Four Winds' physique became a giant after he finished speaking. He had activated his Titan bloodline's skill.

Disco Rain came at Leavemealone again to fight together with Four Winds. Leavemealone also saw Purple Mist and her lesser angel behind the two. He then glanced to the side and saw Mohmed being occupied by Violent Blizzard and Coca. The others were dealing with the native soldiers. They were outnumbered.

Leavemealone didn't back down. He charged ahead instead. As he did, his body grew larger and covered by white fur. Both Four Winds and Disco Rain were taken aback by Leavemealone's transformation. Leavemealone was a battle monk, after all. They were not aware of the universal technique books that Leavemealone and the others had gotten from the Ancient Battleground.

Furthermore, the form that Leavemealone transformed into was not one that they had ever witnessed before. From the aura they sensed using their mana sense, they were genuinely alert.

Leavemealone's speed increased in this form. He arrived before them in an instant. Four Winds' titan physique was still slightly bigger than Leavemealone's tiger form, but that didn't give Four Winds any confidence.

Four Winds activated his enhanced berserk. Crimson tattoos adorned his body as he swung his axes. Leavemealone's claws met the axes. Upon first contact, the strength difference was clear. Even being a class that was supposed to have a higher strength stat, boosted by the Titan bloodline, Four Winds' axes were still smacked aside after colliding with Leavemealone's tiger claws, which were coated in flame.

Four Winds had no choice but to retreat. Aside from losing every impact, he also lost a bit of HP in the clash, indicating that Leavemealone's standard attack eclipse his own by three times. He then saw leavemealone's tiger claws extended and became like knives. He knew then that he couldn't afford to get hit directly by those claws.

He backflipped when Leavemealone's swinging claws came. At the same time, Disco Rain attempted a backstab. But Leavemealone's swing didn't stop. His body continued to swivel and turned into a human tornado. It was not a game skill, but a martial art that he had learned from Domon, Death Carrying Cyclone.

The swiftness made Disco Rain almost unable to dodge. She was forced to use Vanish in the nick of time to escape getting hit.

Four Winds used Ancestral Possession. An apparition appeared above him and he came to clash with Leavemealone again. Each impact now shaved Four Winds' HP greater than before. But a circle of light illuminated the ground they were standing on. It was Purple Mist's spell, Words of Prayer. Four Winds gained buff and recovery from the spell.

Purple Mist also cast Regeneration on Four Winds, allowing him to better survive a direct clash with Leavemealone. The lesser angel next to her threw her flaming sword and disrupted Leavemealone while Disco Rain tried to sneak an attack from the side.

Four Winds continued to step back as he clashed, trying to pull Leavemealone away from the human army's defensive line. Many ranged attacks came and barraged Leavemealone's body. The other native soldiers also came, trying to surround Leavemealone. A loud roar was released from Leavemealone's mouth. The White Tiger Roar pushed back and damaged all that came near, including Four Winds who stumbled from the pushback. He performed an acrobatic somersault backward to negate the force and landed back on his feet.

Four Winds then found that Leavemealone had undergone another transformation. The fur around Leavemealone stood on end, accompanied by a white swirling aura. Leavemealone became even stronger and faster. His recovery speed was also higher, allowing him to ignore those ranged attacks. He clawed and stabbed at those native soldiers around him whose movements were less refined. Purple Mist and her lesser angel tried their best to heal those natives but some still perished.

Four Winds were speechless. He thought Jack was the only unreasonable player within Everlasting Heavenly Legends. Now he had met another. More natives came to surround Leavemealone again, among them were several level 60 and 65 rare elites. As they came near, twenty large balls of flames appeared around Leavemealone.

"F*ck! Retreat! Retreat!" Four Winds commanded.

The flame balls spread out in every direction, hitting a very large area. Purple Mist was situated further, hence she was still able to run out of the danger zone. Four Winds didn't manage to. Purple Mist had her lesser angel use her prismatic shield on Four Winds.

Disco Rain was also near Leavemealone, she knew she won't be able to flee the blast area. So, she took her chance to come near Leavemealone. She believed the fireballs won't land near where Leavemealone was. She only needed to try to survive a melee against him then.

