Chapter 1928: Beating Up Ye Zhizhou

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After this incident, Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang naturally were not in a lovey-dovey mood.

After they had breakfast and cleaned up, they went to Lang Garden, where they found Shi Han. When he saw Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin coming over, he said, “Tianxin, Qingcang, please don’t look like this. I’m not as vulnerable as you think.”

Ye Tianxin came to Shi Han and reached out to hold Shi Han’s arm. “Uncle, what are you going to do?”

Shi Han said gently, “No matter who Ye Zhizhou’s father is, it won’t change the relationship between us.”

“I just think X is super disgusted.”

Of course, Ye Tianxin knew that Ye Zhizhou was just a pawn used to expose X’s true identity. The real X had not yet appeared.

Still, she felt awful. She wanted to beat the crap out of Ye Zhizhou.

“Tianxin, you’re pregnant. Your job right now is to take care of the children growing within you. Don’t worry about this or anything else.”

The more Shi Han said so, the more Ye Tianxin thought that Shi Han was depressed.

Ye Tianxin smiled sweetly at Shi Han and said, “Uncle, let’s meet someone later.”

Shi Han didn’t ask Ye Tianxin who they were going to see. He simply nodded.

The person Ye Tianxin wanted to see was none other than Lin Yu. After Lin Yu was brought here yesterday, she was thrown into a small, dark room.

Her hands and feet were broken, and her jaw was also in a state of disarticulation. She was in a far worse state than a beggar.

Ye Tianxin and Shi Han wanted to see Lin Yu, but they wouldn’t do so in that smelly little dark room. They wanted to be in a spacious, bright room. Many scented candles were placed in the room to cover up the smell of Lin Yu’s body.

“Uncle, she is Lin Yu, not Mo Shi.”

Mo Shi was selected by Shi Han personally. Before this, Shi Han put Mo Shi onto Ye Linlang’s side after examining her in various ways and confirming that she was harmless.

Who knew that some people would see Mo Shi as a pawn in the opponent’s chess game.

Someone bent down and caught Lin Yu’s jaw. In an instant, Lin Yu felt that she had lost the ability to speak.

“Ye Tianxin, kill me if you want.”

Lin Yu only wanted to die right now.

She was locked in this small, dark room by Ye Tianxin. She even had to do her business in this tiny space.

At first, she despised the odor, but she gradually got used to the smell. It was rather strange.

“Lin Yu, you can bite your tongue and jump off a cliff. Don’t worry, you won’t die even if you do all that. Someone will cure you. If you want to be mute, that’s fine with me.”

Lin Yu killed Ye Tianxin’s bodyguard Guan Chenxi with a silver needle.

For Ye Tianxin, Guan Chenxi was both her bodyguard and her sister.

Guan Chenxi was a special person to her. She had been taking care of her all these years. Lin Yu killed Guan Chenxi. If she let Lin Yu go, she would be unstoppable.

Ye Tianxin didn’t have the least bit of the Goddess Light in her.

“Ye Tianxin, won’t you think of your children’s well-being?”

Lin Yu’s words made Shi Han suddenly angry. He kicked Lin Yu hard, causing her to fly high like a kite with a broken string before quickly falling with a bang. Red blood appeared on her forehead.

“Lin Yu, we have the ways of making life a living hell around here. Would you like a demonstration?”