Since there were so much equipment and materials gained from Death Associates' vaults, Jack took all the equipment and materials and fused them using his Transformation Prism.

Before departing to raid Death Associates' headquarters, he had already fused a large number of equipment. With this new batch, he could now provide every core member of the guild with super rare grade equipment. With even some to spare. He put these spare ones in the warehouse's general section for regular members to exchange using their guild contribution points.

With the available ores, he level-up those armors to at least level 50. They had to level up the equipment by themselves if they want a higher level. He couldn't take care of everyone in the guild. As for those who are closer to him, like Domon, Bowler, and The Man, he used the available materials and level up their equipment to at least level 60. He had to wait until the guild amassed more ores before he could help them further. He also needed to leave a portion for his own need.

Jack spent the remaining of the day working on the equipment. The next day he would have to attend the rehearsal for Prince Alonzo's crowning ceremony. Thinking about it caused him to get depressed again. He never liked such customary matters.

While Jack worked on the equipment, John borrowed Peniel to ask for some information. When they returned later, Jack asked what it was about.

"He asked me about a monster and some details about the merfolk," Peniel answered.

"Merfolk...? Are you going to capture the second guild guardian?" Jack asked, remembering their talk when they were on the way to intercept Verremor's supply route.

"Yeah," John confirmed.

"Wait until Prince Alonzo's coronation is over," Jack said. He wanted to join as well.

"Can't. We have already wasted enough time in the war. The window given by the fortune teller is closing soon. By another week, it is not guaranteed that the monster we are targeting will remain there."

Jack sighed. "What monster is it, anyway?" He asked.

"A dragon turtle," John answered.

"It's a giant turtle that possessed a lineage of dragon blood, but it's not considered a draconic creature," Peniel explained. "The tale said that it was a byproduct of an experiment conducted by a powerful wizard who tried to fuse the dragon bloodline with himself. From the experiments he conducted on many animals, one showed great promise, a giant sea turtle. Unfortunately for the wizard, the success of the fusion turned the docile turtle into an aggressive creature. Before he could reap the fruit of his experiment, he was instead consumed by the raging dragon turtle."

"Interesting tale," Jack remarked. "How strong is this dragon turtle?"

"Normally they are between rare elite and mythical. If you capture the baby, you should be able to nurture it into the mythical grade."

"Like Penny," Jack said.

"Like Penny," Peniel agreed.

"The dragon turtle is inside the gulf, right? And merfolk rule that place, aren't they? Why did they let such a strong monster live in their territory?" Jack asked.

"Because the dragon turtle has a skill that can virtually turn the merfolk powerless against it," Peniel answered.

"What kind of skill?"

"That's nothing for your concern! You are not joining, anyway," John uttered.

"Uh... I want to join."

"Don't try anything funny," Jeanny, who was also there, warned. "You have promised Prince Alonzo and royal advisor Mason to join the coronation and its rehearsal.

Jack sighed again.

"Well, since you can't join, I have to take our next best beastmaster," John said. "We need the success chance provided by that class."

"Who will you take?"


"Oh, okay. He was a hunter in real life. He is a good choice for this task. Ask him to find me before you depart. I will tell him about the taming mini-game. Otherwise, he will be at a loss if he only found out about it when he started the taming process. Like I do," Jack's tone turned a pitch when he ended his sentence. He was looking at Peniel at the same time.

"Are you trying to say something?" Peniel asked. Her arms akimbo.

"No, ma'am. Nothing at all," Jack replied.

"Okay, we will depart tomorrow morning before the time you need to go for your rehearsal. I will have him come to find you before then."

"Are you joining them?" Jack asked Jeanny.

"No. I will stay and make sure you attend the rehearsal and the coronation," Jeanny replied, which depressed Jack again.


The next morning, Jack met with Jet as planned. Jack informed him about the mini-game that would appear once he used the scroll with the taming spell. Jack told him about the two methods to succeed in the taming process. Jet listened intently. He might not be familiar with gaming mechanics, but he was also not as clueless as most others from his generation when it came to gaming.

While they were talking, Trap came and said that Jeanny and John requested Jack to go to the guest meeting room. The guest meeting room was one of the common rooms inside the guild's main building. They had several rooms like this which they just left for multi-purpose use. Members sometimes used them to hang out or did close meetings among themselves inside these rooms.

