At level 72, the Sword of Unknown Loss had a physical damage value of 755. As for his Mana Leech Staff, the lightning damage value was 839. The staff had a higher damage value due to the unique-grade Orb of Raijin attached to it, which increased the staff's damage by 15%.

Jack took out his Storm Breaker and fed it the Sword of Unknown Loss without hesitation. The unique-grade sword disintegrated and its essence flowed into Storm Breaker. After receiving its newest sustenance, Storm Breaker was wrapped by a soft light. The process lasted only a few seconds and the light dissipated.

Jack found Storm Breaker to be slightly longer now. Perhaps by an inch? Or maybe it was just his feeling. The golden lines along its dark blade were even more prominent now. Lights that seemed to flow along those lines were now happening in an irregular rhythm, as if they were alive. The hilt now had a small orb at its center. It reminded Jack of the energy orb with the shape of an eye when Storm Breaker's spirit weapon was summoned. Jack looked closely at this small orb. No, no eye.

He opened the sword's stats. The weapon damage had shot up to 852, even higher than his magic staff which was installed with a unique-grade weapon orb while his Storm Breaker was only using a rare-grade weapon orb. The number of abilities had also increased by one. The overall power of those abilities also increased. Even the Overlimit skill received an increase in damage output.

He interfaced with the selection for his Storm Breaker's abilities. All the abilities in the selections had generally received a power-up. He then chose the four abilities for the sword, mainly choosing the abilities from the Sword of Unknown Loss.


Storm Breaker, level 72 (unique one-handed sword, bound weapon), embedded: Orb of Eurus (Rare-grade Weapon orb).

Physical damage 852

Attack speed 4

Cannot be destroyed, Bound to Storm Wind

30% chance to cause Poison status effect on each attack

All sword skills +10% damage

All received damage is reduced by 10%

Peerless Slash (Active skill): Deals 1500% physical damage to a single enemy from a distance. Completely ignores defense. 50% chance to cause Weakness status for 30 seconds. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Overlimit: Release the weapon's hidden power that adds an additional 250% damage as chaos damage, increases weapon range by 3 feet, and decreases the target's defense by 90%. Duration: 4 minutes. Cooldown: 6 hours

Four wind energies constantly swirled around the weapon. Whenever the weapon made a contact, the wind energies will lash out and deal 50% wind damage.


For his armor, level 70 Sword Fiend's Gear set gave him a total physical defense of 2281 and a magical defense of 2101. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough titanium ore to spare. Even with his abundance of coins and Transformation Prism, he still hit a barrier in leveling up equipment. Did he have to go to every accessible city in this world and do a craze shopping spree for the common ores? Thinking about it already made him feel depressed. Maybe later when he got more free time.

After finishing leveling up his equipment. He proceeded to level up John's and Jeanny's ones. He used the ore stock from the guild's warehouse to upgrade their equipment. He leveled their equipment up to their requested levels. John's to level 68 and Jeanny's to level 69.

He spent two hours doing all the work and paid Grenmir 200 gold coins for the rent. Grenmir still kept on spouting about doing this as a favor to Jack while his eyes were bright and his face was smiling when he accepted the coins. Jack felt like slapping the dwarf.

He returned to Heavenly Citadel afterward, thinking about doing the Ancient Battleground or Ice Throne Legacy Dungeon. Unfortunately, the medium difficulty of both dungeons was still on cooldown. Another party had conquered the dungeon earlier today. Jack went to the Time Chamber instead. He was not interested in doing the easy difficulty of those dungeons.

John was still busy organizing matters and Jeanny was not back yet, so Jack kept their equipment first. Before going to the Time Chamber, he came to Tip first who was in the guild hall.

Since he was not free for the week due to Prince Alonzo's coronation, he asked Tip to arrange a party to search for Grace. He told them to go to the spot where the door to Greed's sanctum was located but told them to not do anything to the rune diagram there in case the diagram was still exposed. He didn't tell them it was because that diagram might open a doorway to a God's sanctum. That might fuel their curiosity and cause them to want to go in instead. In a world where death was not permanent, people could become beyond brave to satisfy their curiosity. He knew because he was one of this type.

He also told Tip to search the nearby cities around that spot to see if they could find any clue about Grace.

The thought of Grace entering Greed's sanctum did flash in his thought, but he dismissed it as soon as it appeared. The fact that Grace didn't come after he had entered Greed's sanctum indicated that the door had closed. The rune diagram should have returned to its original state. He didn't question Grace's intelligence in solving the diagram, but he knew for a fact that Grace's level of mana sense was not enough to solve the diagram.

He didn't realize that he had underestimated Grace's persistence and dedication to come to his rescue.

After giving his instructions, he went into the time chamber and trained his Formless Flowing Sword Style. As his grandfather had pointed out, his control of this third phase was still a mess. He needed more practice to master it.

He repeated the trick he used the last time. Every time after he spent six hours inside the time chamber, he ran out and went into the first-rate training ground to unleash all his long-cooldown skills and spells.

At night, Jeanny came into the Time Chamber.

Jeanny had been tireless in her effort to master Seven Spears Assaulting Heaven. After successfully reaching the fifth stage, she had been gunning for the sixth stage. But when she did, Domon told her that she won't be able to reach that stage if she could not yet manipulate mana. After hearing Jack equipping the time chamber with the mana gathering stone, she had been itching to come here to train.

"Will Wicked Witches take action tomorrow?" Jack asked when she entered.

Jeanny gave him a thumbs-up.

"They will?" Jack actually didn't expect them to comply. "What benefit is this for them? Do you promise them a reward?"

"No," Jeanny replied. "I told them that they still owe us an apology for attacking us the last time. If they don't want our retaliation, they have to do this as a favor to us."

"Oh… Cool," Jack remarked.

"By the way, here," Jeanny threw a book at Jack. "This has been sitting in my vault for a while. I didn't have mana cores to spare. But after the rewards from the war and our members' donations, I can spare to make a copy. I have also copied another one for Jet."

Jack looked at the book in his hand. It was a technique book for a Beastmaster's skill, Mirage Beast.

"Beastmaster's skill, yes! Thank you!" Jack exclaimed. He had lots of Beastmaster's unused free skill points. He immediately learned the skill without further ado.


Mirage Beast, level 1/20 (Active skill).

Create a copy of the user's pet with 50% HP and 50% attributes.

Duration: 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 2 hours.

Stamina: 150


"Sweet!" Jack uttered and immediately poured 19 Beastmaster's free skill points to max level the skills. Each level-up increased its duration. At level 20, the mirage beast lasted thirty minutes.

"Also, if you check our general warehouse, you should find a few super-rare grade pet food," Jeanny said. "We have gotten the recipe and let our master-level cooks learn it. It required very rare ingredients so there were only a few. You can use your guild contribution points to get them if you want."

"Wow, I will!" Jack said. He had too many guild contribution points anyway. A lot of the non-medium armor he had fused he placed back into the warehouse after fusing them into higher-grade armor. He received lots of guild donation points for that action.

Jack gave Jeanny back her equipment. She re-equipped all of them. "Thank you!" She said.

"You are welcomed," Jack replied. He then thought of something and said, "Hey, how about a spar?"

"Come on. You will just roll over me," Jeanny said with a laugh.

"I use only uncommon swords and no armor," Jack said, unequipping everything. "We spar without skills, just martial arts."

It had been boring just training alone. Now that a sparring partner appeared, Jack didn't want to waste it.

"Hm… Okay," Jeanny said and brandished her spear.