The Tiger Demon looked at its shrunk self. It grunted with displeasure.

"That fool has truly enraged me. I will slaughter all his beloved cat folks once I am free," It uttered menacingly. "But his most foolish act is placing his hope on a few weaklings such as you four. Hah! Keep me busy? I will chomp you all in a heartbeat!!"

It suddenly vanished from its place. Both Mohmed and Ihhi were oblivious, but Domon and Leavemealone shouted, "Dodge…!!"

Mohmed's mana sense was not as advanced as the two outworlders yet, but his trust in them was absolute. He immediately took a long leap to the side once he heard the two's warning.

Ihhi reacted late, but she was spared from harm because Leavemealone grabbed her as he dashed away.

The place where they stood suddenly burst with thick shadow. The Tiger Demon materialized right above the place and stomped hard on the ground. The air itself seemed to be crushed flat into the ground.

The Tiger Demon looked at the four who were now away in three different directions. A glint of surprise was in its eyes. What it used just now was its skill with the fastest attack, Death Ambush.

"Hmph… It seemed that the kind fool didn't just choose his pawns randomly," It said. "But no matter. You won't be able to last long!"

It opened its jaws and a stream of thick dark smoke burst out.


All of them had fast movement speed except for Domon. The Tiger Demon swung its dark breath chasing all of them while they ran in different directions. The three cat-shaped creatures were extremely fast. Since they were already a distance away, the Tiger Demon was unable to hit them with his long-range breath attack. But it then noticed Domon who was staying still. It immediately redirected its dark breath at the old weapon master.

When the dark breath came his way, Domon spun his glaive at high-speed using his martial art, Reversing Heaven and Earth. Empowered by mana manipulation, the martial art dispersed the dark breath before hitting him. The destructive smoke was redirected to Domon's sides without touching him.

The Tiger Demon was extremely shocked to see this outworlder nullify its breath attack in such a way. It might have been weakened greatly by the Tiger God, but its breath attack should still easily obliterate any level 58 outworlder with one hit.

While it was still bewildered, it didn't notice someone enclosing at full speed. Its mana sense only picked up on the ambusher when it was near. It turned back and saw its half-self's true champion, the white tiger emperor, jumping toward it. This champion was about to hit it with a punch, but its right fore-limb swung at a blinding speed. It struck the champion in mid-air.

Leavemealone saw the incoming paw. He didn't expect this gigantic panther's attack speed to be so fast. He couldn't dodge the incoming attack in mid-air and could only cross his arms to block the attack.

He was smacked hard. His body slammed into the ground and skidded a long way. His HP fell by around 40%. He was extremely shocked. Although the hit just now was a normal hit without using a skill, he had sensed mana manipulation in the attack. That's how he still lost so much HP even when he had HP, stats boost, and defense boosts from both his beast form and Tiger God's Might.

Mohmed and Ihhi arrived below the Tiger Demon's back legs when it was smacking Leavemealone away. They were now slicing and punching those back legs. Damage numbers of only two digits appeared following their hits.

"Don't go near it!" Leavemealone shouted. He realized from that one smack that going for the offense was not the correct decision. "We only need to survive. There is no need to try hitting it!"

But the two natives were already too close. "You small pesky creatures!" It bellowed angrily.

Its two back legs kicked back, striking the two. Ihhi was struck flat in the chest while Mohmed managed to position his arms to block. The two were slammed away. Luckily, the two were rare elite natives with high HP. Both of them survive the hit but their lives went down a huge chunk.

While Ihhi was in the air, it was suddenly snatched by a black tentacle. The black tentacle appeared to be made of dark smoke, and it came out from the Tiger Demon's body.

The Tiger Demon had decided to get rid of the weakest among the four first. The tentacle pulled Ihhi back while the Tiger Demon's mouth came forward in an attempt to chomp Ihhi to death.

Ihhi tried using his kukri to cut the black tentacle that bound her. Damage numbers appeared each time she cut the tentacles, but it didn't let go. It was very sturdy. She could only watch helplessly as the Tiger Demon's mouth came nearer.

