Once the World Ruler's guild army was gone and its members ran away with their tails between their legs. The defenders cheered.

The eight guilds reinforcement continued to chase after the fleeing World Ruler members and harassed them. Jeanny and the others were too tired to join the chase. They were just glad that they had successfully defended the headquarters.

Nova came to Jeanny as they recuperated. "Thanks, daughter. We wouldn't have been able to make it without you," she said.

"Thank those guilds who come to our aid," Jeanny replied. "We would have been goners if they didn't come."

"They wouldn't have come if not for your persuasion," Jennifer clapped her sister's back.

"I just told them the truth. We will be stronger if we are united. They don't need to fear those World Ruler people," Jeanny said. "Well, I think them seeing us resisting the World Ruler's assault for so long also helps to show them that we are not just all talk. The real work will be after this, how your guild work with them to defend against World Ruler's harassment. I suggest you all share a close network of communication, the timetable, and the location of your members' activities so that any of you can come to each other's aid at a moment's notice."

"We will hold a meeting for that. That's Fly High, I will go talk to him to set up the meeting," Nova said and walked away.

"Thanks again," Jennifer said.

"Don't mention it. This World Ruler is a subsidiary of our true enemy, the World Maker," Jeanny replied. "As I said, we will be stronger if we work together. World Maker threatened all of us. In the end, we all will have to work together to end that threat."

"I'm afraid not all of us see it that way," Jennifer said, indicating Death Associates who had been supporting World Maker and World Ruler.

"There will always be people who are willing to sacrifice their freedom and dignity for benefits. I'm glad most of the guilds here in Aurebor are now siding with us."

"Yeah, you will have to thank the World Ruler and their overbearing attitude," Jennifer laughed.

"Tyrants are like that. They can't help themselves. As long as someone is taking a stand against a tyrant, people will flock to her banner. I hope Wicked Witches can take up this banner for this country."

"We will do our best. How're your mercenary friends?"

"They suffer some casualties, but they will be fine," Jeanny replied.

Jeanny had been communicating with David about the situation. She knew about his demise and sent him her condolences. David told her it was no problem. He only lost his first Amulet of Rebirth, so it was still cheap. He was upset that they failed to finish off one of the heavenly enforcers, though. Jeanny thought the same.

Jeanny returned to chatting with Jennifer. As the two chatted, Paytowin and The Man came to Jeanny. "Jeanny, can I speak to you for a while?" Paytowin asked.

Jeanny told her sister to excuse her and went with Paytowin. "What's the matter? Is something wrong?" She asked.

"Divine priest Callan needs to speak to you two. Can we go someplace quiet?" Paytowin said.

"Me too?" The Man asked.

"I asked you to follow, didn't I?" Paytowin replied. He led them away from the crowd. They walked to the nearby woods and went behind the trees and shrubs, out of the other's sight.

There, Paytowin took out a golden orb, the Council of Virtus' legacy of courage. The phantom image of the divine priest Callan appeared before them. The three gave a slight bow as a sign of respect.

"I'm just a residual spirit, there is no need to trouble yourselves for such formalities," Ghost Callan said.

"It's no trouble," Jeanny replied and then asked, "Does your excellency have any instructions?"

"No, but I've been monitoring your guild's endeavor through Paytowin's eyes. As I told Paytowin, I will give him and the guild rewards for showcases on bravery. Your guild has fought valiantly, both during the invasion war and this battle. It is even more outstanding for this battle because you've answered a call to help allies without any promise of rewards. Hence, I will be the one to grant you the rewards."

Jeanny's brows lifted after hearing it. It was correct that she didn't come to this battle expecting rewards. She only did it to forge a stronger bond with Wicked Witches and thus secure a strong ally. So, she was excited when she heard Callan's words.

A small item resembling a medal appeared in the air. This golden medal floated to Jeanny, who received it with her hands.


Brave Rider (Unique Insignia, for guild purposes only)

Allow the training of Brave Riders


"With these units, your guild's cavalry force will be strengthened," Callan said.

