『The Astra part suggests it’s related to the stars in some form, right? So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that it’s somehow obtained from the stars as well, I’d say.』

「Hmm, stars…stars…」

The two continued to theorize how to actually learn to cast the Astra’s Ten Spiritual Realms Circle spell. They took the Binding Arcana Circle and Rosario Summoning Circle as reference to try deducting anything, but it still seemed like a mystery.

Still, they kept bouncing ideas trying to think of anything.

『I really wish I could remember exactly what that meant…』

「The Ten Spiritual Realms part also seems to imply something.」

『Right, I’ve also been wondering about that. I feel like I heard something like that mentioned in relation to religion-?!』

Astra and Ten Spiritual Realms, those words seemed to be concealing some special secret, which they hoped would lead them to unlock that third type of summoning circle. But as Creos said something, his voice suddenly cut off.

「Hm? Did something happen? Did you figure something out!!」

『Oh, no, umm…how do I put this… Something urgent just came up, I have to leave immediately…』

Mira raised her voice, hoping that meant Creos had discovered something, but his response sounded strange and with a sense of urgency, with a hint of unrest. That made Mira get worried, thinking some accident had happened, but Creos just waved her off saying it was a personal matter.

『I’m really sorry, we’ll have to leave this discussion for another time, when we can actually take our time. I’ll go ask Suleyman to look into Astra and the Ten Spiritual Realms in the meantime, surely he must know something. Regardless, I’ll take my leave now.』

It seemed to be something really urgent, as Creos darted out of the room without waiting for a response.

Mira could only wonder what emergency had befallen Creos to leave like that, and just when their discussion was getting to the good part. She sighed in disappointment, but quickly remembered something else.

「Oh! Sorry for that, Mariana. I got really carried away!」

Mariana was still there. After Creos barged in to ask about Originator Spirits, they ended up discussing summoning for a while, and the entire time Mariana had been pushed aside.

Mira quickly apologized, explaining that it was the biggest breakthrough for summoners in quite a while, so she had gotten too absorbed in discussing it. Somehow having pushed Mariana aside made her feel like she had just been having an affair.

『Oh, don’t worry about that, Lady Mira. Just hearing your voice is enough for me. It seemed like you were having so much fun talking about spells with Creos, so that made me happy as well. Please keep doing what you enjoy from now on as well. Just…I’ll be really happy whenever you think of me again, even if it’s just a little.』

Mariana was ready to wait as long as necessary, and forgive anything. Those were her honest thoughts, coming straight from her heart.

(She’d do all that for me..?!)

Mira was overwhelmed by Mariana’s devoted attitude, which was like that of a good wife. And that also seemed to settle things for her. There was mutual love between them.

「It won’t be just a little. You’re always the most important to me!」

Mira announced loudly, and then came a bashful but happy response, 『You’re mine as well.』

After that they continued talking for more than an hour, being far less reserved than before. Now Mira was no longer recounting her adventures, but they were both sharing more personal information, like what they liked and disliked, getting to know each other more.

「That was quite a lengthy chat. It’s getting a bit late and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I’m sorry but I have to hang up now.」

After they talked for a long time, they eventually reached a point where they could wrap things up, and Mira said that. She also recalled that Creos had mentioned Mariana was cleaning the tower when Mira called, so the call had been interrupting that the entire time.

Mariana did not care that she had been unable to finish that task though.

『It’s fine, you can call whenever you want. For me, there’s nothing more important than you after all, Lady Mira.』

Mariana stated that firmly, her feelings coming from the bottom of her heart. Mira replied with a 「Same here,」 her cheeks reddening and her lips unable to stop smiling.

「Don’t push yourself too hard though, I want you to remain in good health.」

『Alright. You take care of yourself as well, Lady Mira.』

Both told the other to take care, and then it was finally time to end the call.

「Mhm, I will… See you then.」


With those last words, Mira slowly pulled the receiver away from her ear. But it was always at times like that when hanging up became hard to do. The same went for Mariana, who remained on the line for a while longer without actually hanging up.

So Mira decided it was time to show her assertiveness and manliness, pushing through the emotional resistance and hanging up with no regrets. There was a slight click as the device ended the call.

Then there was complete silence. A sudden feeling of loneliness and separation assaulted Mira as she placed the lid of the device’s box. After that she stood still, staring blankly at the box.

That device allowed people who were far away from each other to talk freely. That did not sound very impressive in the modern world, it was commonplace there. But this experience showed Mira just how important and life-changing that technology really was.

Most of the conversation had been about trivial things, but just being able to hear each other’s voice seemed to bridge the distance between them. Realizing all of that, Mira wriggled her way out of the closet.

And then, all of a sudden, though rather unsurprisingly, a really excited and loud voice echoed inside Mira’s mind.

『Mira, Miraa! You were talking to Mariana for so long! And what was that about being each other’s most important person? Miraaaa, I really don’t think that’s something you tell a mere aide. Be honest, she’s your wife, isn’t she?!!』