Domon suddenly came in between. His glaive was ablaze with purplish Ki Weapon. The enhanced glaive sliced through the tentacle, cutting it clean in two. The part that held Ihhi burst into smoke and Ihhi dropped to the ground. She immediately rolled away without pause.

Domon also didn't pause. The Tiger Demon's head was just next to him. It was very surprised that its tentacle had been cut. The prey that it was about to chomp had unexpectedly escaped. While it was still startled, Domon whirled around. His glaive burst with a powerful energy blast. Domon used Ki Strike empowered by mana manipulation. It struck directly into the side of the Tiger Demon's head.

Its head was slammed away. Both the Tiger Demon and the two natives who were watching were greatly stunned by the feat. A damage number of around 2,000 appeared above the Tiger Demon. The number was nothing for its nearly two million HP, but considering Mohmed and Ihhi's attacks could only score double digits, it showed how Domon's attack had been in a completely different league.

"Master, get back!" Leavemealone uttered. Even though Domon's feat was impressive, he was in fact the most vulnerable of the four. His HP was the lowest. He might not be able to survive even one hit if he was hit directly.

Domon was not a fool. His mana sense was the most advance. He could sense that this being they were fighting was not one that they could defeat. His intention was only to save Ihhi. He immediately retreated.

But no way the Tiger Demon let go of someone who had humiliated it so. It roared furiously. Tens of tentacles erupted from its body. All of them shot toward Domon.

But Domon was also not someone easily caught. Same as when he was dodging Jack's Myriad Ensnaring Chains, his body shifted rapidly as his footwork made him seem as if he had split into multiple images. At the same time, his glaive swung non-stop, smacking the incoming tentacles away.

Leavemealone used White Tiger Charge and rushed to the Tiger Demon while it was busy with Domon. He intended to make himself the primary target while the others distracted the Tiger Demon once in a while. Out of the four, he believed himself to have the best survivability. Although his HP lost to their two native companions, his defense and HP recovery made up for it. The life he had lost just now had almost fully recovered.

The Tiger Demon was so absorbed in trying to catch the elusive Domon with his tentacles that he was too late in sensing the incoming Leavemealone this time.

Leavemealone activated White Tiger Rage and used his runestone of combat. He needed every edge if he was to survive while clashing directly with this Tiger Demon.

His White Tiger Claw which was the size of a dagger sliced through the skin of the Tiger Demon. A high damage number of 3,000 appeared, even higher than Domon's mana-infused Ki Strike. Although Leavemealone also applied mana manipulation to his attack, his mastery was not as high as Domon's. Additionally, his attack was only a normal attack.

His attack could cause such high damage because he was in a state that was the antithesis of the Tiger Demon. The white tiger emperor's attacks carry energies that bypassed Tiger Demon's divine protection.

However, high damage was not the primary reason for the white tiger emperor's user to be the prime factor in this rite. Their objective was to buy time, after all, not to defeat the Tiger Demon manifestation. The reason that the white tiger emperor was needed was that each time the white tiger emperor managed to land a hit, it canceled all of the Tiger Demon's current ongoing skill and stunned it for a second.

When Leavemealone's claws sliced through the Tiger Demon, the tentacles that were chasing after Domon burst into smoke and disappeared. The Tiger Demon also roared painfully.

Noticing this special advantage, Leavemealone immediately executed his battle monk's skill, infinite lightning punches. His claws turned into uncountable images and battered the Tiger Demon's body unceasingly.

If he could utilize this Stun feature, he could keep the Tiger Demon helpless for as long as his stamina lasted. Leavemealone had leveled up this skill to the max. Each level-up reduced the stamina usage for each punch. Additionally, Tiger God's Might increased his maximum stamina as well. This meant his infinite lightning punches could last for a long time.

Unfortunately, even though the Tiger Demon was stunned by each of the punches, the duration it was stunned reduced with each punch. After receiving more than twenty punches, the stun time had reduced to only half a second. After another twenty punches, the Tiger Demon was immune already.

Its mouth snapped open, intending to bite Leavemealone who was still merrily punching at it.