Abasi's 10,000 troops ran past them by the side. Abasi ignored those two fighting forces as his troops continued to chase after Jack.

Inside Abasi's troops were Phithion and a portion of his Warsong Rising's players and guild soldiers. When Phithion saw his benefactor on mounts running through the battlefield, he immediately gathered his nearby forces and followed. He figured this was a chance for him to show his worth.

The supply carts were situated a safe distance away but not too far. With the help of Jack's Runestone of Marching, his fast-moving forces soon saw their targets. But the 10,000 troops that Umeza had left behind to protect the supply carts were ready for their charge. They were forming a barricade to stop Jack's advance.

"Remember, our targets are the supply carts! There is no need to waste too much time on the enemies. Punch through them and claim our prize…!!" Jack commanded.

Without slowing down, the armored cavalries that formed the tip of the charging army, soon punched into the orc army blocking their way. Their wedge formation penetrated the blockage deep but soon slowed down. While they slowed, Abasi's force came from behind. Wedging the human force in the middle.

After Abasi arrived, the number between the two opposing forces was not that much of a gap. Under normal circumstances, the human army would be in trouble getting assaulted from two fronts like this. But the human army's target currently was not to defeat the orc army, it was to get to the supply carts. Hence, they mostly ignored Abasi's force and concentrated all their efforts on getting past the orc army that was between them and the supply carts.

Abasi understood this as well. He left a portion of his army to continue assaulting the human army's rear, while he himself went in a circle with a detachment to get to the front where the supply carts were. Phithion again brought his team and followed Abasi.

When they reached the front where the supply carts were, they saw the defensive blockage was getting thinner. Both Abasi and Phithion could even see Jack in the leading position, trying to punch through the blockage.

Phithion knew Jack was Abasi's primary target. He also had a grudge due to being killed by Jack once. So, when he saw Jack, he immediately had his force charge over without waiting for Abasi's command.


"Do not think you can get through us!" Two level 65 rare elite orc overseers blocked Jack's path. They were swinging their cleavers at Jack

Before those cleavers hit, Uruk and Mihos got in between. Their club and sword parried the cleavers. Crimson tattoos covered Uruk's body while an ancestor apparition floated above Mihos. With increased attributes, they pushed forward, forcing the overseers to the side.

"Go!" Uruk yelled to Jack.

Jack pushed forward with the others as Uruk and Mihos dealt with the overseers. However, there were still many orcs blocking their way. The wall didn't seem to end. The Twilight Champions cast spells as they rushed forward. Countless darts battered the orc soldiers before these champions collided with them and used brute force to push through.

The only ones from Jack's force that could pass through the blockage easily were the eagle rider hunters. Several orc officers flew up to block this flock of flying units, but since those officers' number was too low, they couldn't stop all the eagle rider hunters from advancing.

The eagle rider hunters started showering the supply carts with arrows, but the supply carts were not unattended. Several mages and shield soldiers stood atop each cart. The mages cast protective spells while the shield soldiers activated their defensive skills. All the tiny arrows failed to touch the supply carts. Without any land unit, it was impossible for only the eagle rider hunters to destroy the supply carts.

As Jack was struggling to advance, a battle monk suddenly barged in with a flying kick. Jack easily dodged the surprise attack with his mana sense. The battle monk expertly jumped back once his feet touched the ground and sent Jack a roundhouse kick.

Jack again dodged it and sent a counterattack slash. The battle monk received the slash with a punch strengthened by Ki-infused Fist. The battle monk reeled backward from the impact. Jack used the chance and inspected the man. The battle monk was called Gerion from Warsong Rising.

"Not bad," Jack said. "But not good enough."

Jack was about to advance but a gunshot sound stopped him. He jerked back and saw a bullet pass him by. A large techno golem loomed over him with a raised fist.

"Let's see how you fare without using your explosion tool!" Phithion who controlled the techno golem exclaimed. He also fired a few more bullets at Jack.

"What explosion tool?" Jack asked in confusion. He made a few jumps and deftly climbed over the techno golem before jumping over and putting the golem on his back. He then rushed over to Phithion.

