When the Tiger Demon was reeling, Leavemealone used the chance to dash away.

The Tiger Demon was extremely furious. Not only had it been denied its prey, but it was also humiliated by getting blown away by a lowly creature. It slammed its feet hard on the ground as a sign of displeasure before chasing after Leavemealone.

A tiger-man suddenly flew in front of its path, causing it to stop again. The tiger-man dropped to the ground some distance away. Its HP was zero. It soon disintegrated.

The Tiger Demon turned to where the tiger-man had flown from. Domon was there fighting with his one remaining adversary. His hair was red.

Domon had used the wrath of the beast king, which starting roar stunned his opponents. Domon exploited the window and used the heart-exploding punch, instantly killing one of his opponents.

When the Tiger Demon was distracted by the death of one of its minions, Leavemealone sneaked beside it and slashed its side. The Tiger Demon reacted with a quick swing of its claw.

'It was still immune!' Leavemealone thought while dodging. He had also used Wrath of the Beast, the golden fur on its tiger head had turned red. He hurriedly put some distance.

The cat-and-mouse game went on for a while until the Tiger Demon's mouth flared with black smoke.

"Be careful! Its breath attack is off-cooldown!" Carnelia warned.

Leavemealone could see that as well. He was not worried. He was in enough distance to deal with that move.

However, when he thought that the Tiger Demon would open its mouth and discharge its dark breath. It suddenly vanished.

"What?" Leavemealone was taken aback. Then, he sensed the Tiger Demon's mana appeared close to him.

"Shit!" He cursed and made a roll to dodge.

He narrowly escaped when the Tiger Demon materialized above him and slammed down. The Tiger Demon's dark breath had actually come off cooldown a minute ago, but it didn't immediately use it. Instead, the Tiger Demon also waited for its other skill, the Death Ambush, to finish its cooldown.

Once the two skills were available, it used them consecutively. It first used the Death Ambush. Even if the attack failed, the skill brought it close to Leavemealone. Then only it unleashed its dark breath.

With such a close range, there is little chance for Leavemealon to dodge.

Leavemealone activated his Steel Body, but he doubted that would save him.

When the thick black smoke was almost upon him, someone came in front of him. It was Domon, he had already dispatched the other tiger man. All Leavemealone saw was Domon's back, but he noticed Domon was weaponless. Domon put up both his hands to the front and the air around his hands shimmered.

A large wall appeared in front of Domon. Leavemealone recognized the move. It was Domon's ancient art, Iron Wall. The wall Domon had conjured this time was even larger than when he showed it during the world tournament. Domon continued to hone this art and made a huge improvement in its application.

Domon could have used Reversing Heaven and Earth to deal with Tiger Demon's dark breath like before. However, that martial art didn't exactly block the breath attack. It simply redirected it. If Domon used it now, the redirected breath might still hit Leavemealone. So, he used his strongest blocking art to protect the two of them.

The energy wall trembled heavily. Domon focused all his mind to manipulate the mana that form the wall. Sweat rolled down his forehead like it was raining, but he persevered.

At the end of Tiger Demon's dark breath, Domon could finally hold no more. The iron wall broke. But the attack had ended. Only the residual smoke swept by Domon's body, shaving his HP by half.

Tiger Demon couldn't believe someone blocked his breath attack with brute force. It had sensed Domon's mana manipulation was exemplary, but it never thought that this outworlder could use the technique to such an extent.

During the Tiger Demon's astonishment, Leavemealone hurriedly grabbed Domon and threw him away. Leavemealone then rushed back to the Tiger Demon, drawing its attention to him again.

Now, all he needed to be aware of was when the Tiger Demon's next skill, which produced the dark tentacles, came off-cooldown. Carnelia didn't know the exact time as it very much depended on the skill's level. But she informed Leavemealone that it should be at least three minutes longer than the Death Ambush skill.

If the Tiger Demon didn't use any skill, Leavemealone was confident he could survive facing the Tiger Demon in melee. That was, of course, considering if he didn't lose his focus.

When he used his footwork to slip between the Tiger Demon's claw attack, he looked for an opportunity. Once there was one, he landed an attack.

