Everyone still couldn't believe Domon's punch had taken out more than 10% of the Tiger Demon's HP in one move. It even canceled the skill the Tiger Demon was using at that moment. With all the damages the Tiger Demon had suffered prior, its HP bar was down by 20%.

It was nothing for the Tiger Demon. It still had plenty of HP to spare. Additionally, as a mythical grade, he possessed HP recovery ability. But what truly hurt was its pride. It still couldn't believe two outworlders could give it so much trouble.

It tried to stand up with difficulty. It had a hard time believing it. Its body was refusing to move. That one attack had caused such an injury. It stared menacingly at Domon. This one outworlder was even more dangerous than the white tiger emperor bearer.

When it was still struggling to stand, it sensed something jump from behind. Since it still couldn't move freely, it could do nothing about it. This sneaking one landed on its back and it felt sharp claws sinking into its skin. It's the white tiger emperor bearer!

Leavemealone had used the chance to get into the Tiger Demon's blind spot. From its back, he used his white tiger claws and pummeled the Tiger Demon unceasingly.

After a short time, the Tiger Demon finally regained all its motoric functions. It started to buck, trying to throw Leavemealone from its back.

Leavemealone clamped his legs and used one hand to grab one of the furs to keep himself on the Tiger Demon's back, while his other hand resumed attacking

Seeing its bucking produce no result, the Tiger Demon stopped and lowered itself. When Leavemealone was confused about the Tiger Demon's attempt, he sensed mana accumulating below him. He immediately jumped away just as an explosion of energy burst out of the Tiger Demon's body. The force threw Leavemealone, who was already in the air, away.

The explosion was not a skill. It was a crude usage of mana manipulation, but it took a toll on the Tiger Demon. In its weakened state, its ability to manipulate mana was also reduced.

At this time, Domon came with his glaive. He slashed the Tiger Demon's body while using complex footwork to dodge. When the Tiger Demon turned its attention to Domon, Leavemealone rushed back and struck it again. The stun effect was back. Leavemealone again used the infinite lightning punches.

The Tiger Demon wanted to roar in rage, but the stun effect prevented even that. Ever since it was forced to the ground by the other outworlder's mysterious punch, it had been helpless.

Then it sensed something else.

"No! No! No...!!!" It screamed.

A very light pillar suddenly fell from the sky. It landed right on the Tiger Demon. Leavemealone and Domon who were nearby were pushed away by the light pillar.

"Nooo...!!!" The Tiger Demon was still screaming madly. Its feet started to sink into the ground. It tried to claw its way out but its entire body continued sinking.

"I don't want to be locked again... I don't want to...!!!"

There was only its head now which remained atop the ground, but that was also slowly sinking. Its eyes turned to Leavemealone and Domon in the last few seconds before it finally completely submerged into the ground.

The remaining tiger-men, who were still battling Mohmed and Ihhi, vanished once the Tiger Demon was swallowed by the ground.

The light pillar disappeared and was replaced by a large white fireball. This white fireball expanded and formed the image of the Tiger God.

"Splendid!" The Tiger God praised. "I was especially impressed that you all managed to lower my other half's HP to that extent. Otherwise, I would have needed more time to seal it. The lower its HP is, the lesser its resistance against my effort to put it back into slumber."

"So, the rite is successful?" Domon asked.

"Yes, the Popoki Village and the cat folk are safe again. Mount Tigra is back to being dormant.

"Yes!" Mohmed exclaimed.

Ihhi breathed a long relieved sigh. She looked at the two outworlders. The two were indeed impressive, the battle against the Tiger Demon was all on these two. Both she nor Mohmed didn't do much at all. She now understood why her father put these two in such high esteem.

"Bearer of the White Tiger Emperor, come closer!" The Tiger God beckoned.

Leavemealone walked over. A shining light materialized in front of Leavemealone. He grabbed it and found it to be a necklace.

"My gift to you," the Tiger God said.


Lesser Tiger God Amulet (unique necklace, suppressed equipment)

Fire and Dark resistances +60

All status effect resistances +10%

Automatically unleash the Tiger God's Aid when HP goes below 30%: Heals 50% HP and deals 300% light damage that knockback all the enemies within a 5-meter radius. Cooldown: 3 hours

Summon the lesser manifestation of Tiger God (Active skill), Duration: 30 minutes, Cooldown: 24 hours


"A unique-grade suppressed equipment!" Carnelia exclaimed. "Which means..."

"Yes, when he becomes strong enough, the seal I put on that amulet will release and return it to its original state," Tiger God said.

