Death Associates' force split into five regiments. The regiments were led by Scarface and four Deaths; Yellow Death, Blue Death, Green Death, and Violet Death. Violet Death was a level 56 Dragoon. Each of these regiments tried to reach the wall gate from different directions.

Among the split armies, the regiment led by Yellow Death was the closest to the wall gate. The other four encountered heavy resistance. Offline Beasts' members and guild soldiers had now all converged on them.

Yellow Death's force arrived near the wall. He was thinking if they should scale this wall or go along the wall to the gate which was still some distance away.

Suddenly, several figures appeared atop the wall and started throwing range attacks. The defensive soldiers and players came to the front to defend against the attack, while the other range classes counter-attacked. But because the defenders were shooting from higher elevations, Death Associates' ranged attackers were at a disadvantage. Only gunners could effectively hit those defenders above the wall.

Since the wall was defended, Yellow Death commanded his force to move towards the gate. He shot at the enemies on the wall to cover his troops' movement. His long sight allowed him to get a good look at the defenders above the wall.

Many of the players were women. That was strange, although Offline Beasts had plenty of woman players, the information they had collected about the members of this guild had around eighty percent of them as males. Then he saw a familiar face, Selena.

"What the…," He turned to Queen Magenta who was in his regiment.

"Hey, Magenta!" He called. He couldn't bring himself to call the woman by her first name. "Does Wicked Witches have a good relationship with Offline Beasts?"

"No. We never had any contact before. Well, not in the sense of real contact. We did compete somewhat from time to time," Queen Magenta answered. "At least that's when I was still there. Why? Why suddenly bring Wicked Witches up?"

"Because they are up there," Yellow Death pointed.

Queen Magenta didn't have an eye skill that gave her good sight. But after Yellow Death pointed, she could roughly identify some of the players on the wall.

"Why… Why are they here?" She asked in puzzlement.

"Enemies!" They heard a warning. They looked over and saw a group of players and guild soldiers blocking their way toward the wall gate.

"Punch through them…!" Yellow Death exclaimed. He had been informed about the urgency of the situation. He knew they were racing with another enemy who was targeting their headquarters back in Themisphere, so they had no time to waste.

Everyone ignored the ranged attacks coming from the wall and charged into these enemies blocking their way. The enemies were led by a dragoon. Queen Magenta immediately recognized the player.

"Jennifer!" She uttered.

Jennifer received the charging enemies by thrusting her spear. Her spears snaked around from an unexpected angle before stabbing with blinding speed. Her expertise with a spear had increased. She had been training her spear art diligently after losing the duel to her sister, Jeanny. She hoped one day she could challenge her again to reclaim a victory.

She was at level 57, slightly higher than the average players. This was because she had joined the Aurebor army when they issued the war quest to invade Liguritudum. She performed rather well in the war and received plenty of exp points and rewards.

Yellow Death used Snipe and aimed at her. The sneak shot hit her, but her defense allowed her to survive. A healing light from her priest ally healed her. She looked in the direction where the shot came from and saw Yellow Death as well as Queen Magenta and Princess Purple.

"You…! So, this is the guild you have scurried to!" Jennifer said.

Queen Magenta cast her spell. "You and your mother will regret kicking me out!" She exclaimed. A lesser demon appeared beside her. She was now a level 55 Warlock.

Princess Purple, a level 56 Priest, summoned her lesser angel. The two supported Yellow Death as he continued firing at Jennifer. Jennifer tried pushing forward to get to where the three were, but the melee players blocked her way.

Jennifer suddenly heard a commotion from behind, near the wall. A group of players had appeared there and were battling Offline Beasts members.

"How do they get through everyone and make it there?" She asked. But she couldn't help there. She got her hands full here dealing with Yellow Death's group. She hoped the Offline Beasts members could hold the enemies until reinforcements arrived.


In front of the wall gate, the Offline Beasts members watched their opponents with disbelief. Opponent, to be correct. This opponent came with others but he alone had caused much chaos to them.

This opponent was a gunner who wore a cowboy getup. He just rushed at them as if he was a melee player. The first time they saw this player, they thought he was just a lunatic. Several players went over to put him in his place. But then gunshots were heard. Within a short time, many of their comrades had fallen to the ground.

Every shot this cowboy took with his dual revolvers, they scored a headshot, delivering critical damage. When he used the Rapid Shot skill, it easily killed a player with a single skill. The worst thing was, both the revolvers in his hands were capable of executing the same skill at the same time, effectively killing two players simultaneously. The killing was done so expeditiously that the priests and other healer classes didn't have enough time to heal their wounded comrades.

"Where are the guild soldiers? Send some here! Enemies are enclosing our gate!" The leader of the Offline Beasts, Nomodem, sent a message to his deputy who was controlling the command platform inside. Nomodem was one of the players who guarded the wall gate.

"On the way! There are heavy fights everywhere. We are stretched thin. The enemy has more guild soldiers than us," the deputy inside the guild hall, Nosignal, sent a reply.

"Boss, we can't stop him! He is approaching!" His co-leader next to him, Nowifi, warned.

Nomodem looked at the approaching cowboy. He was a beastmaster. He called out his pet, a large grizzly bear, and sent the pet to the cowboy. His pet had high enough HP and defense so it won't get killed easily. With the healers around, they should be able to stop this cowboy. He also summoned his wolf pack and used Ultimate Beast, further buffing up his bear.

Nowifi, a druid, cast Healing Spirit. The glowing wisp followed the bear, healing it every second.

The cowboy, who was Ronald Dreary, wasn't flustered when he saw the large bear charging at him. He was still grinning as he shot at the incoming bear. His revolvers never stopped firing. Every shot accurately hit the bear's weak spots, scoring critical damage most of the time.

The bear made a long jump as it came into range. Its two large paws with long claws were aiming to maul Ronald. Ronald used Roll and escaped the danger zone.

When the bear landed, the ground underneath glowed and blue chains burst out to entangle it. The blue chains were Gridhacker's spell. Ronald might be rushing ahead but he was not alone. The rest of the World Maker members came up from behind and dealt with the bear while Ronald shot at the incoming wolves.

Ronald summoned his pet, the boom hound. It used its sonic roar to disrupt the wolves. Together with his pet and other World Maker members, they quickly made short work of the wolves.

Nowifi cast Wild Stampede, summoning a horde of rampaging wildebeests at Ronald. A World Maker Sentinel came forward after seeing the spell and used Impenetrable Wall. A large illusory wall appeared in front of him and resisted the wildebeests that came ramming into the wall. The wall was a sturdier version compared to the normal Sentinel's Impenetrable Wall, no doubt that it had been evolved using a seed.

"Damn it! Who are those people?" Nomodem uttered.

But thankfully, a squad of their guild's footsoldiers arrived then. Nomodem used Beast Form and Activated The Strength of the Wild. He transformed into a werebear and charged forward with the guild soldiers. Nomodem made Ronald their primary target. Being surrounded by melee units, he was sure a gunner won't be able to survive.

When they were almost upon Ronald, they were confused to see the ethereal gunner was still showing his eery grin. Ronald then turned into a wisp of shadow. The shadow went past their encirclement as if air. The shadow transformed back into Ronald behind them and Ronald didn't waste time sending a few shots to the back of their heads.

Luckily, the footsoldiers had higher HP than players. Despite receiving critical damage, they were still alive. Nomodem himself was also very durable in his bear form. They turned back and were going to pounce on Ronald again. But just as they were about to land the hit, Ronald again turned into a shadow and zoomed away.