The blind effect from the eye hit only lasted a moment. Abdu could see again when Jeanny's spear came. His spear quickly twirled and smacked Jeanny's spear away, while his thick arm came and punched her hard in her belly.

Jeanny felt all the air inside her being forcefully pushed out. She reeled backward as her HP dropped one-third of her entire HP. Even though she was protected by the rock armor and even though Abdu used an unarmed attack, it still caused high damage.

Before Abdu could continue his offense, a hail of bullets assailed him. Mils used Gunner level 50 skill, Bulletstorm. It discharged a torrent of bullets that dealt 50% physical damage for each bullet and ignored 30% defense. If there were anything close to a machine gun in this game world, it was this skill.

Normally, it was very difficult for a gunner to aim his gun when this skill was active. If the gunner let the skill auto-target by itself, the guns would shoot all around the gunner, hitting everyone in the vicinity. What the gunner experienced would be like constant ricochets that threw his aim all over the place. But Mils had learned to master this skill. He was able to forcefully control his aim to stick on Abdu despite the unnatural ricochets from the skill.

Uvira also cast another spell that tossed rock pellets at Abdu, trying to prevent him from further wounding Jeanny.

Abdu rotated his spear at high speed in front of him, deflecting all the hail of bullets and rock pellets.

Jeanny didn't let her wound stop her. Once she regained solid footing, she also unleashed her level 50 skill. A large spear appeared in the sky above Abdu and fell on him. The skill was called heaven's spear. The falling spear dealt 500% damage and ignored 70% of the target's defense.

However, before this heaven's spear impaled his head, Abdu's free hand shot up and caught the falling spear. It stopped just as its tip was about to hit Abdu's scalp. Abdu clenched his hand that was grabbing the spear. The incredible strength granted by his augmented berserk let him destroy the spear with brute force. The spear disintegrated into particles of light.

Jeanny never stopped her offense. The moment after she executed Heaven's Spear, she also used the Domain of Spears. Spears pierced out of the ground around her. Since Abdu was in range, he was hit by the spears. With his one hand blocking Mils' and Uvira's attacks, while his other hand blocking heaven's spear, Abdu was unable to defend against the ground spears. The ground spears pierced him from underneath and caused damage.

"RAARGGHH…!!" Abdu swung widely after those attacks were over. He didn't seem to bother about the pain caused by Jeanny's spears. Instead, the pain fueled his rage, further augmenting his berserk state.

A fire ring radiated out. Jeanny jumped back while using his spear to parry the incoming fire ring. He felt extreme heat when the fire ring touched her. She received burn status and her HP fell to critical. She dropped to the ground and rolled back, trying to put more distance from Abdu. She could hear Abdu coming after her.

Uvira and Mils were also hit by the fire ring. They similarly lost HP and received burn status. Uvira didn't care about her condition, she shot ranged attacks from her staff, trying to hinder Abdu from chasing Jeanny. But Abdu ignored her attacks. He just let those attacks hit while running toward Jeanny.

When he jumped and was about to deliver a killing strike on Jeanny, he felt strong pressure from his side. He turned in time and saw a long-bodied eastern dragon coming at him. Claudius had completed the preparation for his ultimate skill, the Heavenly Dragon Spear. The same skill that had killed Miller during the civil war.

Abdu's spear, which was about to impale Jeanny, changed direction and stabbed at this incoming dragon. As during the fight with Miller, the dragon swerved in its flight and dodged the spear. It was about to coil itself and broke Abdu's spear, but the spear vanished. Abdu retracted the spear with light speed and stabbed again. This time it hit the dragon. The dragon recoiled but came back again.

Abdu landed and moved back. He couldn't focus on Jeanny with this dragon gunning at him. The dragon continued to come as Abdu unceasingly repelled it using his spear.

Jeanny and the others were not going to just stand around and watch. They immediately attacked Abdu from his back. Jeanny also took the chance to drink healing potions and other restorative potions to bring her HP back to safety again. With Abdu focusing on the dragon, he was unable to prevent them from using potions nor defend himself from their attacks.

