Umeza again lifted his fist, both of them this time. They were both covered by thorny vines gloves. It was a skill similar to battle monks' Ki-infused Fist. The skill enhanced his punching power and also reflect damage to the attacks he parried.

He made a double punch on the supply depot's double door. The door's HP reduced to more than half with just that one attack. The door was even deformed to the inside, opening up a gap where the two door leaves meet.

Umeza thrust his two hands into that gap. He then gripped the doors from the inside and pulled. The door's HP continuously decreased as pressure was exerted on them. A loud creaking sound was heard. When the HP reached zero, the doors lost their resistance and both door leaves were torn out of their hinges. The two leaves were thrown away from the supply depot.

The orc elder was about to charge in and finish the guild leaders inside to end this battle, but many figures rushed out from the opened door. Before he realized it, he had been beset from all directions, by a dual sword-wielding puppet, a feral tiger, a giant lizard, and ten dirt golems.

They were all John's summons. He had prepared them when he saw the defense outside the door was thinning. His minions organized themselves in a modified nine-stars formation and attacked Umeza in an effort to keep him busy.

Despite those minions being much weaker than him, Umeza was confused by their movements. They attacked from his blind spots and covered one another, making it difficult for him to land a clean hit.

"Away, you pesky buggers…!" Umeza shouted as a ring of energy erupted, pushing and damaging all the enemies around him. At the same time, numerous vines erupted from the ground and entangled John's minions.

"Shit! Not even half a minute?" John uttered seeing his minions being incapacitated.

When Umeza wanted to advance, a large figure stood in his way. It was Fat Gregory's techno golem. He was a level 55 technocraft. On the side, a lesser demon threw her demonic chains. The lesser demon was summoned by Prideful Josh, now a level 55 Warlock.

From his commanding platform, David shot at Umeza using his gun. Silverwing, now a level 55 Hidden Weapon Specialist, threw his flying knives. Handler, a co-leader from Black Cloak, was a level 55 bard. She played empowering music that increased everyone's overall speed. While Fame Holder from Six Rings of Prosperity was a level 55 Archmage. She cast Tracing Beams, hoping for the beams to push Umeza back, buying them a few precious seconds.

Seeing all those attacks coming, Umeza simply snickered. His right arm swung down. The resulting energy wave swept the demonic chains down to the floor. He charged forward, ignoring all the knives, bullets, and even the tracing beams that hit his body without knocking him back. His diamond body skill protected him.

He jumped when the techno golem's hand came slapping. His body spun in the air with a roundhouse kick. The techno golem was forcefully smacked to the side after colliding with the kick. Its heavy body flew far and slammed into the wall of the supply depot.

"This is the end for you, outworlders!" Umeza exclaimed as he charged forward.

But when he was about to reach the first guild leader, a water curtain appeared in his path. The water was as if alive, wrapped itself around the charging orc. Umeza suddenly found himself enveloped inside a floating water orb. He could not move forward as he lost footing inside the water orb.

"Haha! I got you!" John exclaimed. That was his Living Water Prison spell.

However, before he could celebrate further. He saw Umeza's body glow inside the water orb.

"Haahhhh…!!" Umeza yelled as the glow around him intensified. The glow then exploded with a bright flash. All the water from the water orb evaporated. Only a few droplets remained and they all dropped powerlessly to the floor.

Umeza stood before John. His body was wet from the water orb just now, but his eyes seemed to be able to burn everyone there. He lifted his hand and said again, "This is the end."

However, he paused when he saw the outworlder before him smiling.

"Yes, this is the end indeed," John said.

A loud commotion was heard outside. Umeza couldn't help but turn around to the source of the commotion. He saw in the distance what appeared to be an aftermath of a huge fiery explosion. The direction was where their supply carts were.


A few minutes before Umeza breached the supply depot's door, Jack and the others were still struggling to get through the orc soldiers' wall of defense. Abasi was eager to chop Jack to pieces, but he wasn't careless. He fought while coordinating with the other orc soldiers around him. Making sure that none of the human soldiers could pass through their barricades except for the eagle rider hunters. They even managed to push the human soldiers away from the supply carts.

