Quintus knew he was not Umeza's opponent, but he had no choice. Someone had to hold this elder orc down. Or else, he would run havoc among the regular soldiers.

Quintus was about to lunge forward again, but Umeza punched out. A ki bullet shot at Quintus. Quintus blocked it using his katana. The resulting impact sent him sprawling back.

When Quintus recovered from his fall, he looked to where Umeza was standing, only to find that the orc was no longer there.

"Above you!" Quintus heard Paytowin's warning shout. He looked up and saw Umeza's claw weapon about to hit his head.

But suddenly, something collided hard with Umeza who was in the air. A very strong force radiated out from that impact. Quintus was sent laying on the ground again by that force.

When he looked up again, he saw a fully-armored man with a helmet that covered his entire head standing before Umeza. The armored man was holding a very large greatsword that was enshrouded by mystic light.

Paytowin recognized the armored man. He was Arthur. Nilrem had completed her Knights of the Round spell. This Arthur was level 74, a level higher than the last time he was summoned. This was because Nilrem's intelligence stat had increased.

Even so, Umeza was fourteen levels higher. Arthur won't be able to take on Umeza alone. Another fully armored knight appeared behind Umeza. This knight was garbed in white armor and wielded two white longswords, Lancelot. Umeza sensed the incoming attack, he spun and struck the two longswords accurately while moving to the side.

Seeing someone stronger take on the elder orc, Quintus and his comrades moved to deal with the other orc soldiers. They were too weak against Umeza. It was better that they helped other fronts.

Arthur and Lancelot alternated their attacks as Umeza knocked their slashes with fast movements. It seemed that the two knights were still not enough to contend with the elder orc. When Umeza managed to create an opportunity to deliver a strike, an arrow came whistling.

That arrow flew with light trailing behind it, as if a speeding comet, and it was blindingly fast. Even then, Umeza dodged the arrow without looking.

Even though Paytowin didn't have the ability, he had seen Jack and other players perform a similar feat. That elder orc Umeza was one of the few natives who had mana sense ability.

The arrow had been shot by Tristan, another of the knights of the round summoned by Nilrem. Despite failing to hit his target, his arrows continued to fly toward Umeza. Some of his arrows could even fly in a curve and struck from the side or the back, this increased the difficulty for anyone to dodge. But none of the arrows hit Umeza. He dodged them or struck the incoming arrows with claws or kicks.

Seeing that even three knights of the round table were having difficulty, another knight joined. Bedivere with his long lance assisted Arthur and Lancelot from mid-range, while Tristan fired his arrows every time an opportunity arose.

The other eight knights of the round spread out in different directions to help hold the orc army tides.

Facing four knights of the round, Umeza was finally having difficulty. He was struck on several occasions despite sensing the attacks.

"Hah! You people think this is enough for me?" He uttered. He then made a thundering shout and his body mass grew. Two horns sprouted on his head.

Umeza had used Beast Form and transformed into a werebull. He ended up looking like a minotaur. After transforming, his speed and strength increased. He could move faster even though his body was larger and heavier. Each of his strikes forced Arthur, Lancelot, and Bedivere back. He even mostly ignored Tristan's arrows. The defense of his bull form made the damages from the arrows negligible.

He made a roundhouse kick which produced a wind that knocked the nearby three knights down. When he was about to follow up the attacks on the unbalanced knights, a gigantic sword fell from the sky, right on top of him.

He sensed the attack and made an uppercut. It was not any normal uppercut, though. Images of all kinds of wild animals followed his fist as it went up. When the fist and sword met, a destructive force radiated out. The impact turned into an explosion that blew everything away. Even the three knights with their heavy armor were being pushed several meters away.

When the dust settled, Umeza was still standing. He received only a little damage from the attack just now, much of the spell damage had been negated.

Nilrem floated above her knights, who had stood back up. The attack just now was her spell, Judgment Sword.

"Hahaha! This is more like it!" Umeza exclaimed with a laugh.

