While the two mythical generals were fighting, Jeanny was battling Abdu's army.

After the initial stumble due to the caltrops. Abdu had everyone stopped and started to sweep the grounds in front with AOE attacks to clear the caltrops. Unlike when they were charging through the Slaughterer Plains, they didn't have siege weapons and range attacks bombarding them. Hence, they could take their time.

But still, the initial halt had caused their formation to become a mess. Added to the attack from two sides, they were having trouble adjusting.

Abdu left the task of cleaning up the ground of caltrops to the average troops while he brought the high-level officers to engage the enemies. He had had it with these humans. If they wanted a fight, he would give them. He would just go aid the main army once he was done with the ones here.


After Abdu's army halted to a stop by the caltrops, trinity had run to the side, joining the forces of the Jackal Crews and Corporate United. She used her spells and supported them from behind.

Corporate United's players who came together with Jeanny's army also went to that side to fight together with their guild army.

Steelhand and one of Jackal Crews' members had activated their guild army platforms from up high on the mountain range. They were hidden and out of sight. If the enemy wanted to target them, the enemy would have to spend a lot of time searching for them. Hence, they didn't worry. They controlled their guild armies from the map projection above the platforms.

Together with the guild armies, the players fought against the orcs. Corporate United's guild army was a class above Jackal Crews' ones. However, Jackal Crews players were visibly more skillful compared to Corporate United players.

Killmonger and Ironhand led Corporate United's force while Mils and Regim led the Jackal Crews. If people paid attention to the two forces, they would notice a certain distinction between the two's leadership. Killmonger and Ironhand despite being on the front line, stayed behind their guild soldiers. As for Mils and Regim, they were at the tip of the spear. They fought at the forefront with their guild soldiers following behind.

Even when Mils was a gunner, he didn't fear the melee soldiers. Similar to Serpent Boss, he adjusted his fighting style based on situations. He changed weapons between rifles, gun, dagger, and also shield. A more notable difference between him and Serpent Boss was that Serpent Boss possessed a more refined style. Serpent Boss could easily cause opponents to lose sight of him during a battle and then struck from their blind spots. Mils' fighting style was more aggressive.

Mils' movements didn't lose to an expert martial artist. His shots were accurate and when opponents came into melee range, he easily dealt with them with his kicks and elbows, followed up with close-range shots to critical parts.

When too many opponents surrounded him, he used a buckler instead of a dagger for his off-hand. He moved around with the round shield blocking the attacks while continuing to shoot using his gun. When opponents came too close, he shoved his buckler to force them back. On the right opportunities, he didn't hesitate to smash the buckler into the opponent's face as if it was a weapon.

"Damn it, does he think he is captain am*rica?" Ironhand remarked when he saw the way the Jackal Crews' leader fought using the shield.


Jeanny knew they were outnumbered. Their chance of winning was slim. She knew that to stand a chance, they had to capitalize on this advantage when the enemy was in chaos due to the sudden stop. She shouted orders as she herself charged in. Everyone, whether players or natives, were inspired by her zeal. They also gave their all in the fight.

Jeanny's spear stabbed with rapid speed from behind the melee players. Her stabbing accuracy was dead center. The spot that she hit also cause the opponent to pause or stagger, allowing the melee players to send their offenses. In this way, she controlled the battlefield near her.

"HUMAN LEADEERRR…!!" She heard a thundering yell not far away. She turned in that direction and saw several players getting thrown around. There was a high-level enemy there.

"SHOW YOURSELF…!" The thundering voice was heard again.

A wave of fire burst through the defensive rank in the form of a giant drill made of flame. Everyone in its path suffered huge fire damage. Many players were killed. Surviving ones received burn status. Jeanny had started heading over when she heard the yell. She increased her speed after seeing the powerful move that took out many of her comrades.

The executor of the drilling wave was Abdu. His long spear was alighted with flame. His forceful assault had brought him behind the enemy's line. Human players surrounded him, but he didn't show any fear. It was instead the players who were intimidated by him.

Abdu was a level 70 rare elite, after all. These players were too weak for him. He swept his spear and a ring of fire radiated out, hitting those players who were still dazed.

Two human native soldiers came, stopping Abdu from claiming the lives of more players. The players happily stepped aside and let the native soldiers fight Abdu while they provided backup. But even then, Abdu was still at an advantage.

The forceful assault Abdu had done created a crack in the human army formation. Abdu's soldiers took advantage of this crack to disrupt the formation even more. Seeing their Lord Chief cause trouble to the human army also increased their morale. They shouted loud battle cries as they pushed back at the human army.

Abdu was much stronger compared to the two human soldiers, who were just level 60 elites. Even with support from the players, the two human soldiers were losing.

"Hah! Begone, you weaklings!" Abdu uttered and swept his spear.

Torrents of flame energy followed after the sweeping motion. The two soldiers tried to parry using their weapons, but the force was too strong. They felt like they were washed away by a tsunami. A tsunami that burned them.

Abdu then thrust his spear up. A large round runic symbol appeared. At the edge of this symbol were flaming spears. These flaming spears then shot forward, hitting multiple targets around Abdu.

When Abdu was about to follow up with another attack, spear energy rushed by and hit the arm that held the spear, causing him damage. He turned in the direction the spear energy came from and saw the tip of a spear was upon his face.

His reflex and speed allowed him to twirl his spear and deflect this attack, but the spear that he had deflected came again from another angle as if it had been attacking there from the start. His spear moved again and managed to parry this second stab, but the same thing happened. The same spear came at him from another angle just as he thought he had smacked that spear away.

He was unable to deflect the third stab this time. The spear stabbed into his shoulder, causing damage. But just as he thought it was his time to counterattack, the spear that was stabbing him was gone. The tip was now right in front of his face again.

His fast reflex allowed him to move his head away and dodge this fourth stab. But again, a fifth stab came. It struck his neck and caused critical damage.

Abdu jumped away. These stabs caused damage but they were not alarming enough for his high HP and defense. But still, the stabs were just too mystical. He couldn't make sense of it.

After jumping away, he got a good look at the wielder of the spear. It was a female human outworlder.

"Who are you?" Abdu asked. For a low-level outworlder whose usage of a spear managed to force him back, he thought this woman deserved his attention.

"You asked for this army's leader, didn't you?" Jeanny asked. "You are looking at her. My name is Jeanny! Now, watch my spear."

Jeanny again performed Seven Spears Assaulting Heaven. She had managed to reach the fifth stage which delivered five stabs. Her mastery of the spear had increased even more.

Her fifth stage spear art was now aiming at Abdu again. However, Abdu was ready this time. His spear formed a large flaming spear image. This flaming spear came to Jeanny. Jeanny could sense from its mana how powerful this skill was. She had no choice but to cancel her spear art and rolled to the side, dodging the flame spear.

"You might be good, but you are still just a low-level outworlder," Abdu uttered. "Have pride in me knowing your name when I kill you!"

Abdu's spear stabbed with high speed. Jeanny almost had no time to sense it. Out of instinct, she dodged the attack. But Abdu's spear didn't stop, it continued to pursue her. She continued to dodge using Eight Diagram Illusory Steps, but she only managed to dodge the attacks barely.

While she danced around Abdu's assaults, the orc soldiers poured through from the gap Abdu had created and disrupted the human army's formation. Everything was a mess now. The advantage that the human army had at first was slowly negated. In such chaos, those with the higher number held the advantage.