Jeanny and Jennifer who fought side by side couldn't help but noticed each other's improvement in their spear art.

Jennifer had further perfected their family's spear art, Serpentine Swift Spear. The spin that was the beginning of her art was now even faster. It was difficult to catch the position of the spear within that twister. Before one could see the spear, it already came stabbing.

Jeanny's spear art was more direct, getting even more distant from her family's spear art. Each stab was fast, precise, and deadly. Jennifer saw that the spear in Jeanny's hand was anything but normal. Its blade part constantly exuded dark red flame. The damage resulting from Jeanny's stab was also very high.

"What's the grade of your spear?" Jennifer asked.

"Unique grade," Jeanny answered, which drew a sharp breath from Jennifer.

Jennifer had joined the recent war between the Aurebor Dynasty and Liguritudum. Her achievement was not bad. But even so, her war contribution points were still not enough to get unique-grade equipment. If only she knew that Jeanny also wore a unique-grade chest armor aside from the spear.

The Man was right in the thick of the enemies. Despite being outnumbered, this berserker was not one who shied away from direct conflict. He activated his Berserk skill and used Punishing Cyclone, all the while laughing like a crazed maniac as his axe tore through the enemy's rank.

Paytowin sent Brave king to assist The Man while he provided support from the back. The Man was one of the few players he bonded with inside the guild when Jack or Grace was not around. Perhaps because The Man's bravery reminded him of those native allies he used to have in Council of Virtus.

Paytowin used his Mothership Bombardment, giving the enemies a hard time so they couldn't focus their assault on The Man.

Wicked Witches' players were impressed by Everlasting Heavenly Legends' members' performance, especially their core group. Not only was their equipment as good as the enemy's, if not better, but their fighting skill was also above average.

They had fought with this guild's players in the past when they attacked Everlasting Heavenly Legend's headquarters with the old coalition. At that time, although Everlasting Heavenly Legends' members showed martial arts expertise, only a few were truly remarkable. But now, it's like everyone in the core group was a martial expert, while the normal members had decent martial expertise. They wondered how these players had improved so much in such a short time.

Most of the core members and normal members fought using Nine Stars Formation, the martial art formation taught by Domon. This formation increased the efficiency of their cooperation, allowing them to face opponents twice or even three times their numbers.

Of course, some were much more exceptional than others. Like Balo, Michelle, and Jason. These past students of Domon easily triumphed over World Ruler's players even if they fought against the higher-ups of the guild who wore better equipment.

Another point was that Jeanny had managed to give more of the core group with super rare grade bloodlines. Almost all the core members of the guild had bloodlines now, further enhancing their stats.

Wicked Witches' players felt extremely grateful that this guild was assisting them. If they were left on their own against this formidable enemy, they would have crumbled in a short time.

Even World Ruler's members were taken aback by the resistance. They thought they were going to have an easy battle like the other guilds they had invaded. Their repeated wins had made them consider that no guilds were worth their attention. But after this clash, each of them had the name Everlasting Heavenly Legends ingrained in their minds.


"I told you, you shouldn't underestimate that guild," Gridhacker said.

He and World Maker's members stayed behind at the command platform area. They were World Ruler's allies but not subordinates. Since Mistress had not asked for their help, they were content to just watch. White Death instead had led the Death Associates' members to join the battle.

"It's just a minor delay. We are still winning. It's just a matter of time," Larry said.

"I don't have all day. Larry, finish this soon!" Mistress declared. She was displeased that someone made her guild look less impressive than she wanted.

"Y... Yes, ma'am," Larry stammered.

Larry controlled both the Manticore and Sangumus, who had flight ability, to rise into the sky. He wanted to hit the enemies on the wall. Right now, both sides were equally supported by ranged attacks from a high elevation. If he disrupted the enemies on the wall, it should help tip the scale further in their favor.


Mihos didn't have a flying tool, so he could only watch as the Manticore flew away.

