The human soldiers that were sieging Thenitsa at this time were led by Commander Armstrong.

Four days ago, Ahab sneaked out of Themisphylae fort and went to Thesewal. When he arrived, he found out that the border town had almost no enemy.

The third war chief who was maintaining a façade in front of Themisphylae fort received a report about enemies suddenly appearing near their captured town. He hurriedly tried to go back to prevent the border town from being retaken, but Duchess Isabelle came out and forced him to stay.

At the same time, Ahab sent a part of his force to halt the army under that war chief and also had Fierce Flame send a message to her friend who was with Commander Armstrong inside the fort in Slaughterer Plains. Commander Armstrong immediately brought his force out of the fort once he received the message. Together with Ahab, they retook Thesewal.

The next day, Ahab stayed inside Thesewal to guard it while Commander Armstrong took half of their army and headed toward Thenitsa. After three days of marching, they arrived and hit Thenitsa from the back while the dragon army and the first army were fighting.

If they had arrived a day sooner, they won't be able to do this sneak attack because Verremor's army was fighting from inside and around the town. Today, the first army had come out and fought the dragon army on an open field to synchronize their planned pinning attacks with Abdu's force, leaving Thenitsa with minimum defense. Hence, they had managed to breach into the town in such a short time.

Seeing some enemies had already climbed inside the town and fought with the orc guards inside, Makubwa uttered a command to have the army return to defend the town. However, Emris issued a command to forgo defense and redouble their offense, forcing Verremor's first army to stay.

Makubwa wanted to fly back to the town but he was in a similar situation as his army, Emris blocked and harassed his every attempt in retreating.


"No!" Abdu shouted. He saw the first army start to move away. He was not aware of what was happening in Thenitsa because it was too far away from where he was at. He simply considered the first army had suffered too many losses that they no longer wanted to wait for him to pin the dragon army from behind.

He realized then he had wasted too much time with Jeanny's army.

"Damn you!" Abdu thrust at Jeanny, but the attack was blocked by Uvira's earth wall. Abdu then turned away, no longer interested in finishing Jeanny.

Abdu issued a command to disengage from the human army they were fighting and went after the dragon army. Jeanny's army had reduced to less than half after the forceful battle. They were not in the condition to hold Abdu's army down any longer, but they still chased and stop as many soldiers as they could from leaving.

Abdu didn't bother about the ones that were blocked by the enemies, he urged the others to move, leaving those that couldn't follow.

They charged forward.


"Oh, now you come?! Such incompetence!" Makubwa scolded. He saw Abdu's army that was rushing over, but he didn't care anymore. All that was important now was preventing the border town from being retaken. Hence, he continued to command his army to retreat to the border town.

Emris also saw Abdu's approach. Now that the first army was busy trying to retreat to the border town, it could be said that his army had no pressure. He ordered a portion to detach and engaged the incoming Abdu's army, while the rest continued to hinder the first army's retreat.

Abdu was confused as to why Makubwa was still retreating when he was already charging over, but then he saw the smoke and noises from the border town in the distance. He realized then what had happened.

Part of this was his fault as well. If he hadn't left Thesewal behind, the enemies wouldn't have been able to sneak attack them from behind. He couldn't help but pity his fate. He had planned to pin the enemies from behind, but it was instead his action that allowed their army to get hit from behind.

Abdu lost all spirit to fight. He started to slow down before stopping altogether. His army stopped with him. They were confused. They were charging fervently a few seconds ago, why were they stopping now? All of them turned to Abdu, but the lord chief just looked to the front with a blank stare.

Even when a part of the dragon army sent by Emris was seen coming toward them, Abdu was still being silent.

"Lord Chief…? Lord Chief! What should we do?" One of Abdu's aides asked him.

The human army was coming. From what they could see, the size of the army coming at them was equal if not more.

"Lord Chief…! What should we do?!" The aide asked again.

Abdu's hand clenched tightly on his spear. His breath started to turn heavy. His eyes were savage.

