guard dropped several mundane items but no key. They were prepared for this. Yellow Death took out lockpicks and started picking the lock. The assassin picked up the guard's body and hid it in a secluded room away from there. The Elementalist watched over the corridors while Yellow Death worked the lock.

Yellow Death had prepared a substantial amount of lockpicks, so it was not a problem. But he still hoped it didn't take too long a time to lockpick this door. There was no guarantee that no one came this way even in the middle of the night. They have stationed several more members further away to stall in case anyone was heading here, but it would be better if they completed their task before that happened.

After more than fifteen minutes of lockpicking, Yellow Death finally heard the successful click. He opened the door and the three entered.

Inside, they saw the row of war fires and further back, the wooden crate that contained the special explosive ammo for the trebuchets.