Paytowin had since run a distance away, back to helping Mihos and Brave King against the three-headed wolf. There was no way he could do anything in the fight between that elder orc and Nilrem.


On another side, Leavemealone and Domon were helping the defending soldiers fight the orc soldiers on the frontline. Domon's students, Balo, Jason, and Michelle, were also fighting nearby supported by Jet, The Man, Bowler, Giant Steve, Olddemon, and Sturdy Serpent.

Domon, Leavemealone, Jet, Giant Steve, Balo, Michelle, and The Man were all enveloped in a red aura and all their hair was red. This was due to the first skill from the King of Beast bloodline, Wrath of the Beast.

Since receiving this bloodline from Domon at the end of the world Tournament, Jeanny had continued to copy the bloodline whenever she had enough mana cores. She had distributed this bloodline to some of the key melee combatants in their core members, including herself.

As for the ranged and magic players, the guild had also acquired super rare bloodlines for these classes lately. Fierce Flame had gained a super rare bloodline during her wandering in the Dorwin region. The bloodline was named Ancient Eagle Spirit.

This bloodline catered to ranged classes as its passive effect increased the speed of range projectiles similar to Jack's Time Sage's bonus. While Jack's Time Sage increased ranged attack to 300% original speed, the Ancient Eagle Spirit bloodline increased it to only 200%. However, it added all damages dealt by ranged attacks by 10%

The Eagle Eye skill Fierce Flame had used was the first active skill of this bloodline. It improved the owner's perception and also slowed time slightly.

After making a copy from Fierce Flame, Jeanny also distributed this bloodline to Sturdy Serpent, Salty Trade, and Wondrouslife, increasing these core members' ranged capabilities.

Another bloodline the guild had acquired was from a quest that John and Olddemon completed together. This bloodline was also a super rare grade and it was meant for magic players. The bloodline was called Mystic Lord. This bloodline's passive effect boosted the intelligence stat and reduce mana consumption when casting spells.

Its first skill was named Magic Superiority. When activated, the skill cut down all spells' cooldown by half and also +5 to all spell levels. Jeanny had also copied this bloodline before distributing them to John, Olddemon, Bowler, Trinity Dawn, and Swellgoing.

A super rare bloodline gave a total of three skills. The first skill was immediately available once the bloodline was acquired. The second skill was accessible when the bloodline reached level 5. At the max of level 10, the third and final skill would be available.

Unfortunately, none of them had reached bloodline level 5 yet. The Ancient Eagle Spirit bloodline required monster essences from Avian monsters, while Mystic Lord required essences from magical monsters. Both monsters were not as scarce as the draconic and demon monsters, but they still required lots of essences for upgrades.

With the three super rare bloodlines, Everlasting Heavenly Legends' core members' overall capabilities were significantly augmented. Players from allied guilds and enemy guilds couldn't help but be astonished by the prowess these guild players exhibited.

"It seemed that it's not only Storm Wind that is special from that guild," Purple Mist said to Four Winds. They were amongst the players that followed the orc soldiers on the frontline.

"As expected of our rival," Four Winds said, not the least discouraged. "Let's meet them in combat!"

He then turned to the old orc woman he had called master before, "Master, are you going to look for Storm Wind whom I mentioned?"

"No, I have another target in sight," the old orc woman replied. "Muilan had gone over to look for this Storm Wind guy you mentioned."

"What? Sister Muilan is not his equal! She is just looking for trouble," Four Winds uttered.

"You underestimated your martial sister too much," the orc woman said. "When you were busy developing your guild, she continued to practice her martial art diligently in this world. She has already acquired a degree in chi control. She has beaten you in this department."

"She has?" Four Winds understood that chi control was mana manipulation in this world. As he had seen during the world tournament, it was something that could tip the scale in a battle. If her martial sister had indeed touched the surface of this realm, she was indeed not to be underestimated.

However, during his last clash with Jack, Four Winds also sensed that his adversary had also touched this realm.