Chapter 1929: The Disaster Caused by One Billion Yuan?

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Lin Yu gritted her teeth and said, “Come on, kill me if you can!”

“Why do I have to do it?”

Ye Tianxin looked at Shi Han and asked with a smile, “Uncle, what do you think we should do to such a woman?”

Shi Han took one look at Lin Yu and another at Ye Tianxin. He knew what Guan Chenxi meant to Ye Tianxin. He said, “Give her to me.”

Ye Tianxin nodded.

Lin Yu lurked around Ye Linlang for so long. Nobody knew what she had done, but Shi Han needed to look into whether or not Lin Yu revealed anything about him.

“Uncle, don’t do it yourself. You don’t need to soil your hands with such filthy blood.”

Ye Tianxin believed in karma ever since she had walked through the gate of hell. She didn’t want Shi Han’s hands to be stained with their blood.

Shi Han said, “Good girl, Tianxin.”

When Shi Han and Ye Tianxin came out, Li Qingcang said to Ye Tianxin, “Tianxin, I want to tell people about your health.”

Ye Tianxin said, “Okay, no problem.”

The information department of Jing’s Entertainment announced online that Ye Tianxin was cured of the X-Virus.

Compared to the uproar that yesterday’s wedding caused, today’s news about Ye Tianxin’s recovery had not attracted too many people’s attention.

However, some of the biggest names in medicine couldn’t believe it.

After all, the X-Virus was a completely incurable virus before this. Nobody expected Ye Tianxin to be cured so soon. That itself was a remarkable achievement in the history of medicine.

Meanwhile, Zeus’s plane slowly landed at the Imperial International Airport.

As the king of a country, and Zeus’s appearance naturally attracted the attention of some people.

In an office at the Imperial Capital, a man was answering the phone.

“The Xie and Li families spent nearly three billion on the wedding. Are they sure that all the money they used is legitimate? Could it be the money of the people?”

The man sitting on the leather chair frowned slightly when he heard the other party’s suggestive words.

Both the Xies and the Lis were big families with great heritage. Before, they just kept a low profile and never made themselves known.

He was also surprised when he learned that the Xie and Li families had spent one billion yuan on the wedding venue.

There was still a document on his desk requesting funding from the director of the National Museum. The document was handwritten, and every word was beautiful and sentimental.

That was the director of the National Museum crying for help for those cultural relics.

Everyone knew that the National Museum was a national treasure, but few people knew that those treasures lost their original color after experiencing wars and defeats.

He also went to such a wedding.

He saw for himself the changes that the wedding brought to the National Museum.

The color that was originally lost due to the wind and the sun was slowly growing richer. The shades of cyan, blue, green, red, yellow, and purple were all bright, moving, and charming.

For one billion yuan, he was happy to see it come to fruition. He even agreed with it.

The Empire had made a lot of fiscal revenue in recent years, but it was impossible to spend ten billion yuan to renovate the nation’s museums.

There were so many museums in the country. If they were to be maintained in all aspects, the annual repair cost would exceed one billion yuan.

“Are you saying I should take this as an opportunity to target the Xie and Li families?”

The man’s low voice came from the other end of the phone, “Your Excellency, once the resources of the Xies and the Lis are integrated. Do you think you still have a chance to be re-elected?”