Abasi's axe clashed with Jack's sword. Jack reeled backward due to the difference in strength. Abasi threw Jack a provocation as a human soldier came and block him from continuing to attack Jack, "Use your transformation and try to fly past us. You have no more time left. The ones hiding in that supply depot will soon be defeated. Your guild soldiers will soon be unsummoned."

"You just want to get me away so you can deal with me alone, don't you?" Jack returned.

"Doesn't matter. Once your guild soldiers are gone, you will still be alone."

"You know, when our charge failed to break through this blockage, we have already changed to a contingency plan."

"What?" Abasi asked, he had a bad feeling after hearing Jack's words.

"Our plan now shifted to get you, people, away from the supply carts."

"What?" Abasi said again. At this time, he heard screams from behind. He looked back and saw the defensive soldiers that were protecting the supply carts from the eagle rider hunters' arrows being assailed by a battalion of pale-faced people in dark cloaks.

Those people in dark cloaks were the Blood Counts. They hid in the shadows and moved away while both the human and orc soldiers were busy with each other. They then sneaked toward the supply carts and ambushed those defensive soldiers.

Seeing that, Abasi immediately ordered, "Return! Protect the supply carts…!!"

"Too late! George!" Jack exclaimed. At the same time, Jack cast a spell. Abasi recognized the spell formation.

"Teleportation?!" Abasi wanted to lunge and disrupt Jack's spell, but he found himself unable to move. He looked down and saw a shadow gripping his legs. He traced the shadow's source and noticed a vampire behind Jack. It was Arlcard using his Shadow Lock spell.

Paytowin used his Mothership Bombardment. The huge aircraft appeared in the sky and started to rain bullets and missiles, hindering the orc army from going back to the supply carts.

Jack completed his spell then and vanished.

Abasi looked back again and saw Jack appear close to the supply carts. However, another thing confused him. The blood counts, who had decimated the defensive soldiers guarding the supply carts, were running away instead of attacking the supply carts.

Then another thing drew his attention, the sky above was rumbling. The clouds turned red and filled with thunder. The red cloud swirled and from its center, something fell like a meteor.

The thing that pierced through the cloud like a meteor was Penny, the lava dragonet. From the moment Jack brought a legion to go for the supply carts, John had controlled Penny to remove herself from the battlefield. She flew up high into the cloud, in preparation in case they needed to go with their contingency plan.

When Penny reached level 60 quite some time ago, she received a new skill, called diving lava beam. It was a powerful move with a very wide AOE. However, the skill took some preparation to execute and it was also not a flexible skill. Hence, she didn't use it during the battle at Slaughterer Plains.

The move required her to climb an extreme altitude before diving down at high speed. During the dive, she couldn't change direction. Hence, the inflexibility. It was only suitable for immobile or very slow targets. Otherwise, the targets below would have run away once they saw the dragonet dive from the sky.

The skill was also not suitable to be unleashed on a chaotic battlefield, as it would hit both enemies and allies.

Once Penny fell to a sufficient distance, she opened her maw, which was glowing a bright red. With a thundering roar, a bright red beam shot out from her mouth. The beam was a few times thicker than her normal lava breath. Several flaming rings radiated as the lava beam was discharged.

The thick beam rushed down to where Jack had been waiting.

Jack was among the supply carts. He was in his supreme dragon form with Overlimit activated. He also summoned his spirit weapon and had it use its final mode in the middle of the supply carts at the same time his lightning God Barrage appeared. On another side, Therras used supersonic mode and barged out of the fighting armies. Jack had placed it at the edge so it could easily rush out once needed. It was in its sovereign mode, the earth core bomb was gathering in its mouth, ready to be fired.

Everything came down to timing. In the past, it was easy to time the detonation of each of his explosive skills since all of them were executed by him. With his Hundred Synchronous Thoughts, he could accurately calculate the timing of each attack. This time, Penny was not under his control, but John had informed him of the precise second when the lava beam would hit the ground from the time it was unleashed.

Jack used Dragon Eye to slow down the time so he could catch the exact time Penny discharged her diving lava beam and then synchronized with his own attacks. Jack then added his Soul Breath. All his attacks were adjusted to coincide with the time Penny's beam hit the ground.