At the same time, Paytowin's Brave Golem came over and stopped Phithion's techno golem from chasing after Jack. Paytowin also shot at Gerion, hindering him from stopping Jack's advance to Phithion.

Jack fired Tracing Beams, hitting the orc soldiers around Phithion and pushing them back. He wanted to isolate and kill Phithion first. His Techno golem would be unsummoned once he was killed.

Gerion activated Steel Body to tank Paytowin's shots. He couldn't let Jack reach his leader. His two hands came together. They shone with light as energy accumulated. He then put his two palms forward and a powerful blast shot forth.

It was Battle Monk's level 50 skill, Ki Blast. It unleashed an energy blast that dealt 500% physical damage at its first level, with a 10% chance to inflict Weakness and Fatigue. Its range was 30 meters with a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Jack had felt the accumulated mana and sensed the attack coming. He moved away just as the blast swept through his previous position.

"Holy shit! It's Hadouk*n…!" Jack blurted.

"No, it's Kam*ham*ha!" Paytowin uttered. "Hadouk*n shot a ball of energy, kam*ham*ha shot a beam of energy."

"The heck are you two talking about?" Jet in his form accompanied by his crimson-maned lion came over. He had not followed Domon because he was not eager for the chance of encountering Murong Shu there.

"Never mind. Keep him busy, will you?" Jack said to Jet.

The crimson-maned lion pounced at the other enemies while Jet came over to Gerion.

"Move over, you fluffy panda!" Gerion said as he performed a butterfly kick.

Jet lunged forward. His paws grabbed Gerion in mid-air. He then threw the guy, slamming Gerion hard on the ground, face first.

"Let me show you what happens to punkster who disrespects me," Jet sat on Gerion's back and started pummeling his fists at the back of the poor guy's head.

Jack, in the meantime, continued to advance toward Phithion. Phithion frantically shot at Jack to keep him away, but Jack erected Magic Shield and barreled through Phithion's shots without slowing down. Phithion placed his traps and energy turret in front of him.

Jack used Swing and the newly placed turret was destroyed before it fired its first shot. His footwork then carried him past the traps without activating them. In his panic, Phithion used his Bombardment.

"Too late! You shouldn't have brought a gun into a swordfight," Jack said and used Brave Slash, cutting away Phithion's life with one hit.

Phithion's newly summoned UFO vanished before it carried out its bombardment.

When Phithion's body fell, Jack noticed a figure high up in the air, falling at high speed toward him. His eyes turned wide when he realized who this figure was. He quickly used Roll and moved out of harm's way as a gigantic axe cleaved the ground he stood a moment before.

The newly landed Abasi looked at Phithion's body on the ground. "Damn fool!" He cursed. The outworlder was so eager that he had rushed ahead of him instead of staying back as his support.

With Abasi, the orc reinforcement he brought also arrived. The wall that Jack and the others tried to pierce through had become even more solid now.


Outside the supply depot, Arthur propped himself with his sword as he had difficulty standing. He was panting. His HP bar was on its last leg. His sword which always exuded soothing light was dimming. Only he was left standing in front of the supply depot's door. The others had either died or been pushed to the sides by the orc soldiers.

Umeza in his bull form stood before him. He was not without wounds. He had prioritized offense, trying to finish this confrontation fast. Thus, he had fought recklessly without care for himself. He had lost one-third of his HP. The HP recovery that was beast form's user's advantage was not working. This was due to one of Arthur's skills, which negated the opponent's recovery ability.

All the other court knights had fallen. Arthur was the last. The other orc soldiers were about to deal a final blow to Arthur, but Umeza halted them. Umeza instructed them to deal with the others and prevent the enemies from approaching. His three-headed wolf was still in battle with one of the two remaining brave golems. Some orc soldiers went to help the wolf.

"You fought well, but this is the end of your struggle and your army," Umeza uttered. He lifted his fist, which was covered by some sort of a glove made of thorny vines.

Arthur wasn't going to take it laying down. He made one more lunge, but the fist came with uncanny speed, smashing onto his head. He lost his remaining HP from that hit and fell to the ground.

Umeza then stepped over his body and went to the supply depot's door. No more obstacles before him.