Since yesterday's announcement where outworlders were banned from Themisphere's cities, the population inside the capital had been on edge. After this one year, the natives had gotten used to the existence of the outworlders. Many of their economies and livelihoods also revolved around these outworlders. Many had even become good friends with them. So, when these outworlders were ushered out, the capital suddenly felt much emptier.

Many of the outworlders were similarly confused. Everything had been so sudden. They didn't understand why this had happened. All they had been told was that an outworlder named Storm Wind had committed the grave sin of murdering the heir to the throne.

But that was the act of one person. Why were they also punished? Not to mention, wasn't that Storm Wind supposed to be the country's hero? One of the generals who pushed back against the orc invasion and also a good friend of the prince? Why was he accused of the prince's death?

Not much was explained to them. They had just been told to pack up yesterday and then escorted out of the capital. It was no problem for the adventurers, but a large portion of them were just common folks who had no interest in braving the wilderness. They had made their livings within the capital all this time, so their level was still very low. Most of them were below level 10.

They had been making camps next to the capital. They didn't dare to venture too far for fear of meeting high-level monsters. A group of high-level independent players had volunteered to guard these camps, protecting them from monsters that wandered close.

They knew this was not a solution. They couldn't continue to camp outside like this. The kingdom had promised to give them a decision in a few more days. But many received rumors that there was a high chance that they would get chased out of this country entirely.

The atmosphere around the camps was mostly in bad mood due to these rumors. Some of them had even started to curse Storm Wind for being the person who had caused all these misfortunes.

The news was that this Storm Wind was to be executed at noon today. Those angry with this situation hoped they could witness the execution as well.

While they were waiting for noon, they saw an army of high-level players appear in front of the capital, facing the entrance gate. Horns were sounded from the city wall. The gate opened and a company of kingdom soldiers marched out. They came to meet this outworlder force.

The common players who saw the incident were very curious. They approached but didn't dare to come too close. They watched the scene from afar.


Two persons came out of this large group of high-level players. These two were John and Jeanny. They approached the kingdom's company who watched them warily. Many of the current players were now slightly above the average soldier's level, after all.

The captain of the company walked out and addressed them, "What is the purpose of this congregation?!"

John and Jeanny stopped a distance away.

"We demand the release of Storm Wind! Or we will raze this capital…!!!" John shouted at the top of his lungs.

Not only the soldiers who were taken aback by this declaration, even the players watching from a distance away hear John's words. They were all wondering who these lunatics were. Challenging the natives like this?

"Can you please tone it down a bit?" Jeanny chided.

"What? He asked us to make a spectacle. This is us making a spectacle," John returned.

"But we need to draw their attention for some time. If they lose their patience and decide to just attack us instead of talk, then we are the ones in trouble."

The two spoke by whispering so the soldiers weren't aware of their conversation, but the way the two talked looked very much like two people bickering. The soldiers were confused. These outworlders suddenly showed up and antagonized them and then quarrel among themselves. They were not sure if they should take the declaration just now seriously.

Finally, out of the two, the woman spoke, "My good captain. Can you please send words to those inside the palace? We are from the Everlasting Heavenly Legends and its allies. We are the groups representing the outworlders in this country. We wish to speak with the person in charge."

The captain snorted. "What right do you outsiders have to dare ask for that? You should be glad that we tolerated you for this long. Leave now! Or don't blame us for being rude."

"Try it," John said. "You might be intimidating in the past, but take a look at the situation now. All of you are around level 45 and 50. You have the highest level at 55 and a special elite. Most of us are above your level already. Do you think you can stop us?"

The captain was speechless. It felt like not long ago when these outworlders were weaklings. How did they improve so fast?

"We are not the only soldiers in the capital. There are many more powerful ones inside," The captain said, refusing to be cowed.

"Yes, that's why we request you to call them out," Jeanny said. "You can see our large group here, but you can check that we also have allies at the eastern and western gates."

"In other words, you are surrounded," John said.

The captain sneered at John's words. Surrounded by outworlders? Like that was something to be worried about.

John continued, "We know that after the invasion war, most of the kingdom soldiers had gone to the border outposts. To replenish the soldiers who originally came from there but had died during the war. Those borders need soldiers more urgently. Hence, the number of soldiers guarding the cities decreased instead, including this capital."

"Don't forget that we can also summon our guild armies if a confrontation broke out," Jeanny added. "So, our numbers can easily double."

If a battle broke out with a large number of natives, it would be considered war. The world system would then allow the guilds to summon their guild armies.

The captain became wary after hearing the two's words, but he kept a solemn face. "Don't forget that we have two mythical-grade lord marshalls still inside this capital."

"Please invite them to come out. We very much like to talk to them," Jeanny said with a smile.

The captain hesitated a bit before calling his deputy to deliver the message to the palace. After his deputy left, he stood there with the rest of his company. They just stared at John and Jeanny in silence.

John and Jeanny walked back to the army of players they came with. At the front of that army were mostly the core members of Everlasting Heavenly Legends. Domon and Leavemealone were also there. They used their guild return scroll yesterday after learning about the situation.

Aside from their guild members, there were also leaders or representatives from the other guilds.

"Thank you again for have come," Jeanny said to these representatives. Among them were Silverwing, Prideful Josh, Jennifer, David, Kill Order, and Regim.

"I'm here with my closest followers representing myself, not my guild," Silverwing said. "Unfortunately, my father opposed this act of going against the kingdom. So, we won't be able to assist you with our guild army if a battle truly occurred."

"Your presence here is already appreciated," Jeanny said.

"But you said a battle won't happen, right? That we are just putting a display?" Prideful Josh said to John.

"I said that if everything goes as planned, then there will be no battle," John replied. "But you know how things go with plans, don't you?"

"Do you forget already about the last battle in the invasion war? You still trust his words?" Kill Order said to Josh.

"Then why are you here?" Josh asked Kill Order.

"Well, my sources said that our time here in this country is numbered. Might as well go out with a bang," Kill Order answered.

"To be honest, I'm kinda surprised the two of you answered our call," John said of Prideful Josh and Kill Order. "I'm not surprised that the others didn't come, but the one that I'm disappointed with is that fatty. F*ck that Fat Gregory! He is so complying during the wars. Now, when the situation is truly dire, he bails out!"

John and Jeanny had sent a call of aid to all the guilds in their new coalition. Many didn't come. As for Dogs of War and Jackal Crews, they came because Jeanny paid them for the services. But the agreement was only for them to show up. If they were hired to go on a direct conflict with the natives, even they won't dare to accept the mission.

"We can't blame him, John," Jeanny said of Fat Gregory. "This is our mess. It is already great that some come to our aid."

"That's right. This is your mess. I hope you truly have a way out," Prideful Josh said. "It will be truly frustrating if all of us have to suffer just because of what Storm Wind did. So, can you tell us your plan now?"

"I don't have one," John replied.

"What? Are you tricking us again by not telling us your plan like in the invasion war?"

"No. I seriously have no plan here. We are here because of Storm Wind's request."

"What?" Almost all the other guild representatives uttered with surprised expressions. "What is his plan?"

"Beats me," John replied. "All he asked us to do is try to draw as many forces as possible out of the palace."

"Are you seriously doing this without knowing his full plan?" Kill Order asked.

"If I am to be honest. No, I don't like this any more than you do," John said. "But although that guy is reckless and sometimes appeared clumsy, he also gets the job done. Well, most of the time…"

"Don't worry," Jeanny said. "I believe in him. He will solve this mess."