"FIGHT…! FIGHT!! FIGHT TILL YOUR LAST BREATHHH…!!!" Abdu roared and ran forward. The soldiers around him uttered their battle cries and followed after him.

Abdu was the first to charge into the incoming human army. He now no longer thought about winning. All he wanted to do was just fight and fight, and kill as many enemies as possible.

His spear kept on stabbing unceasingly. He fought without a care for himself. The crimson tattoos on his body flared brightly, even more brightly than normal. This was an enhanced Berserk skill. His state of mind had put him into a berserk state. With both mind and body in tune, the berserk skill granted him even more power than usual. None of the human soldiers could stand in his way.

Inspired by their leader's berserk way, the orc soldiers also fought with a ferocity that was beyond normal. The human army was surprised. The orcs here fought even more fiercely than the first army they fought just now.

Abdu continued to rampage amongst the human soldiers. Until suddenly his spear clanged with another spear. He looked at the enemy who had stopped his stab. It was a high-ranking human officer.

"My name is Claudius. State your name, orc!" The spear-wielding human uttered.

"RAARRGGHH…!!" Abdu was no longer in the mood for conversation. He didn't care about custom, honor, or glory anymore. All he wanted to do was just stab the enemy in front of him to his death.

His spear burst with dark fire as it turned into a blur. Hundreds of flaming stab assaulted Claudius. Claudius jumped back and twirled his spear. Rocks and dirt were sucked up and danced in front of his spear, forming a protective wall. But Abdu's flaming stabs were just too numerous. After blocking half of the flaming stabs, the rock wall crumbled and the remaining stabs hit Claudius.

Claudius continued to retreat while suffering multiple flaming stabs. Each stab ate away at his HP. Luckily, when the rock wall covered the first half of Abdu's assault, he activated another defensive skill. A layer of hard earth covered his entire body. It reduced the damage he received.

Despite mitigating his wound, Claudius was losing. He was four levels below Abdu. Additionally, Abdu's condition triggered a special power-up from his berserk skill, thus increasing the gap even more.

When Abdu was about to continue his assault, a large earth hand appeared above him, trying to grab him. Abdu swung his spear at the hand, creating a flaming wave. The wave destroyed the earth hand. While he did, Jeanny appeared from behind and stabbed him.

Despite her army suffering heavy losses, Jeanny never planned to quit. She commanded whoever still survived to chase after Abdu's army. When Claudius' army clashed with Abdu's, Jeanny's army caught up and hit them from behind.

Seeing Jeanny again, Abdu's rage turned even more intense. His crimson tattoos flared another degree brighter. He again tried to kill Jeanny. With the increased power, his every swing now created a shockwave that caused damage to her even when his spear didn't touch her. Luckily, her body was protected by rock armor. It was a protective spell cast by Uvira. Jeanny's spear was also covered by a layer of earth. It was another enchantment spell cast by Uvira, enhancing Jeanny's spear with the earth element, allowing her to deliver decent damage even for her low level.

Uvira herself cast a spell from the side. Multiple rock darts flew and struck Abdu. Her giant dirt golem was by the side, smacking any orcs that were trying to support their lord chief.

Seeing Abdu's intention was diverted, Claudius rushed over and joined the fight. His and Jeanny's spears alternated in clashing with Abdu's. Claudius and Jeanny glanced at one another during the fight. They had never fought one another but they knew they were enemies during the civil war. They never imagined that the two of them would fight side by side like this.

The three spear experts continued to exchange moves as the battle raged on around them.

Even though outnumbered, Abdu still seemed to be at an advantage. Until during an occasion, a gunshot was heard. Abdu reeled back after the gunshot. He covered his right eye. A bullet had accurately hit that eye, causing critical damage as well as momentary blindness.

Jeanny turned in the direction of the shooter and saw it was Mils who had taken the shot.

"Don't get distracted!" Mils shouted at her while he continued shooting.

"Cover me for a bit!" Claudius shouted. He jumped back and took a low stance. With Abdu momentarily incapacitated, this was his chance to use a big move. The image of an eastern dragon appeared and flew circling him.