"Ma'am, how do you wish us to aid your force?" White Death was there by the side. He had brought a large number of his elite players here. Firstly, because he wanted to give a good impression to World Ruler. He knew this guild was the branch of World Maker. Secondly, he wanted to exact revenge on Wicked Witches because they had dared to interfere when Death Associates invaded Offline Beasts.

Mistress only deigned to give White Death a disdainful glance. "Do whatever you like. Just don't get in our way."

Scarface, Queen Magenta, and the other four Deaths standing behind were angered by the statement, but they didn't show their feelings. White Death had explained to them about their deals with World Maker. As long as they played nice, they would get a piece of the pie in this new world once World Maker made it to the top.

White Death simply smiled at the cold treatment. "As you wish, ma'am," he said. He retreated to organize his members.

Gridhacker and Ronald were also there. Since they were in the area after helping Death Associates a few days ago, they decided to join this battle here. Additionally, they had received news that Everlasting Heavenly Legends was helping Wicked Witches.

"Ma'am, you have better not get too careless, the number one guild in Themisphere is assisting Wicked Witches," Gridhacker informed.

"It matters not who helps them, the result will be the same," Mistress said.

Gridhacker sighed. He had known Mistress' haughtiness. He used to be Trigitech's employee as well.

"Is that multi-class boy here?" Ronald asked.

"No, our source told us they saw him entering Thereath's palace just now. He must be involved in the coming coronation of Themisphere's prince. He won't be joining the battle here."

"Heh. Too bad. Hey, you, lady boss! I reckon you don't need my help, do you?" Ronald called.

Mistress just glanced at Ronald with displeasure. She did not appreciate getting talked to in that way.

"Hehe, I guess not. Well, if you need anything, just holler then," Ronald went to a nearby tree and lay down lazily below it.

"What a useless person," One of the players beside Mistress said after seeing Ronald's attitude.

"You've better not let him hear that," Mistress said to that player. Although she disliked Ronald, she did know the abilities of the five Heavenly Enforcers recruited by Master.

The player was confused by Mistress' remark, but Mistress didn't bother to explain. The player looked again at Ronald who was laying on the ground as if he was on a picnic. He originally planned to bring a few friends over to bully Ronald before they went on the offensive with the guild army. But after Mistress' warning, he decided to just ignore Ronald. He didn't know that he had spared himself from losing a life.

Larry finally decided on a nearby spot to place the guild command platform. He then summoned their guild army. A large number of guild soldiers appeared in front of the players. Their number was close to 20,000 units. But their number was not their most impressive aspect. All the guild's basic units were upgraded variants. In addition to that, there were many unconventional units.

There were armor-mounted units where the riders instead of riding a horse, rode large lizard creatures. The lizard creatures resembled velociraptors which walked on two powerful hind legs. Their large jaws were full of sharp teeth and their riders carried long-bladed naginata. These units were the Raptor Riders. Their specialties were their fast speed and powerful jumping ability.

There were also Centaurs units. These half-man half-horse units were equipped with light armor and large longbows. They were mobile marksmen with excellent accuracy even when running at full speed. Their high mobility allowed them to kite any melee units that tried to chase after them.

The most intimidating in World Ruler's guild army were green giants with hard woody skin. These were Forest Ogres. Even though they were not as large as Wicked Witches' forest elementals, these ogres were still larger than most units. They carried heavy spiked wooden clubs. They had two large horns at the top of their heads which gave them a devilish look. Fifty of these forest ogres lined the army's frontline. Their expressions seemed eager to charge over the enemy at a moment's notice.

There were also large mechanical creatures that resembled spiders. Above its metallic body was a cockpit where a player sat and controlled this machine spider. Each of its eight legs ended with sharp blades that looked to be able to easily puncture armor. Three gun nozzles were under the main body. Two of those nozzles shot rapid bullets, while the largest one was a cannon that shot explosive slugs.

At the forefront of the army were three beings, all rare elite grades. Two were guild heroes and one guild guardian.

One of the guild heroes was a level 60 Ethereal mage, named Sangumus. He didn't carry any weapon, but a dark purple orb was floating beside him. Shadowy black fire constantly seeped out of the floating orb. The other guild hero was of the elven race. He wore light armor and carried chakrams on both hands. His name was Airdan and he was level 58.

The guild guardian stood tall between the two guild heroes. A manticore. It was larger than the one Death Associates summoned using a summoning stone during their assault on Everlasting Heavenly Legends in the past. This one also had a different tail. Instead of a snake, it possessed a scorpion tail. Its lion head stared menacingly at the distant enemies as its bat wings flapped, showing its impatience to charge forward.

All the players on Wicked Witches' side couldn't help but feel that a difficult battle was ahead of them.

Death Associates players were also in awe of their ally's powerful display. They now understood why White Death allied with this guild. Many of them had been extremely discontent with the guild as of late. After all, they had lost their entire possessions which they stored inside the guild vaults. Combined with finding out that they couldn't roam freely in Themisphere anymore, many members quit.

Death Associates' members were now only less than half of their guild's maximum member limit, which for a level 4 guild was 5,000 members. Death Associates had tasked his remaining members to actively recruit players in this new country to replenish those vacant spots. But these members were not truly in the mood after the recent incidents.

Even Scarface and Blue Death were extremely dissatisfied with how White Death steered their guild. With how Mistress had dismissed them as if she didn't put them in her eyes, the two had complained to White Death once they were among themselves. Queen Magenta also joined in the complaining simply because she disliked Mistress. She couldn't stand another woman who was even haughtier than herself. They had been telling White Death that since Mistress didn't appreciate them, they should just leave. The other Deaths didn't voice their opinions but they secretly agreed with those three.

Now, after seeing World Ruler's guild army, no one uttered any more complaints. Out of all the guilds they had known, perhaps only Everlasting Heavenly Legends' guild army could compare with this one they were witnessing. Of course, that was if they didn't consider Everlasting Heavenly Legends' mythical-grade hero.

A thought came into their mind. They knew this World Ruler was the branch of World Maker in Liguritudum. If this branch already had such an impressive army. What of World Maker's army? They decided then to continue going along with White Death's plan. Perhaps they had indeed joined the winning team.

"Hehe, let's educate these people about what it means to resist us," Larry said excitedly after summoning the guild army. The best feeling he ever experienced after coming into this world was rolling over others using his underlings. He was the most supportive every time Mistress decided to invade another guild.

Mistress came to his side. She had no intention of joining the battle. Battles were meant to be fought by her pawns. All she wanted to do was just watch, in luxury. A player beside her took out a large luxurious lounge chair from his inventory and placed it on the ground. Mistress sat on this lounge chair. The same player took out a small side table. A cup and a teapot. He then poured tea into the cup.

Several other players went around and drew something on the ground around the command platform using some kind of specialized paint. The Death Associates players who saw these players' actions were confused. White Death came to Gridhacker and asked, "What are they doing?"

"Protection," Gridhacker simply said. White Death waited for Gridhacker to explain further but he didn't. White Death didn't push the subject.

"Shall we attack?" Larry turned and asked Mistress.

Mistress was seeping her tea. She took her time, enjoying her drink while another player set up a contraption in front of her. An image soon appeared above this contraption. The contraption was a unique-grade artifact that allowed the user to view an event that happened nearby, sort of like a telescope. The image showed a close-up view of the Wicked Witches' defense.

When Mistress saw that everything was ready, she slowly put the cup back on the side table. She then said softly, "Crush them."