"Oh? Isn't John at the courtyard preparing to leave?" Jack asked.

"Some people came, they are now meeting inside the guest meeting room," Trap answered.

"What people?"

"Wicked Witches."

'Oh? Why do they come? Is it to ask for compensation for their help yesterday?' Jack thought. He thanked Trap and wished Jet luck in the hunt. He then went toward the guest meeting room.

The guest meeting room was one of the biggest common rooms in the building and Jeanny had decorated it enough to make it look grand enough to receive guests. When Jack went in, he saw Jeanny and John there, with four women from the Wicked Witches, three of whom he recognized as Nova, Selena, and Jennifer.

"Ho...! The leader of the Wicked Witches grants us an audience. This is cool," Jack uttered as he took a seat beside Jeanny and John.

"Greetings, foul-mouthed leader," Nova greeted back.

"Ouch, I see you still take offense on our meeting last time when you tried to poach your daughter," Jack returned.

Nova gave him a look that asked, 'how can one poach one's daughter?'

"So, what brings the leader of the great Wicked Witches here?" Jack asked.

"I have told Jeanny just now. We need your guild's help, in return for our help yesterday," Nova said.

"Help?" Jack turned to Jeanny.

"They received intel that Death Associates are going to come for them in probably the next few days," Jeanny said.

"Death Associates? Is this a retaliation for yesterday? Aren't they still recuperating? They should have lost some forces in yesterday's battle, right?"

"Death Associates will only act as support. The main attacker will be the current number one guild in Aurebor Dynasty, World Ruler."

"Holy...! Such an overbearing name," Jack uttered.

"They are indeed overbearing. They have been attacking several guilds with headquarters in Aurebor these past few months. Guess they have decided that it is now our turn."

"Well, I did receive a report of the World Ruler visiting Death Associates after they finished transferring their headquarters yesterday," John said.

"There is one more thing that you should know," Nova said. "After Jeanny informed me about the World Maker and the nature of our world..."

Jack turned to Jeanny. 'You did?' His expression asked, to which Jeanny just shrugged.

"... I've been monitoring that guild's activity in Aurebor Dynasty. Since Liguritudum is Aurebor's direct neighbor, that guild has more presence there compared to here in Themisphere. And they had lots of interaction with this World Ruler guild."

"World Maker, World Ruler, hm... Maybe this one in Aurebor is a branch of World Maker," Jack remarked.

"Probably. Considering the leader's name."

"Oh? What's his name?"

"It's her, and her name is Mistress."

"F*ck me! She is obviously in league with Master. They are obviously together! Don't worry, we will help you whoop their asses!"

"We will, but you won't," Jeanny said.

"Huh? Why not? Which sensible force leaves their most powerful combatant behind?" Jack asked.

"The coronation and its rehearsals, remember?! You are only allowed to be in this headquarters or Thereath until the coronation is over!"

"Oh, man. Come on...," Jack was depressed again.

"Unfortunately, I will not be available as well," John said.

"I understand. I will take care of this," Jeanny said. The second guild guardian was also important to them. If the info from the fortune teller was right, they couldn't stall the matter of capturing it any longer.

"I originally plan to bring our best players for the hunt," John said. "But after this news. I will only bring the necessary ones and left most for you to use in the battle."

"Yeah, if that World Ruler is truly World Maker's branch, you bet they will be joining as well. A heavenly enforcer might even be present."

"Yes. One of them was there yesterday when Death Associates attacked Offline Beasts," Selena informed. He had heard from Jeanny there was more than one heavenly enforcer. "Those three guilds are most certainly working together. Even one heavenly enforcer is a headache already, it will be a problem if more appear."

"I doubt Master will bother to send many of his top officers for an assault on a single guild," Jack said.

When they were speaking, Trap came in. He came to the side where Jack, John, and Jeanny were sitting and whispered, "There are other visitors who've just arrived."

"Oh? Ask them to wait until we are finished here then. They can only blame themselves for not informing us first about their visit," John said.

"They are not looking for you three. They are looking for Domon and Leavemealone," Trap said.

"Then why do you tell us? Just have them meet in the other room."

"They already have. I come here to tell you because these visitors aren't normal."

"Aren't normal? You mean they are nobles or important natives?" John asked.

"Probably. But what I meant by they aren't normal is because they are cat folks," Trap answered.