But as she got nearer, she noticed Leavemealone was looking at her. She became tense, would Leavemealone prevent her from approaching so she would still be inside the blast area? She then noticed Leavemealone's tiger eyes glowed an eerie red, and her body stopped moving.

"What...?!" She uttered in consternation. She then sensed a fireball falling near her, but she couldn't move. Her body was soon engulfed by the raging flame.

What Leavemealone had done is use Mesmerize. It was vampires' race skill when they reached the age of nine months. It paralyzed a target through eye contact for a few seconds. This race skill had a two hours cooldown, and it was less effective when used against higher-level targets.

The explosion caused by the twenty spread-out fireballs turned a large area into a sea of flame. When the fire receded, many had fallen.

Four Winds still survived. The prismatic shield had blocked a large portion of the damage. His titan strength also provided him with a large HP, defense, and resistance. Another reason was that Leavemealone didn't concentrate his fireballs in one area. So, Four Winds was only assaulted by the damage from one fireball.

A healing light from Purple Mist fell on Four Winds and brought him back from the critical state. When They looked at where Leavemealone was, they found the humanoid tiger was now wearing a suit made of flame. Beside this emperor beast was a glowing runestone of combat. The two couldn't help but shiver from the sight.

The rare elite and special elite natives survived the Fire God Barrage, but they were also intimidated by the ferocity exhibited by Leavemealone. But orcs were not a cowardly race. They uttered a roar to dispel the anxiety in their hearts, brandished their weapons, and charged back toward their adversary.

Four Winds gripped his two axes tightly. If the natives showed courage, no way he would do otherwise. He also charged forward.


On another side, the other six main guilds from Themisphere's side were also fighting valiantly. Aside from support from their guild soldiers, they also used a few summoning crystals and summoned monsters to help them fight. At this stage, all six guilds had also gotten a guild hero and a guild guardian. Only Everlasting Heavenly Legends had two guild heroes.

However, the three guilds from Verremor also had monster-summoning crystals, guild heroes, and guild guardians. With the natives on Verremor's side having more numbers, the Themisphere's sides couldn't help but feel the pressure continued to build up.

"Damn it! That John guy promised a glorious battle with the potential of many war contribution points if we join this shock army. This is not glorious, this is hopeless!" Wealth Holder, the leader of the Six Rings of Prosperity uttered.

"From the look of it, I'm sure we will get lots of war contribution points, so he didn't exactly lie," Beauty Beholder from Gluttonous Despot said.

"What's the point if we die?" Wealth Holder asked. "I should have chosen to control the guild army from inside that supply depot."

"If we lost, you will still get killed inside there. And why are you so worried? You are wearing the Amulet of Rebirth, aren't you?" Beauty Beholder asked back.

"We will still lose a lot of our guild soldiers. I don't think the war contribution points will make up for that!"

"Hey, less bickering and more fighting!" Bluedaze from White Scarfs reprimanded. "You, people, should learn from those Dogs of War members. See how they fight without complaining all the time?"

Wealth Holder looked at where Bluedaze had indicated. He saw the group of players composed of only assassins and gunners. They fought in an organized pattern, coordinating perfectly with both the natives and their guild soldiers.

"What do you expect? They are professional soldiers," Wealth Holder said.

"Are you going to use that as an excuse to perform badly?" Bluedaze shot back.

"Damn it! We are also professional gamers. We won't lose to them. Everyone, show your worth!!" Wealth Holder finally said.

They were still paying attention to where the Dogs of War players were fighting. The most eye-catching were the two players in the lead. One of the two was an assassin. Despite being an assassin, he fought in the open. His movements were very precise and nimble, enemies had a hard time hitting him even when there was little space for him to maneuver. His dagger stabbed precisely and always at the weak points, garnering a very high chance to score critical hits.

They recognized him as one of the three top officers in Dogs of War, Sergeant Zero. The other two were David and Serpent Boss. David was inside the supply depot with John controlling the guild armies.

Serpent Boss was beside Sergeant Zero. He fought using rifles when the enemies were far away. When they came near, he switched to dual guns. When enemies came into melee, he changed his off-hand gun to a dagger. He weaved in and out between opponents as he delivered headshots and neck stabs. Not only the enemies had trouble keeping up with his whereabouts, even his allies sometimes lost track of his position.

"Damn it, we can't lose to them!" Wealth Holder uttered again.