Two days after they hit the first supply depot, Jack's human age reached fourteen months. He didn't get any new skills from the age increase, but his Willpower skill increased to rank 2. On rank 2, Willpower reduced its cooldown by one minute. It could now be used every four minutes.

During their hunts for the supplies and supply depots, they killed a decent number of orc soldiers guarding the supplies. They had also killed any monsters nearby. From the exp points, Jack's Brave Swordsmaster and Beastmaster had both increased by one level, to level 59 and level 58 respectively. His remaining class, Time Sage, was close to reaching level 59.

While the others were preparing for the incoming battle, John called Jack.

"Listen. In this battle, you will need to do one thing in order to make sure we buy our two main armies a few more days. I believe these coming few days will be the most deciding time. If Verrremor armies still don't receive any supply shipment in these few more days, they won't be able to endure any longer."

"What do you need me to do?" Jack asked.

John whispered to him. Jack then looked at the eastern orc army. "That will be difficult," Jack said.

"That's why I leave it to you," John said and clapped Jack's back. "Remember to leave your big skills for then!"

John then went into the supply depot with the other guild leaders who had guild headquarters. The supply depot was the only decent protective structure available. After they entered, the door was locked and soldiers barricaded the entrance. Since the enemy didn't plan to destroy the depot when they attacked, hiding inside should create an additional obstacle for the enemy if they wanted to target the guilds' summoning platforms.

The guild leaders summoned their guild platforms inside the supply depot. They had no problem seeing the outside situation from the projection map above those guild platforms.

The guild armies from seven guilds appeared. Each guild except for Everlasting Heavenly Legends had around 12,000 troops, bulking their army size.

Everlasting Heavenly Legends had lost a few troops during the battle at Slaughterer Plains. But since then, twenty days had passed. The time had allowed Tip to organize and returned their army size back to around 15,000. Additionally, the proportion of the advanced troops in the army had increased, because it was mostly the advanced troops that survived the previous battle, earning them veteran status. Hence, the overall strength of Everlasting Heavenly Legends' army was actually higher than in the last battle despite having the same army size.

Additionally, compared to last time, there were now five brave golems standing toweringly over the rest of the army. The other players with high blacksmith skills who had watched Kirsi build the first golem had gone on and tried to build one themselves. Four new ones had been successfully constructed. These new brave golems were also enhanced with the Offensive Formula rune diagrams.

As for the Ice Cannon Tanks, there was now twenty-five of them. They were positioned circling the supply depot, ready to fire in any direction.

The other guilds who saw Everlasting Heavenly Legends' guild army were sighing. They thought they were catching up. But in reality, the gap had become even wider.

The most impressive were the two mythical-grade beings. One was Penny, the level 63 lava dragonet. She was perching atop the supply depot, looking at the faraway huge army without any fear. Her level hadn't increased even when Tip continued to give her simulation training. Because at her level, it took a large number of exp points to level up.

As for the other mythical being, Nilrem, she had increased another level to level 60. He hovered beside Penny.

Looking at the two mythical creatures, the others had their hopes up despite the enemy's much larger number. Even though these two were not as high-level as the Themisphere's Lord Marshalls or Verremor's War Chiefs, at least the opponent also didn't have an officer of the same caliber as those War Chiefs.

Perhaps they could still survive this, all of them thought.

The two Verremor armies started approaching. As they did, the two armies broke into two, becoming four armies. The ones that broke away moved to the human army's left and right sides, effectively surrounding them from all four sides.

Jack's Dragon Eye saw that Abasi was leading the army that came from the West. He was with the army that broke away and came to one of their sides. The two high-level orcs were with him, Lubanzi and Bishara. There were several natives that looked strong as well, it seemed that they had brought quite a few firepowers here. Jack also saw Four Winds and his friends among that army.

While Jack expected Abasi to come out and announce his battle declaration, a thundering voice was heard from the army from the East. Jack turned and saw that an orc had come forward from that army. This orc was as large as Lubanzi who was on the other side. He was riding a huge boar with unusually large tusks. Both the boar and its rider had multiple scars on their bodies.