Sangumus had been creating much havoc for the defenders. Each of his spells hit a large area and almost all of them caused burn status. If Wicked Witches didn't have dryads to cure their burn status, their players and healer units won't be enough for the task.

After receiving Larry's order, Sangumus who only floated near the ground took to the sky as well. Everyone saw the two fly toward the wall behind them. Everyone was helpless, except for one being.

Forest Lord stared at the two. When they were halfway, it cast another spell. It was the same spell that Duke Alfredo had cast during the civil war. The spell created a large area of no-fly-zone. Both the Manticore and Sangumus fell from the sky.

The defenders were surprised that these two beings suddenly dropped in their midst. But most of the ones on the ground were melee units, so they weren't so worried. They were glad, instead. It was now these two enemies that were getting outnumbered for falling among them.

The Manticore was still fine because it had many melee capabilities. Sangumus, however, was not so lucky. Although he was high-level, he was still in trouble when getting besieged from all sides. He tried his best to cast spells to defend himself, but he could only use quick spells. When he tried casting a powerful spell with a long casting time, he was disrupted.

His concentration was fine. The problem was he was getting hit by Disrupting Shot. Fierce Flame and Sturdy Serpent were on the wall and they noticed the enemy's guild hero fell to the ground. They immediately headed over and called a few of their fellow Elite Markskman or Gunner who also had Disrupting Shot skills. Every time Sangumus cast a seemingly powerful spell, they took turns using that skill on him.

Larry couldn't let their guild hero get taken out. Even if they win this battle, losing their guild hero would become a taint to their victory. Mistress would surely punish him if that happened.

He hurriedly controlled the guild army to barge in and come to Sangumus' aid. He also gave the command for the players to use their war tools. He wasn't being stingy. He just didn't expect they would be forced to use the tools.

Several World Ruler players took out small balls and then threw them to the ground. The ball exploded and produced thick white smoke in a wide area. Everyone had a hard time seeing due to the thick smoke, except for World Ruler's force.

These smoke bombs functioned similarly to Ronald's smoke grenade. It hindered non-ally's vision while ally was given a visual aid of outlines marked with colors. Red was enemies. Hence, they could still fight in the smoke. With help of the smoke, they fought their way to their guild hero.

Out of Larry's prompt, the other sides also used the smoke bombs, giving them even more advantage. It was no different from them fighting blind opponents.

However, in some places, they discovered that they were getting hit back. These places were where Everlasting Heavenly Legends' core members were at. The others might be lost in the smoke, but those core members who had learned mana sense had no problem fighting without using their eyes.

Still, Everlasting Heavenly Legends' core members were limited. They couldn't stop the tide by themselves. The defenders continued losing ground. A squad of World Ruler's players finally reached Sangumus.

"Move aside, you backwater players!" A level 58 Beastmaster barged through the smoke and smacked a player who was hindering Sangumus from leaving. Beside him was his pet, a large silver-fur gorilla. This gorilla wore pet armor.

This player was called Axelmax. He was one of the top players in World Ruler. He used to be a game tester during Second World development together with Anotherday. While Anotherday followed Wilted, Axelmax chose to follow Mistress.

Wicked Witches' melee players tried engaging Axelmax, but both Axelmax and his gorilla were too much for them. Axelmax was a decent martial artist and his understanding of the game mechanics allowed him to collect good equipment and skills, even a pet armor for his medium-sized pet.

Sangumus, seeing the pressure lessened, started casting a big spell. Fierce Flame shot her Disrupting Shot again from the wall, but the arrow was blocked by Axelmax's gorilla. Sangumus' spell was completed. The spell had seven runes and was called Hell Abyss.

A pitch-black sphere radiated out. Every player touched by the sphere received high dark damage. Many players who had no darkness resistance were killed. Those that survived received burn and blind status.

Sangumus cast another spell. Everyone knew that he needed to be stopped, but the pet gorilla and World Ruler's players continued to use their bodies to block the shots from the wall.