Before long, the carriage stopped, and the twins opened the door for us. We had arrived at the church, and I could hear loud cheers from outside.

Both my girls looked rather nervous, but I exited the carriage first and held their hands.

"Slowly," I said, holding Tris' hand tightly. Eli followed behind, and I also helped her to exit the carriage like a princess.

As soon as we showed up and I held both of their hands, loud cheers erupted once again.


"We are happy for you!"

I noticed many students from the Royal Academy stood in front of the crowd. Even Eli's friend, Karin, and her fiancé Oliver came to congratulate us.

While this wasn't planned and wasn't an official engagement, I was happy they came and congratulated Eli. The church knights stood on the side, creating a path for us to go upstairs, where Sana was already waiting.

Reaching the top, I greeted the cute Archbishop wearing a white coat on top of her leotard and black cape. She looked like a holy maiden.

Then, with her gesture, we waved our hands to the crowd and announced.

"I pray for Goddess Teri's blessing for today. I hope we will be given happiness until the end of our lifespan! May the Goddess blessing be with us!"

"May the Goddess blessing be with us!"

After that, we left the venue and headed inside.

"Sir Arthur…" Once we entered the church, Sana called out to me, "There are 36 people in total who got cursed among the crowd. And we have received a request to visit 7 houses because some patients cannot move by themselves. We will begin healing in an hour after the crowd forms a line.

"The event then will be continued with a small party at sunset. We will eat together with food cooked together in a big bowl. This is in accordance with the Goddess' words, where we should share from the same bowl to further increase our relationship.

"That will be the chance to lift the curse, as everyone would probably think their conditions got better after eating a warm soup together."

"Alright." I nodded at her. "That's a great idea."

She worked pretty fast.

Even the idea of eating together to gather the cursed people was good. No one would panic or even know that they got cursed. Even the patients in the house would probably think they only got a flu or got sick normally.

"We will visit those houses after the party then," I said, turning to Tris. "Are you ready to use that skill to help people, Tris?"

"Yeah." She nodded with conviction. "I also want to help them for my self-satisfaction. Gui probably wants me to use it to cure their curse too. Besides… isn't the banquet not complete without beautiful fairies?" She smiled beautifully.

Well, knowing her, that was probably right. And I believed she would be okay. I was also here if something happened or she needed help.

I turned to Eli this time and smiled, "It might be a long day, so tell me if you are tired, okay? We will probably do this again in the Capital City tomorrow, so take proper rest and don't force yourself."

"I understand. You don't need to tell me like a child, Arthur." Eli pouted and crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up.

"Fufufu, you are getting along pretty well with Sir Arthur." Sana giggled at Eli's childish pout after I teased her. "How about resting together in the waiting room? I will ask the nuns to bring some refreshments."

"That's a good idea." I agreed with a nod, "How about it, Tris, Eli?"

"Well… It's still an hour before the real event started, so why not?"

"Un. W-Well, I can rest a little before the event. I am so nervous even though I only accompany Arthur. The attention we got is really pressuring!" Eli exclaimed while fidgeting.

"So you can still be nervous." I grinned at her. "I have a trick so that you won't be nervous. Do you want to hear it?"

"No, thanks." Eli answered and brought her arms up to create an X sign, "I have a bad feeling about it, so don't say anything about it."

"Tsk." I clicked my tongue. "And here I was about to bring you to the sky date."

"As expected!" She shouted with a proud look. Her nervousness seemed to be eased a little, "No matter what you want to say, I won't go up to that magic carpet anymore!"

"Hey, Art…"

As Eli declared her will, Tris nudged my sleeve.


"Could it be… Eli is afraid of heights."

"Yes." I nodded as I saw Eli kept saying about not wanting to go to the sky no matter what now that the Annual Tournament had ended.

Sana kept giggling, amused. Meanwhile, Tris looked at Eli, who walked in front of us with the Archbishop in disbelief.

"She's a Mage who focuses on <Wind Magic> and <Earth Magic>, right?"

"That's correct."

"Have you explained about her advantage?"

"I do." I said, "Both magics are the best at using terrains and the sky to their advantage. Flying around while raining down <Wind Blades> while creating <Earthquake> is the most effective way to fight and defeat their opponents."

"For real?" Tris still couldn't believe it, "I think I need to change the training menu for Eli. Her magic isn't half-bad, but that problem is the most important one."

"Do you need my magic carpet? I can lend it to you."

"That will be good."

Both of us grinned at each other and shook hands.

Well, it wasn't my fault for letting Tris take over Eli's training, right? After all, no matter how much I tried to make her not afraid of heights, she was still afraid of them.

'Good luck, Eli. I don't even know what kind of training Tris has for you. But it will be hell.'

Talking about hell…

'I need to tell them about it.'

In front of us, Eli suddenly stopped and looked over her shoulder, "W-What? Are you planning something bad?"

"It's nothing," I replied with a smile. "Look, we've arrived. Sana, you should join us inside. There is something I want to ask about."

"Is that okay?" Sana asked curiously. "I don't want to bother…"

"It will be okay. It's something related to the future. I believe you need to know about it. Both of you too."

They looked at me with confusion, but I was serious. With the Purple Eye's appearance, it wouldn't be long until something from Hell appeared again.

So… It would be better to tell them about it so they could prepare for the future.

"It might affect our future," I said seriously.

"Very well." Sana nodded, noticing my seriousness.

She opened the door to the waiting room and entered. We followed suit beforehand, and I explained everything about the Encroachment of Hell to them and my plan to leave the Virtue Kingdom in the near future.

This news surprised them and made them worried, especially Eli. However, she calmed down when I told her it was only temporary. I also promised to hold the official engagement ceremony I left and would stay home as much as possible.

And so, their mood was restored and an hour passed with them listening to my story and made me promise to stay safe and kept communicating through Tris with [Love Letter].