"I call for the leader of this miserable human army…!!" The orc roared. "I am Umeza Giantkiller. Show your puny self so I know who is worth killing in this pathetic army!"

Jack turned and looked at Abasi who remained within his army. Normally the orcs let their highest rank announce their battle declaration. This meant that the orc from the eastern army outrank Abasi.

Jack walked to the side that was facing Umeza. He received a message from John on the way.

'Normally, I will just ask you to ignore this stupid custom of battle declaration and hit them when they weren't ready. But this time, try to stall for as long as possible.'

'Come on, man. How long do you think I can stall by talking? What difference will a few minutes make? Or do you think the orc there is going to listen to me talk for hours?'

'At this time, even a few minutes of delaying their supplies is worth it,' John said.

'I will do my best,' Jack replied.

As Jack proceed, he summoned Arlcard and Therras. He didn't summon his wolves and Ice Demon Fiend yet because they had durations. He would do it later when the battle started.

Paytowin and Jet followed his lead. Mihos, Brave King, and the crimson-maned lion appeared. Everyone was surprised to see another Mythical-grade combatant join their side. Mihos had also increased his level to level 52. The divine champion looked around. He was not surprised to see himself being called to another war. His expression was even slightly pleased.

The other players who had a companion or pet also summoned theirs, increasing the human army further. Surprisingly, Domon also had a companion. His companion was one that was uniquely different. It was a creature that looked like a cat-human hybrid.

Jack then remembered that his grandfather mentioned that he met the cat folk race when he was adventuring with Leavemealone. He used Inspect and learned that the cat person was named Mohmed, a level 55 rare elite.

"You didn't tell me you have gotten a companion," Jack said to his grandfather when he passed by.

"Do I have to tell you every time I accept a disciple?" Domon asked.

"Disciple?" Jack looked at Mohmed. The cat folk was wearing a pair of fist weapons with the shape of tiger heads. From the getup, it was most likely Mohmed fought in a battle monk style. He could speculate what had happened from the scene. That cat person must have fought Domon during their encounter. Domon must have impressed him enough that he was willing to become Domon's companion.

"HUMAANNN…!!!" Umeza's voice thundered again. He was getting impatient because the human army's representative had still not come out to meet him.

"Coming…!" Jack hurriedly said and ran out to meet Umeza. John had asked Jack to stall. If Umeza got angry because he felt being ignored, he might just command his orc army to attack at once.


When Jack ran out of the human army, Badu who was with Abasi had his eyes turn wide.

"Him!" He exclaimed.

"Why is he here?" Abasi was surprised as well when he saw Jack. He looked at the stump on his left arm and growled. He might get the chance for revenge here.

Badu was ready to charge out. Abasi saw it and held his shoulder. "The elder hasn't given the word," Abasi said. "I'm eager to get a piece of him as well. We will do it together."

Badu couldn't control the rage in his heart, but he nodded and stood down.

"So, he is truly here," Four Winds, who stood a distance away, had expected Jack was around when he saw the lava dragonet and Nirlem above the supply depot.

"Master, it seems that fate has given you the chance to meet this player I mentioned, after all," Four Winds said to the old orc woman next to him.

The woman, however, didn't pay attention to Jack. Her eyes were on someone that Jack had talked to before he walked out. "He is here as well?" She muttered.

"Who do you mean, master?" Four Winds asked.

"I have no interest in this player you mentioned. I have found a target for myself," the woman replied.


Umeza, who saw Jack come out to meet him, roared in rage. "Human…! What is the meaning of this?! I asked for your army leader. Not this weak outworlder!"

"He is our army's general!" Duke Alfredo came out and stood beside Jack. Commander Quintus did the same.

"Hmph! Puny humans. If he is your general, then this will be over very soon!" Umeza bellowed.

Jack knew that high-level natives like to look down on outworlders, but he was still irritated by Umeza's words.

'How high of a level do you think you are to belittle me?' Jack thought and used his Inspect on Umeza.


Umeza Giantkiller (Rare Elite Orc, Elder), level: 88

HP: 1,020,000