The total war contribution points received by Jack were 8,082,751 war contribution points. It was more than double the points he got from the previous civil war. But thinking about it, the previous war was domestic while this was a war between two nations. This war also lasted longer. It had been more than a month since this war started. So, it made sense that the awarded war contribution points were more. Even the points given for just remaining throughout the war was double than previous.

The first three lines from the contribution report were for general participants. Every player who participated in the war and remained until the end would receive those points. While the rests were more personal, granted to individuals with specific achievements during the war.

Even for players who simply joined the war without any particular achievement, the general contributions already awarded them more than one million war contribution points. It was much more generous than the previous civil war. But of course, there were more casualties resulting in this war. Some could no longer afford to buy the Amulet of Rebirth and had to start from the beginning. These players had stashed their valuables and coins inside the bank or guild vaults. Hence, they only lost their levels and the equipment they wore.

After the war, there was a significant influx in player requests to use the leveling ground under the Valley of Tempus. This boosted Everlasting Heavenly Legends' coin income. With the number of guild soldiers lost during the war, they needed the coins to retrain the soldiers.

Those who had died in the war received exp boosts as in the previous war, while guilds received training boosts to speed up the training of their guild soldiers.

Everyone received exp, mana cores, and coins aside from the war contribution points. Jack received 41,000,000 exp, 2,400 mana cores, and 370 gold coins. He also reaped massive exp points from the long battle to defend the supply depot. He gained exp from both his kills and the native soldiers' kills nearby him. Hence, his gain was not comparable to others. This gain combined with the exp reward after the war ended, helped Jack to level up a total of ten times!

His Brave Swordsmaster increased by three levels to level 62. His Time Sage increased by four, it was level 62 as well. His Beastmaster increased by three and was now level 61. In terms of level, he now left the average players in the dust. The average players were still around level 55, while those who had survived and performed decently during the war were around level 56 to 58.

With the previously unused points, Jack had 48 free attribute points. He decided to just throw them into his Dexterity stat this time. Enhancing his already strong point. His stats were all past 1,000 points by now, except for Luck.

He received two new skills from Brave Swordsmaster and Time Sage when they went past level 60. For Beastmaster, he didn't receive any skill as it was still an elite class.


Swords of the Braves, level 1/20 (Active skill, range, requires sword)

Conjures 5 golden swords that home in on targets, dealing 500% light damage.

Stun targets for 2 seconds.

Range: 30 meters

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Stamina: 300


Time Domain, level 1/20 (Active spell, requires magic weapons)

Create a sphere with a radius of 30 meters around the caster. All hostiles within the sphere are slowed to 50% of their original speed. All allies within the sphere are sped up by 100%.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 3 hours

Mana: 400


He remembered the Swords of the Braves as one of the skills Mihos used, but he was more excited about the Time Sage's new spell. If he activated this Time Domain, every enemy in his vicinity would become a turtle. He was itching to max-level them the moment he received those skills. He had 12 free skill points for both Brave Swordsmaster and Time Sage, while his Beastmaster had 28 free skill points. He still didn't have any new Beastmaster's skill so this load of free skill points was still unusable.

Before he used the Brave Swordsmaster and Time Sage's free skill points, he checked his Container of Souls first. It had amassed quite a sum of souls. The container had achieved another record again. Inside, there were 6,924,358 souls. The souls were more than the final battle during the civil war even without killing a high-level officer like Garland. It was because the battle had gone on for a much longer time. Additionally, the natives and players who died during the battle this time had generally higher levels than in the last civil war's final battle.

Without further ado, Jack used 1,400,000 souls in conjunction with 12 free skill points from Brave Swordsmaster and Time Sage to max-level his two new skills.

Brave Swordsmaster at level 20 conjured ten golden swords. Each sword dealt 800% damage. As for Time Domain, each level increased its duration and its area of effect. At level 20, Time Domain lasted for three long minutes and covered an area of 50 meters radius. With his already crazy speed, if Jack just stayed inside this domain, nobody would be able to touch him.

For the remaining 5,524,358 souls, Jack used 1,900,000 souls to max-level Penta Slash. The first slash from this skill now delivered 300% physical damage. The later four slashes' incremental damage was also higher because of the increased first slash's damage.

He then used another 1,900,000 souls to max-level Dispel. Aside from increasing the success chance, each level also increased the range of the spell. At level 20, Dispel could affect a target 120 meters away.

For the remaining soul points, 1,300,000 were used to max level Tracing Beams, while 400,000 were used to level-up Blitz Slash to level 14. Level 20 Tracing Beams shot thirty beams dealing 70% magic damage. At level 14, each slash from Blitz Slash dealt 165% physical damage.

Several of his battle skills also increased in star proficiencies. One skill received its first star, Wings of Devastation. Each star of this skill increased the width of the energy wave, allowing it to hit an even larger area compared to its already large AOE.

After the war, Therras increased by two levels to level 61. It didn't gain any exp from the kills made by native soldiers under Jack's command, so its improvement was not as extreme as Jack's. But Jack never stopped giving it rare-grade pet food daily to help it gain exp.

Arlcard increased a level to level 64. He was glad by the improvement but unpleased when he saw Jack was catching up to him. He left with a determined expression after the war ended.

Aside from the standard exp points, mana cores, coins, and war contribution points received after the victory notification, everyone who was a member of the Themisphere kingdom faction received an additional reward in the form of merit points.

This reward was not granted during the civil war, Peniel explained that it was because the civil war was among their countrymen. This time, it was against foreigners for the honor of the country. Hence, the merit points reward. This was like a bonus for those who had successfully joined the kingdom faction. However, Peniel also explained that every kingdom faction member received a different number of merit points. Just like the war contribution points, the merit points awarded were based on achievements during the war.

Jack received 102,264 merit points from the notification. His total merit point achievement was now 163,234 merit points, he just needed 86,766 merit points to become a duke. Probably once he completed his kingdom faction chain quest, the merit point reward should be enough to let him become one.

As in the previous civil war, participating guilds also received many rewards. Especially the guilds that used their guild soldiers in the war. The participating guilds received reputation points, coins, and resources. The guilds that had guild headquarters received additional rewards this time in the form of training boosts as well as free recruits to be trained into guild soldiers. They also received Country Blessing, a buff that increased the income of all resources; food, minerals, woods, and mana.

Everlasting Heavenly Legends was awarded 3,924,000 reputation points. After becoming level 4, they needed to collect 10,000,000 reputation points to become a level 5 guild. This reward had already covered almost half of the required number.

The rank of contributing guilds in the war was publicly announced. Everlasting Heavenly Legends was placed number one, which meant Everlasting Heavenly Legends received the highest number of reputation points. Everlasting Heavenly Legends was already the first guild to reach level 4. With this achievement, it was most likely to be the first again to reach level 5.

Except for Death Associates, all the top ten contributing guilds were those that had guild headquarters. Gluttonous Despot and Crowd of Sins got the second and third ranks respectively, due to their war tools. The next in rank were the remaining ones who fight to block the supply route. They deserved the ranks for the number of guild soldiers they lost in that battle.

The representatives of the ten guilds were called to the kingdom representative office where an additional prize was given to them.

Jeanny went there as Everlasting Heavenly Legends' representative, and she was given a unique-grade blueprint to construct a guild structure. It was called Mana Fountain. It was similar to their basic guild structure, Mana Cell, which produced mana for guild usage. Different was, this Mana Fountain produced ten times the amount produced by the Mana Cell.