"Damn! They have so many Elementalists?" Jack thought after seeing the group he found.

There were hundreds of players crowding there with only the Elementalist class, and they were all from the same guild, Mage Society. They had retreated after unleashing their chained storms, no doubt waiting for their elemental storms to come off cooldown before heading back to the front line.

Jack flew down toward them.

The Elementalists also saw Jack's copy coming down. They had seen soldiers in the distance attacking this copy and failed, but some that were closest to the copy still threw their spells at it, just to make sure. Their spells similarly went through Jack's copy without any effect.

Hence, they just ignored the copy, even after the copy landed right in their midst.

As they continued monitoring their elemental storm's cooldown, one of the Elementalists said, "Hey! Can a mirage cast a spell?"

"What are you talking about?" His friend asked back.

"That human-dragon mirage is casting a spell…"


Everyone looked over to the human-dragon mirage that was in their midst. The humanoid dragon was indeed casting a spell. A seven-rune spell formation was forming on its left claw.

"What the…"

They were confused at the sight. As the spell took form, an orb of lightning appeared. This orb then sucked in countless lightning elements from all around, including lightning from the sky, and even some from their equipment that possessed lightning elements. The orb then exploded into countless lightning snakes that spread out in all directions.

Jack had changed places once he landed. Since the enemies just treated him as air, he happily cast his spell without interruption.

Normally, Jack directed his Perpetual Lightning Judgement in a fan-shaped area. But since he was surrounded by enemies this time, he just unleashed the spell in its normal state, which was hitting the area all around him. Similar to how he first saw Garland cast this spell.

The power that Jack's Perpetual Lightning Judgement carried was unnatural, there was no way these magic-class players with low HP and low defense could survive the spell. Within the blink of an eye, the area around Jack was full of the still bodies of the Elementalists.

Other players and natives who were outside the area of effect stared at the suddenly cleared area speechlessly. They didn't know what to make of it. A field of electricity suddenly erupted, then everyone dropped to the ground, leaving only a single human-dragon mirage at the center of the field filled with corpses.

They were unsure of what to do. Did the human-dragon mirage the cause of this bizarre phenomenon? Should they attack it? But they had seen many send their attacks before and the attacks just passed through that mirage.

"Expert, have you found one of the Elementalist groups?" John sent a message.

"One is down, I'm searching for the other two," Jack replied.

"Holy…! You are not shitting me, are you? Already? If the assassin group heard of this, they will flip. They are still engaging the Elementalist group as we speak, and with difficulty."

"I used my Perpetual Lightning Judgment. The second one might take longer. Okay, found the second one. I'm heading over."

Jack originally wanted to go and fought the enemies who were still staring at him here, to reap some souls while waiting. But since he had found another Elementalist group, he exchanged position with that copy. At that time, one of the enemies around him decided to shoot an arrow at him. The arrow went through Jack since he had just exchanged places again. The one here was now the copy.

Seeing an arrow went through Jack as if air. The soldiers again ignored him. They wondered though, from where did that lightning disaster come?

The same thing was happening to the second Elementalist group. They threw their spells when Jack came at them. But since Jack's real body was still in another place at that time, this copy was unaffected. They then ignored him. When Jack changed places, he was standing right among these Elementalists who were still unaware.

One of the Elementalists, who was bored because they got nothing to do, came and take a look at the human-dragon mirage that had landed.

"This is one cool mirage, I can't use my Inspect on it," the Elementalist said to the friend next to him.

"Of course, you can't, because it's just a mirage," his friend replied.

"Where do you think it comes from? Why does it come here?"

"Must be an enemy spell to confuse us. Trying to distract us so we waste our skills and spells on this mirage."

"Stupid spell, if you ask me. This trick is easily found out. Once we see that our standard attack can't hit it, no way we are going to continue. Do they think we are going to cast our big spells on a questionable target?"

"If that's what the spell is for, I agree it is indeed stupid. Unfortunately for you, it's not."

The Elementalist and his friend looked at the human-dragon mirage with wide eyes. It just talked!

They opened their mouths, about to say something again, but the humanoid dragon suddenly spun. Its claws extended. Since they were the closest, they were struck by the claws. They felt as if they had been cut by the blades of a helicopter. Before they knew it, they were on the ground and their vision darkened.

Jack had used Whirlwind Slash. All the Elementalists within his skill's range were slain. He then cast Magic Field and activated Dragon Eye. He proceeded to chain cast most of his offensive spells. The Elementalist players were completely caught off guard. They were hit by multiple spells before they knew what was happening. Many perished.

After exhausting his spells, he activated Strength of the Wild and started running around like a wolf being let loose inside a hen-house. His formless flowing sword style danced around the low-HP Elementalists. Almost every player there dropped to the ground from a single slash. Jack had combined his sword art with mana manipulation, turning his every slash into deadly attacks.

The Elementalists couldn't cast their spells. The enemy was very fast, and there were allies all around. Their spells could easily hit their friends.

When they were unsure what to do, the native soldiers that were near them, came into their ranks. "Move back," the soldiers instructed.

Jack used Wind Slash and killed the Elementalists that were about to flee. He then went in a different direction. He had no time to deal with the native soldiers, he needed to thin this Elementalist group further. He knew he couldn't wipe out this second group as cleanly as the first one, but as long as he reduced their numbers, their chained storms wouldn't be as effective anymore.

The Elementalists also saw how deadly Jack was. They could no longer afford to stick together. They started to break ranks and spread around, looking for protection from melee players or native soldiers.

"I can't kill all the second group, but I think I have taken out more than half," Jack informed John. Many melee players and native soldiers were converging on him.

"That's all right, that should reduce their edge by a lot. They will also need time to reorganize. Go here! The third group is starting to take action," John sent Jack another set of coordinates.

Jack sent his nearest copy in that direction, all the while continuing to hunt for Elementalist players as best as he could. With his speed, the melee players and native soldiers had a problem stopping him.

His copy soon found the third group. They had started laying down their elemental storms. Multiple Elementalists cast their spells in layers, but with their number, they also spread it around, forming many mini squads that were in charge of particular areas. They were very organized. They must have practiced this tactic often.

Jack looked at his side which was being bombarded with elemental storms. They were having trouble just trying to survive. Luckily, John also asked a player to tell Laurent to go to the area that was in trouble. The high priest had just arrived and cast his mass healing and mass protection spell to mitigate the damage from the storms.

Jack noticed that although the elemental storms covered a large area, it was not as large as when Master cast it. Peniel informed Jack that Master's Fire Storm must have been modified by an Evolve Seed that enlarged the spell's effective area.

The Elementalists were still in their chained casting. Jack couldn't let them continue unchecked. Jack changed places with his copy and then unleashed his Soul Breath. The Soul Breath decimated many enemy Elementalists. But there were too many of them, Jack flew down and again ran rampant in their midst. His sword art cut left and right. He also activated his magic staff active ability, Mana Steal Aura, reducing the Elementalists' MP to disrupt their spellcasting abilities.

With the interference, they could no longer properly chain their spells. This allowed the defending side enough time to react.

While Jack caused havoc within the Elementalist ranks, a few native orcs suddenly barged in.

"Accursed outworlder! I will finally have my revenge…!!" A loud voice yelled.

Jack was surprised by the yell. He turned and saw a familiar orc. Badu Thickskull, the one who had sworn to take vengeance for the death of his son, Wangombe, who died in the battle during the expedition to the Temple of Divine Squall.

Behind Badu were Abasi Raretooth and Hubesi Loudroar.