The palace soldiers already recognized the three, so they were immediately ushered to where Prince Alonzo was. The prince was currently with Royal Advisor Mason inside his work office.

"Thank you for coming," Prince Alonzo said. "On behalf of Themisphere country, I thank you for the triumph you have brought to this country."

"It's not just us. It's us working together that this victory is possible," Jack said.

"Following my strategy, this victory is expected," John said.

The two of them spoke at the same time. The two now looked at one another, giving each other a side-eye. Jeanny rolled their eyes at them. Alonzo just chuckled for a response.

"Well, anyway. We are grateful for your effort," Alonzo said. "I'm planning to wait until the others are back and doing a victory celebration but Mason advised me against it."

"Yes, the matter of the Prince's coronation is already put on hold for quite some time," Mason said. "King Themos' condition isn't getting any better. He had agreed to bestow the king's position to Prince Alonzo to restore stability. After the civil war, several discontent parties had been making noises politically. I'm afraid things might escalate if our country still didn't have an official king dealing with the matters. This country can't afford another turmoil after the civil war and the invasion."

"How bad is this war costing us?" John asked.

"In terms of military power, we received quite a dent," Mason informed. "Dragon army 1,200,000-strong army lost around 300,000 soldiers. Phoenix's 800,000-strong army lost almost 400,000 soldiers. As for the Turtle army's 200,000 native soldiers and 500,000 outworlders, we lost around 80,000 native soldiers and eighty percent of outworlders died at least once. Most of the losses on the turtle army were the ones blocking the supply route, around seventy-five percent of native soldiers in that shock army perished."

"Uh, that's pretty bad... We lost thirty-five percent of native soldiers," Jack commented.

"Yeah, that is a pretty deep cut on our military power," Alonzo said with a sad expression.

"Of course, the orcs' losses were worse than us. They lost more than half of the army they sent here," Mason said. "So, we don't need to worry about them for some time. Still, we need to rebuild soon or the other countries might try to take advantage."

"How is the situation in Liguritudum?" Jack asked. "Do we keep track of the civil war there?"

"The war in Liguritudum was already over a week ago," Mason informed. "The rebel prince won with the support from the Aurebor Dynasty. The prince was now consolidating his power to assume total control of the country."

"Damn it!" Jack uttered. In the end, World Maker's rise to power still came to be.

"We have no time to worry about the matters of a faraway country," Alonzo said. He understood Jack had expressed concern about Liguritudum's situation for quite some time. "We need to deal with our own matter first. I understand there will be a lot of dissatisfaction even after I become the king. I might need to use my ruling power to focus on the people's happiness rather than rebuilding our military."

"Ruling power?" Jack asked.

"Not something you need to be concerned with," Peniel said.

Jack threw her an irritated glance. Alonzo chuckled and said, "That is some sort of power available to a monarch. Anyway, I'm not calling you three here to listen to my worry. The three of you play a big part in winning this war. Mister Storm Wind, it's your effort in disrupting the enemy's supply route that allowed our main armies to achieve victory over our opponents. Mister John, your strategies play a big part in winning this war..."

"Naturally," John remarked.

John and Jeanny felt like slapping the guy.

Prince Alonzo didn't feel offended by the interruption. He continued, "And Miss Jeanny, without you stopping the orc army planning to hit the dragon army's rear, the war might not have ended as it did. For the achievement the three of you have made, I would like to bestow you with a title."

"Title?" The three of them asked at the same time.

"Yes. From here on out, the three of you will be known as Hero of Themisphere."

The three received a notification then. They immediately checked the newly received title.


Hero of Themisphere (Title)

Attributes and recoveries are increased by 30%. Damage and defenses are increased by 10%.

Social skills (Leadership, diplomacy, haggling, influence) are increased by one grade.