Leavemealone didn't understand the fairy's excitement. He equipped the amulet and said to the Tiger God, "Thank you."

The Tiger God nodded and said to everyone, "Now, I will send you all out of this realm. I will be unavailable for a while. I still have to spend my time reinforcing the rune diagram inside Mount Tigra, making sure it's not easy for my other half to claw its way out again."

After the Tiger God finished speaking. The four found their eyes covered by blinding light. They had to shut their eyes. When they opened them again. They were back in the hall with the giant tiger statue.

Ariki and Tapu were still there in the hall. Both of them were smiling. Tapu had known the rite was a success from the spirits, while Ariki could feel the mountain that they were in had already calmed down.

Ariki went and hugged Ihhi. He didn't care that his actions looked silly for a headsman of the village. He was just glad that his daughter came back alive.

"Father, let go...," Ihhi said helplessly.

"Thank you for your help, bearer of the white tiger emperor," Tapu said to Leavemealone.

"It's not just me. The four of us worked together," Leavemealone replied politely.

"Actually, it's just the two of them," Mohmed said. "Ihhi and I did almost nothing."

Ihhi gave Mohmed a grouchy face. Although she agreed that the two of them didn't help much, did Mohmed have to say it out loud in front of her father?

Ariki laughed seeing his daughter's expression. He petted her hair before approaching Leavemealone and Domon with a smile.

"I represent the entire Popoki Village and thank you for your help," Ariki said to the two. "The two of you are our village's saviors and nothing I say will be able to express our gratitude."

Domon waved him off. "Helping a friend in need is a must. There is no need for you to thank us."

Leavemealone simply nodded.

"That might be so, but I still would like to give you two something to show our appreciation," Ariki said.

"Oh? Didn't we already get our rewards?" Domon asked. He had heard what he called the news lady's voice which informed him that his quest has been completed. He gained exp points, coins, and mana cores. The exp points he and Leavemealone received had pushed both of them to level 59.

Ariki gave him a questioning glance after hearing Domon's words. But since Domon didn't explain, he continued, "I would like to give the two of you the highest honor as our village's tiger protectors."

"Tiger protectors?" Domon asked while Ihhi gasped with wide eyes after hearing his father. Within the village protector's rank, the tiger protector had the highest honor.

"Oh! It's the news lady again!" Domon uttered.

Leavemealone could only shake his head. As Jack had done, he had tried explaining to Domon multiple times that the voice was a notification from this world's system, but it seemed that Domon either couldn't understand the concept or intentionally chose to keep the idea simple for him.

What the news lady informed them this time was that the two of them had received a special class. Domon was granted Tiger Arms Guardian, while Leavemealone's was Tiger Brawler.

Both were first-class special classes. The attributes these classes boosted were strength, dexterity, endurance, and reflex. They also gave a boost to HP and stamina recovery.

Domon received a new skill, Tiger Arms Embodiment. When used, the skill transformed the current weapon into one of the tiger arms. The base damage of the weapon increased by 30%. Every swing of the weapon created a destructive wave that traveled five meters and dealt 100% damage. The duration was three minutes.

Domon tested the skill. The glaive he was holding turned in front of his eyes. It became slightly larger with a red blade and it had a tiger head decoration between the blade and its shaft.

Domon swung the weapon. A crescent-shaped energy wave rushed forward. Every time he swung, another energy wave was produced. This practically made him a ranged fighter, even if it was only a short distance of five meters.

Leavemealone's first skill from his special class was Tiger Soul. It was a buff skill that enhanced almost all aspects; Damage, defense, speed, and resistance. When Leavemealone activated the skill, a translucent image of a tiger shrouded his body.

After the two were accustomed to their new powers, Ariki invited them to exit the cave. The whole village cheered when they came out. Ariki ordered a feast that evening to celebrate this victory. Leavemealone and Domon were their honored guests.

Before they left for this village, John had asked Domon to request access to the village for their other guild members. Now that the village was indebted to them, Domon took the chance to ask. Ariki said as long as Everlasting Heavenly Legends' members didn't cause trouble, they would be treated as friends to the cat folks.

Domon sent a message to inform John of the news, only for him to be asked to return immediately.

When Domon asked what's the urgency, John informed him of Jack's situation.

John also informed Domon that the players who were still inside the capital had just received the news that Jack's execution would be carried out tomorrow. He and Jeanny were currently discussing their course of action.

Domon told John that Leavemealone and he would be returning now.