"Thank you, your excellency. This is very much appreciated," Jeanny responded with joy.

"Now, for the two of you, I will grant a personal reward," Callan continued.

"Personal reward?" Jeanny asked.

"Me as well?" The Man also asked.

Callan nodded and said, "Miss Jeanny, you are the leader of the guild. Your survival is paramount. The loss of a leader can be a heavy blow to the organization. So, it is only fitting that you have a class that supports your survivability. You are also a courageous warrior. I grant you the special class of Brave Lancer. I hope you carry this title with pride and courage."

Jeanny heard a notification, informing her that she was now a special class, a Brave Lancer.

Callan then turned to The Man, who was still surprised that he had been called. "Mister Man, you have been a good friend to Paytowin and made him feel welcomed in the guild. You are also a very brave and fierce warrior. My Council of Virtues values such valor highly. If it still exists, I would have invited you to be one of our faction members."

Callan appeared sad after his last words.

"Don't worry, Your Excellency. Mihos is currently hard at work gathering our scattered members. I'm sure the Council of Virtus will rise again soon," Paytowin said.

Callan smiled at the sentiment. "Thank you for your kind words. Now, Mister Man, I hereby appoint you as the Brave Rusher. Please use this special class with pride and courage as well."

The Man similarly heard the notification that he now had a special class.

"Live with courage, and continued to perform valiantly. I hope to see you another time," Callan said and then vanished. The golden orb returned to Paytowin's inventory bag.

Jeanny immediately checked his status window. He flipped to the class page to study her new special class. Same to the ones Callan granted to Jack and Paytowin, these Brave Lancer and Brave Rusher were also first-class special classes. They granted four passive abilities.


Strength, Dexterity, Reflex, Wisdom +10%.

All spear attacks ignore 10% defense.

The critical chance when using a spear is increased by 30%.

Allow double jump


Jeanny gave the double jump a try. Her original dragoon class allowed her to jump around three meters high. After reaching her highest point, she kicked her legs again in the air. She felt as if she was stepping on a solid object when she did that, and jumped a second time, bringing her higher.

This double jump was the same as the ability provided by Red Death's unique boots. Jeanny was glad about this ability. It gave her more maneuverability. She could use it to escape encirclement or get to a target that was otherwise unapproachable.

She also received a new skill, Brave Thrust. She stabbed forward and used the skill. A golden light was produced from her stab. It extended outward to ten meters of distance.

This skill was similar to Jack's Brave Slash. It produced slightly lower damage than Brave Slash but had a much longer reach.

"Cool," Paytowin uttered after seeing Jeanny's display. He then asked The Man, "What about yours?"

"I got a bunch of passive abilities that boost my attributes. The attributes also increased further the longer I am in a state of combat. So, I will get stronger and stronger in a lengthy battle. Also, my defense will increase the lower my HP is. This is good to reduce the defense penalty when I activated my Berserk skill."

"Well, I guess this class fits you who enjoys reckless combat," Paytowin laughed. "What about your first skill?"

The Man gave Paytowin a demonstration. He zoomed forward at high speed with a golden sphere enveloping his body. He traveled a long distance, only stopping after reaching fifty meters. He ran back with a wide grin.

"The skill is called Heroic Charge," The Man informed. "Aside from damaging all who are in my way, I am also immune to all damage, movement restrictions, and status effects when the skill is in use."

"Wow, that means no one will be able to stop your charge," Paytowin remarked.

"That is true, my friend," The Man laughed.

Jeanny was glad for these gains. It all thanks to Paytowin who had joined their guild. She was just about to thank him when she received an urgent message from Tip who stayed behind at headquarters.

Jeanny's expression changed after hearing Tip's message. Paytowin and The Man noticed it.

"What's wrong?" The Man asked when Jeanny looked at them again.

"Something bad happened to Jack," Jeanny said.

"Jack? What happens to him?" Paytowin asked.

"He is imprisoned by the Themisphere kingdom," Jeanny answered. "They said he murdered Prince Alonzo."