Exp points and skill proficiencies received are increased by 20%

Only effective when inside the Themisphere country


"Wow!" Jack exclaimed. This title gave a lot of effects. The increase in exp and proficiency were even higher than his Hard-working Achiever title which gave only a 15% boost. He now no longer needed to switch the titles back and forth during combat. The only shortcoming was that this title was only usable in Themisphere country, but he spent more time here anyway.

The three thanked Prince Alonzo for the title, but prince Alonzo said that he also had a gift for their guild for being the guild that contributed the most during the war. Jack and Jeanny looked at one another. 'Didn't we already get a mana fountain blueprint for a reward?' But they didn't mind an additional reward.

Prince Alonzo announced that from now on, Everlasting Heavenly Legends would be known as Themisphere's National Guild. Their guild would now be this country's official representative for the outworlder community.

At the same time that Prince Alonzo made the announcement, the three heard another notification that their guild had received a guild title, Themisphere's National Guild.

"The hell... A guild can also have a title?" Jack asked Peniel.

"You heard the notification, didn't you?" Peniel asked back, making a 'why ask a stupid question' face.

The three again opened their status window. This time they went to the guild page. The title was easily found next to their guild's name.


Themisphere's National Guild (Title)

Increase the chance of high-level quest offers from high-ranking Themisphere officials.

All reputation points awarded by quests issued by Themisphere citizens are increased by 5%.

Newly recruited soldiers' levels start from level 30.

Only effective as long as the guild headquarters is inside Themisphere country


"Holy...," Jack uttered. Jeanny and John were similarly wide eyes.

Their guilds already got an increase in quest offers due to the Global Embassy structure. The increase was from quest offers from other countries. However, most of those foreign offers were low-level quests. They were not as well-known in other countries, after all. But the increase still contributed to the increase of their reputation gain.

With this guild title, they should be able to pick up the pace even more. Getting to guild level 5 didn't seem to be a long wait anymore. Yet, the most exciting boost was the beginning level of recruits. Normally, newly recruited soldiers start from level 1. They need time and resources for training. With this boost, it should not take long for them to replenish the guild soldiers they had lost from the war.

Jack and John were grinning widely. Jeanny was more reserved, but she was also smiling.

"I'm glad you all like my rewards," Prince Alonzo said after seeing the three's expressions.

"You are the best prince anyone can ask for," Jack said.

"There is no need to suck up just because you have been given benefits," John chided Jack. He then said to Prince Alonzo, "My wise prince, if you need anything, please know that I and my guild are at your service. Anything you need, just say the words. Whether it's hell or the end of the world, we will face them for you."

Jack was fighting the urge to kick the guy.

Prince Alonzo nodded. "I will be relying on you three and your guild even more from now on," he said. "My coronation ceremony will be in one week. As the official representative of the outworlders, I hope one of you can join this ceremony to represent your guild."

Both Jack and John turned to Jeanny. It was Jeanny now who felt the urge to kick the two of them.

"I think it is better if Mister Storm Wind is the one representing the guild," Mason said.

"Huh?" Jack gave a questioning look.

"You are one of the three generals of the war just now. Emris and Meryl will be joining to represent the military. It is only right if you join as well."

"I agree!" Both John and Jeanny said loudly once they heard Mason's proposal.

"Of course, if the three of you are joining, I will be happy," Alonzo said.

"I'm afraid I can't. I got things to do which I can't put on hold," John said without any tact.

Jack wanted to scold him and ask him what about his words just now regarding hell and the end of the world he was willing to face for the prince?

"I will try to attend if possible," Jeanny said.

Alonzo nodded. He didn't force the issue.

"We will be holding a daily rehearsal of the ceremony every noon starting two days from now," Mason said. "The rehearsal will only take several hours. Mister Storm Wind, you will need to attend this rehearsal. I will not appreciate it if you miss even one day of the rehearsal. It will be best if you don't venture far and stay near the capital until the coronation ceremony."

"I can take back all the titles anytime I want," Alonzo added as a warning.

Jack was depressed. This meant he was not free until the coronation ceremony was over.