A shot was heard, but not from the direction of the wall. This shot hit one of Sangumus' eyes, causing him enough pain to stop his casting.

Axelmax turned and saw someone wearing robotic cloth. At first, he thought the guy was a native or a summoned creature. But when he used his Inspect, he saw it to be a player.

"Brave Techno Warrior?" He asked after reading the player's class. He was confused at first but then he realized. "A special class? Where did you get that special class from?"

Paytowin answered by firing his Visor Beam. The beam hit and staggered everyone, except for Axelmax and his gorilla. The two expertly ducked and rushed at Paytowin. They used Combination Assault. Paytowin hurriedly activated his Overdrive mode and rolled away before getting hit.

Paytowin resumed shooting and running after the dodge, but both Axelmax and his gorilla were very agile and fast. They closed in from different angles, cutting Paytowin's escape path.

When they almost caught up to Paytowin, a voice was heard, "Have no fear, for The Man is here…!!"

The Man barged in with a Jump Assault and struck the white gorilla, allowing Paytowin some leeway for dealing with Axelmax.

From where The Man came from, Brave King ran forward and approached Sangumus. Brave King similarly lost its jetpack's ability to fly because of Forest Lord's spell. Seeing the intimidating techno golem approaching, World Ruler's players immediately put themselves between the golem and Sangumus. As a result, Flame again had a clear sight at Sangumus, allowing their Disrupting Shots to prevent the guild hero from casting another high-level spell.

Looking at the overall situation, the defenders continued to lose their ground. They kept on getting pushed back. Under this situation, Jeanny saw that the enemies had grouped up densely before their front line. She immediately sent a message to Trinity Dawn, "Trinity! It's time. Use the spell!"

Trinity had got into position with other magic-class players on the wall. They were only waiting for the signal. Once it was given, she gave instructions to the others.

She and four others magic-class players started casting spells. Some distance from her on her left and right, other five-players groups also started casting. Then some distance away from these groups, other similar groups were doing the same.

All these five-players groups lined along the wall and cast the same spell. The rune formation they produced were larger than normal.


Larry and Mistress watched the casting from the image above their unique-grade telescope artifact.

"Mega spells?" Gridhacker, who was also watching, said.

"Im… Impossible! All of them are casting the same mega spell. How can they acquire so many technique books of the same mega spell? Do you know how low the probability of getting one is?!" Larry exclaimed.

Mistress didn't make a sound. She just frowned while watching the image. 'So, that thing is in their hands…,' She mused in her mind.


On the wall, the magic players continued to cast the mega spells.

Larry sent instructions for everyone to try disrupting the castings, but those casters were out of reach on the wall. The ones who could originally reach them were ones with flying ability, but both Sangumus and the Manticore had been grounded.

There was another unit that could reach the top of the wall, the raptor riders. But these mounted units needed to arrive below the wall first. Currently, Wicked Witches' defensive line was still rather solid. To pierce through all the way to the wall at the back in the time before those cooperative castings were completed was a tall order.

Larry thought about pulling their army back, but it was too late already. He knew that mega spells had a very long reach, and their army had pushed in too deep. Even if he gave the command to pull back, their current forward momentum prevented them from reversing their direction in a short time. It would be too late by then.

In the end, he could only watch as the combined casting of mega spells was completed.

A titanic ice lotus was formed amid the World Ruler's army. The Absolute Zero Lotus froze everything in the vicinity.

While everyone was in awe of the phenomenon, another ice lotus appeared next to it. The leaves of this second lotus covered half of the first lotus. And then from the other side, a third lotus appeared. And then the fourth, the fifth, and so on.

It continued until a total of eight lotuses formed in a long line, following the eight groups of five magic users who cast the mega spell along the wall.

Each lotus overlapped the lotuses next to them. Hence, doubling its damage output except for the lotuses at the opposite ends.

John suggested this arrangement to Jeanny before they left the Heavenly Citadel for their separate adventures. This chained mega spell was inspired by the chained elemental storms displayed by the Mage Society guild during the Verremor invasion war.

When Jack heard about this tactic, Jack mocked John for being a copycat. To which John replied, "Never feel ashamed to copy a successful method."

The eight titanic ice lotuses were there for a few seconds. During its existence, the time on the entire battlefield seemed to stop. It was absolute silence.

Then, the eight lotuses shattered into tiny particles. At the same time, huge damage numbers appeared on those within the affected field. Although the players now had higher HP, better equipment, and more defensive skills, the players who cast the mega spell also had higher intelligent stats. Additionally, since the spells overlapped, they could be said to have been hit by the mega spell twice.

Many of the players died. Even a portion of the guild units who had already suffered prior damage also perished, while the rest that was inside the Absolute Zero Lotus' AOE had their HP significantly reduced. When the spell ended, around fifteen percent of World Ruler's units and thirty percent of World Ruler's players died.

When everyone was still reeling from the chained mega spell just now, they realized another person on the wall was still casting. It was Selena from the Wicked Witches. The spell formation she was casting had rune symbols as large as the ones that had produced Absolute Zero Lotus just now.

"Another mega spell?!" Gridhacker asked after seeing the scene.

"It's a different one!" Larry uttered, seeing the rune symbols were different. He was trying to search his memory to identify the symbols, but rune designs were not his department, so he couldn't identify the spell at a glance.

Selena's casting was already more than halfway when everyone noticed. She had started casting when Trinity and the others started casting Absolute Zero Lotus. Her casting speed was slower because she was casting the mega spell on her own while the others did cooperative casting. No one noticed her because everyone's attention was on the group castings.

"It's Ring of Hellfire…!" Larry yelled, finally remembering the spell those rune symbols represented.

But all he had achieved was just remembering the name. He could do nothing to prevent the spell from being cast. If it was only this one spellcaster casting a mega spell from the start, he could do something. Forcing the army to charge at one spot before having the raptor riders jump up the wall. They would lose a large number of units but it would be less than if the mega spell was cast. However, he had noticed Selena's casting too late.

When the mega spell was completed. An extremely large ring of fire appeared within the ranks of the World Ruler's army. A huge stream of fire then erupted within that ring. The fire shot upward, forming a thick pillar of fire. Everyone within this pillar received continuous fire damage.

Selena placed the spell where the largest congestion of World Ruler's guild units was located. These guild soldiers had just survived the Absolute Zero Lotus. Their HPs were not in the best shape. Many were roasted to death from the fire pillar. Only the ones with the highest HP like the forest ogres and the machine spiders still survive this second mega spell. The number of World Ruler's guild units decreased even more.

The defenders cheered when they saw many of the enemies perish in such a short time, but Jeanny and Jennifer shouted orders for them to press on the enemies and to reorganize their formation which had been in slight shambles after getting pushed.

Both of them knew although Trinity and Selena had taken out many of the enemies, it only served to balance the struggle. They were outnumbered at first. This culling only put the enemy's number close to theirs. While in terms of individual prowess, if not considering Everlasting Heavenly Legends' core members, the World Ruler's force was still better. Overall, their odds had improved but not at the level that guaranteed a victory.

They could no longer rely on the mega spells. Those spells had a very long cooldown. Absolute Zero Lotus was eighteen hours, while Ring of Hellfire was twenty hours.

"It should be time for your mercenaries to act, right?" Jennifer asked Jeanny.

"Yes, the mega spell casting was the signal," Jeanny replied.