The Tiger Demon was stunned by that one blow.

"It has lost its immunity!" Leavemealone exclaimed.

Without wasting time, he immediately executed infinite lightning punches.

The Tiger Demon was unable to do anything as the unending punches landed on its body. Damage after damage number continued to pop up on its head.

When Leavemealone was still battering the Tiger Demon with his punch, he noticed Domon approaching.

Domon had drunk recovery potions, bringing his HP back up again. He came by the Tiger Demon's side and started punching as well.

Leavemealone was confused, why did Domon not use his glaive?

Domon continued punching around the Tiger Demon's body. Every time in different places. He was circling the Tiger Demon's huge body while it was incapacitated by Leavemealone's stun effect.

Leavemealone didn't let Domon's strange act distract him. He continued to focus and paid attention to the Tiger Demon's mana. With each punch, the stun effect lessened.

The Tiger Demon was struggling to move. Its body trembled from frustration. It swore once it became the dominant one and suppressed the Tiger God, it would erase all the works from its other half. The cat folks, this white tiger legacy, the whole stupid peace thing.

The stun effect finally came down to only a fraction of a second. Leavemealone had paid attention, he didn't continue punching until the Tiger Demon became immune like the last time. He jumped back and rolled as the Tiger Demon one paw came smashing.

Domon had run away before Leavemealone did. When Leavemealone retreated, Domon sent him a message telling him to keep the Tiger demon away.

Leavemealone looked over and saw Domon standing still with a horse stance. Domon's one fist extended outward while his other fist was resting by his waist. He was still not holding any weapon.

Despite his curiosity, Leavemealone followed Domon's instruction. He ran the other way, playing cat and mouse with the Tiger Demon again.

After several failed attempts to catch Leavemealone, the Tiger Demon was getting slower. Not because it was tired. It felt something strange. It could also sense and manipulate mana. It sensed that the mana within it was behaving unnaturally. They were somewhat glued and linked to something outside of its body.

The Tiger Demon finally stopped after knowing that it couldn't ignore this strange feeling further. It focused its mana sense and traced this mysterious link. It then turned its head and saw that other outworlder some distance away.

"Hey! Face me, you big ugly cat!" Leavemealone yelled and used his Ki Bullet. The small energy hit the Tiger Demon's side, but the Tiger Demon didn't even give that attack any reaction.

It suddenly lunged in direction of Domon. Its four limbs run at high speed.

"Shit!" Leavemealone cursed. He used White Tiger Charge to chase after the Tiger Demon.

Domon acted like he didn't see the Tiger Demon. He still maintained his horse stance.

The Tiger Demon roared as it approached. The multiple dark tentacles reappeared around itself. Its skill was off-cooldown.

When the Tiger Demon was within a leaping distance, Domon's other fist which was on his waist all this time, gently punched forward. As it did, the Tiger Demon which was in the middle of a jump, stopped in mid-air. Its body suddenly shook heavily. It uttered a painful roar and a huge explosion featuring an impressive display of light burst out of its body.

At the same time, a 200,000 damage number appeared above it. The dark tentacles all fizzled into puffs of smoke. The Tiger Demon's huge body was blasted and slammed hard onto the ground.

Everyone was shocked by the turn of events. They all turned to Domon, even Ihhi who was still in heated combat with the tiger-men. What did Domon do? All he did was a slow punch, and that punch didn't even connect with the Tiger Demon.

What Domon was using was another ancient art like Iron Wall which he had not been able to master in the past world. In this world, he had tried practicing it again and succeeded.

This ancient art was similar in execution to the Fast-slow Illusive Fist that he had taught Leavemealone. It required one to connect with the opponent's mana via a series of direct contact. Only after the link was made could this ancient art be carried out.

Since Domon had just learned this art, it took him some time to execute it. But the long setup was worth the result. This ancient art was what his late master mentioned to be the pinnacle of the fist technique. It was an undodgeable killing move. It ravaged the internals of the opponent directly, rendering all defenses void, similar to Jet's Seven Injuries Fist.

This ancient art was called Beyond the Fist.