Ring ring!

My pocket clock rang loudly, alarming me that an hour had passed since the start of the game.

"Oh, it's been an hour," I muttered, stopping the alarm and throwing the pocket watch to my inventory. "So, this means I won this game, right?"

I raised my head, looking at Rania and Sophia, who sprawled on the training ground in front of me. Their armor was fully destroyed, leaving them in their tight bodysuit covered in their sweat.

The other female knights were no different. Rather, their sweat even created a small puddle under them, and their chests heaved up and down, drawing heavy breath. Their short hair stuck to their neck, and sweat fell down through the curve of their bodies.

Honestly, they looked so sexy.

Natasha and Lea were in the dining hall with Tris and not here. They didn't participate in the game, so I asked them to rest first.

"Huff… Huff… You're… unfair. How can you be so nimble, Sir Arthur?" Sophia squeezed words from her throat, still lying on her back. She only glanced at me as her body couldn't move at all due to exhaustion.

"Well, I tried to hold back and gave you a handicap by creating a commotion, but I guess that's still too hard. And to answer your question, I guess I am just strong." I smirked as I sat down between the girls.

All of them had exhausted not only their stamina but also their MP. That was why no one used <Heal> to recover their stamina.

And I purposely didn't heal them to enjoy this sight. Well, I wouldn't lie; I loved what I saw in front of me.

"Haa… It's… absurd. You dodged… my attack was like nothing in front of you… When in our duel too…"

Rania drew sharp breaths each time she spoke, making her pause a few times. A somewhat satisfied smile crept onto her face. Not only she, but the Masochist Group under her seemed to enjoy being tired and in pain after exhausting all their stamina.

"As I said, Rania. I was strong." I repeated with a smile. "But both of you did good. I was almost caught on that roof, hahaha. If only you were a bit patient at ambushing me, I probably underestimated you and got caught."

"Huff... Does that mean we're doing better than you thought we would be?" The lioness asked with a bitter smile. "What were you expecting from us?"

"Probably almost catching me in some place I stopped by," I answered honestly as I looked straight into her eyes. "That's if you still had the same level of strength when I first visited. But your growth was faster than I thought. Good job, Sophia."

"I usually would be angry when someone said that, but for some reason, I felt happy." She said, trying to raise her body with difficulty. "Thanks, I guess. Your praise is worth more than anything, Sir Arthur."

"No problem." I nodded at her. "But you didn't forget about the punishment, right?"

As I said that, everyone jolted simultaneously. It seemed like they were too focused on the game that they forgot there would be a punishment waiting for them when they lost.

"I remember."

But it seemed like Rania still remembered about it, seeing how her smile widened as she raised her body.

"I am ready for anything. Whip me, spank me, tie me. Do anything you want to me!" My masochistic sister exclaimed in excitement as she tried to pull her bodysuit under everyone's gazes!

"So that's how it is." Sophia nodded her head and followed Rania's example as I sat there dumbfounded.

Their breasts were bouncing slightly as they freed themselves from their bodysuits. Watching them, I wondered why the female knights were willing to follow such people.

However, I changed my mind when the other female knights raised their bodies and followed these two examples. Their faces flushed red, but there was no sign of stopping as they got undressed.

"… Why were you undressing?" I asked while facepalming.

The quick-witted female knights immediately understood that my punishment wasn't a sexual one. They got embarrassed and quickly pulled up their bodysuit, wearing it properly again.


"T-That was embarrassing! W-Why would I think His Holiness wanted to see my body?!"

Some murmurs escaped their lips as they hid their faces behind their hands.

Rania tilted her head, confused.

"You don't want us to undress and raise our ass so you can squeeze our breasts and spank us naked with a large vibrator in our pussy?" She sounded surprised as if she was certain that was what I wanted to do for my punishment.

Sophia also nodded at Rania's words, as if she was wondering herself whether that was not the case.

"No…" I sighed in defeat and shook my head. "For now, wear your bodysuit again. I will tell you the punishment after all of you get dressed properly."

"Alright…" Rania answered with a hint of disappointment. I could hear her sighing.

After a while, everyone wore their bodysuits properly again and sat on the ground. Sweat still covered their bodies, but no one cared about that. They got used to being covered in sweat already.

I let out another sigh and stood up, looking down to meet their eyes.

"How was the game? Is it hard to catch me who didn't even use my skills?"

"… Are you lecturing us?" Rania asked, looking at me in disbelief.

"Yeah." I nodded. "Well, you girls have improved, but there is something that you really lack…"

I paused slightly to see their reactions. Many murmurs escaped their lips, wondering what they lacked that I personally told them about this.

Confusion spread. Even Sophia didn't know what to say and only looked at me.

"You girls lack a sense of greed! Yes, I know. Greed isn't good. It's even bad! But having a finish goal can be a drive to get stronger. If you are strong, you can get anything you want."



"For example. Rania is currently the strongest on this ground, and I will praise her for that." I continued.

My masochistic sister smiled proudly and nodded her head. Sophia gritted her teeth, but she acknowledged what I said.

"So, I have a fitting punishment for you girls." I grinned widely, snapping my fingers. "Don't worry. I will make this a game. Whoever wins will get a reward for me."

I walked toward Rania and crouched beside her, whispering.

"If you win, I will dominate you. In the process, I will tie and whip you, giving you every pain that will turn into imaginable pleasure that you can't imagine. And if you lose, I will only dominate you and have you wear a chastity belt for 7 days."

"Ah…" A soft moan escaped her lips as her body trembled in ecstasy, "Yes~ That's what I want."

Nodding, I stood up and left Rania, who entered her world and approached Sophia. I crouched near her and whispered.

"And if you win, I will give a Vice-Captain seat to you. On top of that, I will let you command Rania to do one thing you want to."

"Hahaha! That's quite a reward, Sir Arthur." Sophia laughed in excitement and grinned. "I'm looking forward to this punishment."

Then I looked at the other female knights.

"If any of you win, I will allow you to join my squad, working directly under me. If that's not what you want, then tell me your wish! I will grant it!"


"Joining the Paladin Knight Squad?!"

"I want it!"

They became spirited instantly, and I grinned in happiness.

It was working. I just needed to announce what the punishment was.

"Now… The punishment is simple!"

I spread my arms, took out wooden swords of similar sizes and weights from the inventory, and dumped them in the clearing. The numbers were the same as the female knights, so each would get one.

"Swing the sword until you faint. Those who can swing it the longest will be the winner! Don't worry about the patrol shift. I will do it for you girls."

They looked at me with a newly motivated spirit. Even when they were already exhausted, I had a feeling no one would faint until midnight. Only then would there be many girls giving up.

"Now, church knights…" I grinned and walked between them, "Take your swords. May the best one win."


They replied simultaneously, ran to get the wooden swords, and began swinging them in formation. I nodded in satisfaction and walked toward the dining hall to get something to eat.

I would need Natasha and Lea's help to inform the male church knights not to use the training ground until tomorrow and have Tris patrol with me for the day.

We could also use this chance to have a patrol date, something I have been expecting since I decided on the punishment.

'I wonder who would win. That wooden sword will limit their status to 10, so Level isn't really important. The winner will be someone with a stronger desire. And whoever wins, I will dominate Rania as she has given me her consent and looked happy about it.'