No matter how many times Abdu stabbed and hit the dragon, the dragon seemed to be undying and continued to come at him. Abdu's rage intensified because of this. The crimson tattoos on his body flared even brighter. The flame on his spear burned even more fiercely. Yet, the dragon persisted. It even started to use its claws to block Abdu's spear when it came stabbing.

The enhanced berserk might have given Abdu increased strength and speed. But like the normal berserk, this enhanced berserk also reduced the user's defense. Thus, every damage he received was increased. Even though Abdu kept the dragon from touching him, his back was continuously assaulted by Jeanny and the others. His HP continued to fall.

Jeanny even used her spear art, Seven Spears Assaulting Heaven. Since Abdu was occupied, all five stabs landed on him. The five stabs hit in rapid succession, causing combo multipliers. Each hit also produced higher damage than the previous.

"GRAAHHH…!!" Abdu shouted and swung his spear to his back. He finally couldn't ignore the attacks from behind.

His rage augmented his berserk, but at the same time, the berserk also slowly influenced his mind. He was no longer thinking straight. All he felt was rage. His swinging spear produced a flaming wave that was larger than before. The wave swept the three combatants, damaging them and throwing them to the side.

Luckily Jeanny had drunk recovery potions. Otherwise, she would have lost her life from the flame wave just now.

Because Abdu had stopped repelling the dragon to strike Jeanny and the others. The dragon managed to finally hit Abdu. It entered Abdu's body and ravaged the lord chief from the inside.

"RRAARRGGHH…!!!" Abdu screamed in pain as multiple spears stabbed out of his body repeatedly.

Once the dragon managed to enter Abdu's body, Claudius fell to the ground. He had to mentally control the dragon or else the skill would collapse. That's why he hadn't joined the assault with the others just now. Each passing second caused heavier pressure on his mind. If Abdu didn't lose control as he did just now, Claudius was not sure if he could maintain his skill for longer.

Abdu continued to scream as he swung his spear blindly. Jeanny and Mils quickly drank recovery potions as they rose. Then together with Uvira, they resumed their offenses. Jeanny used her skill, Radiant Javelins to attack from a distance. Abdu's wild swings still looked dangerous enough.

This time, Claudius also joined the others to attack. With Claudius, their damage output increased. Abdu was still under the effect of Berserk, which reduced his defense. With the Heavenly Dragon Spear rampaging from inside and the attacks from Claudius and the others from outside, Abdu's HP was quickly diminished.

The Heavenly Dragon Spear although powerful, wasn't endless. It ended just as Abdu's HP reached a critical low.

Jeanny and the others hastened their attacks, afraid that Abdu might try something that could reverse the situation or escape. However, when he was close to the end, Jeanny saw Abdu instead calm down. He let go of his spear and sighed.

Both Jeanny's and Claudius' spears hit Abdu then. One from the front and one from the back. Jeanny was in the front. He saw Abdu's face as his HP reached zero. His expression was oddly at peace.

Abdu then fell to the ground.

The other orcs who saw their leaders die. Some cried in sadness, some cried in rage. None of them fled. They continued to fight. As did the battle ahead at the border town.

The battle didn't last long though. Makubwa led his army trying to retake Thenitsa, but Armstrong's force had occupied its wall. They switched to defending it from Makubwa's attempt to re-enter the town. With the dragon army harassing them from behind, they couldn't mount an effective siege. After a hard struggle, they had no choice but to retreat away from the border town.

Makubwa looked long and hard at the town that was now being protected by the combined forces of the dragon army and Armstrong's. After a long silence, he turned east and said, "Let's return."

Samuhn by the side didn't utter any objection. Nor did any of the soldiers. They were defeated both in body and spirit. With the supplies still not in sight, if their leaders still not ending this war, they might leave by themselves instead.

Verremor's first army started to make a slow march toward the Fulgur region.