While Penny's diving lava beam was powerful, both Jack and John were pretty sure that it couldn't one-shot the supply carts. They had destroyed several supply carts during these past few days and those carts were extremely durable, even tougher than the ones they encountered during the ancient battleground.

They needed to destroy the supply carts in one swift attack before the orc army had the chance to return to guard it. Hence the need for Jack's combination explosive assault. Since the Blood Counts have killed all the soldiers around the supply carts and the remaining orc soldiers were lured away, there was no enemy to cast any spell or skill to protect the supply carts. Jack's four combined attacks should be sufficient enough to destroy the supply carts.

However, although Jack's explosive assault covered a decently wide area, it was not enough to cover the area currently occupied by all the supply carts. Forty supply carts had piled up due to their blockage, and it was arranged in two rows in a very long line. Hence it covered a very wide area from one end to the other. Jack's combined explosive attacks probably only covered an area occupied by ten or twelve of these supply carts.

That's why they needed Penny's diving lava beam. This special attack covered a very large area. If this attack combined with Jack's, it could carry over the combination damage following the largest AOE. For example, each lightning ball from Lightning God Barrage affected only a 5-meter diameter area. But Jack's spirit weapon's finishing mode could hit an area of 30-meter diameter. When the two attacks were combined perfectly, the targets at the periphery of the 30-meter diameter area would still receive the full brunt of the damage as if they were at the center. Hence, Jack's combined damage would be carried over by Penny's large AOE which covered a 150-meter diameter area.

This meant that everything within the diving lava beam's AOE would suffer the combined damage from all five different elemental attacks; fire, chaos, earth, lightning, and soul.

Unless it was a high-level and high-grade being, everything within this blast radius would most likely get decimated.

Therras had used its supersonic speed to run away once it fired its earth core bomb. While Jack flew above to escape the blast area. The Blood Counts had already fled even before Penny showed up.

The whole area was engulfed by mixed elemental explosion. Abasi and the armies who were outside the blast radius watched speechlessly. They were swept by the powerful wind caused by the explosion. Almost everyone fell to the ground. This massive explosion could be seen from miles away.

When the explosion settled, the whole area was covered with flames. Within the sea of flames, everyone saw the rubbles of what used to be the supply carts. Every single one had been destroyed.

When the orc soldiers were unsure of what to do, the human players cheered passionately.

"What the hell are you people cheering for? Hurry up and run!" Jack yelled from above. "Disperse and run…!"

He also sent the command via messages. The players who were near native soldiers relayed the message. All the leaders had been briefed once Jack's force went after the supply carts. These leaders then sent instructions to their followers. Once the supply carts were destroyed, there was no need to stay around. They had bought the main armies as much time as possible. They could only leave the rest to fate.

Every player started running. They ran around chaotically that the orc soldiers had trouble deciding whom to chase. Some foolish and greedy players tried to pick up the many loots on the ground while running, only to be caught by the orc army and killed.

The human native soldiers backed away in a more orderly manner. The guild soldiers simply vanished. They were heavily outnumbered. If they stayed, they would just be slaughtered by the angry orcs.

Abasi looked at Jack who had flown away with fury and hatred. His wings spread behind him and he took to the sky to chase after Jack.

Jack noticed Abasi from his God-eye monocle. He thought for a moment about engaging the orc warlord. But when he saw two other orcs with flying abilities chasing him as well as a battalion of soldiers following the warlord on foot, he decided against it. He just flew as fast as possible, using the dragon form's inherent wind jet ability every time it was available. His supreme dragon's flight was faster than Abasi's wing tools, hence he was further and further as time passed. Abasi could only scream in frustration when he saw Jack become a speck in the distance.


Inside the supply depot, Umeza watched the dissipating explosion in silence. He had heard human players' brief cheering in the distance. He did not doubt what it signified. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

He was an old veteran who had retired from many war victories. He couldn't believe that this battle where he was called out of his retirement to assist in an urgent situation would end up with a defeat, even when his army outnumbered the opponents.

"Hehe, we win."

Umeza turned back and looked at the human outworlders who just spoke. This detestable human outworlder was wearing an extremely smug look.

The seven guild command platforms had already been stored by each guild leader or co-leader. They didn't want to lose any more guild soldiers unnecessarily. The other six looked at Umeza with trepidation, only John continued to grin.

They knew they would most likely die after hearing John's plan, but facing death was easier said than done, even one that was not true death. They were amazed by John who could treat it so casually. They wondered if they should try to rush out. There were seven of them, if they moved at the same time, this orc elder shouldn't be able to hit them all, could he?

Fat Gregory sent the other six a message of this, to which John promptly replied, "Don't bother. It's useless. But of course, if you want a workout before death, that is fine as well."

The others were speechless by his response.

Umeza stared at John with a savage look. He was still in his bull form. Thus, his angry expression was especially menacing. The players in the room felt like they were matadors in handcuffs and legcuffs while wearing red clothes and facing an angry, giant, and deadly bull.

Only John could still smile in this situation.

"How about you–" John didn't manage to complete his mocking this time, because Umeza's lightning-fast fist had already struck his face without warning. John flew back and slammed hard on the back wall. The others turned and saw him sliding down the wall, not rising back up again. His HP was zero.

They all gulped.

"Hell! I won't go down without a fight…!!!" Prideful Josh declared. The others were ignited by his sentiment and lifted their weapons.

They were just about to utter an encouraging yell to voice their agreement with Prideful Josh when Umeza's body split into multiple images. Each image came to all six of them with uncanny speed.

The only ones who managed to react were David and Prideful Josh. David summoned his shield drone while Josh erected his Magic Shield. The others were struck with a punch and flew away in a similar manner as John.

But even though Josh managed to erect Magic Shield, the illusory shield was shattered in a single punch and the punch continued unhindered, striking Josh's body and killing him as well.

David's shield drone was more durable. It was smashed away but David survived. David aimed his gun and shot at Umeza point-blank. Yet, the shot bullet passed through Umeza as if it was a hologram. David caught movements from the corner of his eyes. He was just about to turn when he felt a strong impact on his waist. He also crashed into the wall and ricocheted to the floor with zero HP.

Umeza looked at the slain seven. He didn't feel satisfaction. He hoped any of the seven would rise again so he could kill them all over again.


Outside, everyone from the human army was fleeing. Because the native humans fled together, they became primary targets. John had instructed them to just throw away any sense of order and just ran around haphazardly. Some unfortunate ones might be caught and killed, but the rest would survive. Every man for himself.

But as trained soldiers, it was difficult for them to act disorderly. They ended up forming several groups that fled in all directions.

The largest group was where Duke Alfredo, Commander Quintus, Lieutenant Bailey, and High Priest Laurent were at. Out of the four, Quintus suffered the most grievous wound. He was missing an arm. But even with only one arm, he still swung his long katana fiercely at any enemy that blocked their way.

The other three were also not in good condition. All had HP less than half. The soldiers who were fleeing with them also none still had full HP. Bailey had even died again during the battle just now. Laurent had resurrected her for a second time.

Due to being the largest fleeing group, they became the main target. The orc soldiers had lost, now they only seek to vent their frustration by killing as many enemies as possible. Leading the chasing orcs were Lubanzi and Bishara.

Duke Alfredo looked to the back. He then looked to those who fled with him. He looked back again. The enemies were drawing near. He knew the enemies would catch up sooner or later.

"Everyone! Keep running. Do not stop no matter what!" He exclaimed. He stopped and unsummoned his steed.