In our round of greetings, we met a few familiar faces, such as people from the Royal Academy and Alesia.

For some reason, the headmistress glared at me. Emilia stood beside her and also gave me a death stare.

This… What did I do? I didn't remember doing anything, and Emilia was also busy, so I didn't bother her lately.

I made a note to keep her company soon.

Ertha was actually also helping the charity event, sitting on the biggest tent to instruct the other nuns. She was a Bishop, so she naturally didn't heal the patient herself and only observed what happened, even with her eyes blindfolded.

We also met a few cursed people and passed by them. There were no symptoms showing up yet, so I ignored them for now. They should be okay until the party later.

It only took us a few minutes before we returned to the church, disappearing from people's gazes. If we kept lingering around, a big crowd would be formed, and that would definitely obstruct the lines of people trying to get free healing.

I meant… The idea of getting healed even if they could be revived in a perfect state seemed absurd, but many people apparently didn't want to die even if they got sick. Killing themselves was a grave sin that would get them more than 100 Sins points.

If only I could revive, then I would kill myself many times to get that juicy Sins. However, that would also decrease my level, which wasn't ideal.

"Then, Art. I saw some of my friends from the Castitas Academy, so I will go and greet them."

Tris suddenly parted away and ran out of the church while waving her hand. She winked at me, gesturing for me not to forget what she said earlier.

Eli also seemed to notice it and heard what we were talking about earlier.

"Arthur, I forgot that I have a plan with Karin. Umm, can I go and meet her?"


"Un." She nodded with a smile. "I am sorry, but I forgot to tell you. Last night, we were talking through a [Earring of Communication], and I… I can't tell you about what we were talking about! It's a girl's secret!"

Her acting looked natural, especially with a blush on her face when she said it was a girl's secret.

I smiled at her and nodded, "Don't worry about it. Have fun with your friend, Eli."

"Thank you. I will see you later." She leaned forward for a kiss.

Our lips touched slightly, and she giggled in happiness. She then turned around and walked out of the church in hurried steps.

I was left alone with Sana, and we looked at each other.

"They left." She said, looking at the entrance for a second before turning back at me, "You aren't going after them, Sir Arthur?"

"I am not the kind of person who would bother them playing with their friends, Sana," I answered with a smile, "I guess I will just rest in the room from earlier. I believe you have a business in Capital City, right?"

"Haa…" She sighed, holding her cheek with her hand. Her face morphed into a troubled expression as her smile disappeared. "Now, Sir Arthur. I am also not the kind of someone who can't read the room. I believe I understand why Miss Eliza and Tristan left us alone."

"Hahaha, I won't deny that." I laughed at her perfectly nailed guess. "I also noticed you seemed a bit down."

I leaned closer to her and whispered in a sultry voice, "If you don't mind, I can at least hear your problem, you know? Should we open a confession booth in a private room? Or should we do it in front of the Goddess' statue?"

The church was empty because almost everyone was outside to attend the event.

Playing it risky would make it more exciting, as being found out by the nuns wouldn't really change anything at all. They would only think Archbishop Sana was lucky to be able to do it with the Paladin many times.

"That's unfair." Sana muttered and leaned her body against mine, tiptoeing to reach my head, "I've been holding back not to bother you anymore, Sir Arthur. But you're being unfair to me. Why did you seduce me like that?"

"Because you look lonely." I chuckled, grabbing her waist and lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around me as we kissed deeply.

Our tongues played with each other, and our bodies heated up.

She was already panting and gasping for air when we parted.

I carried her to the bench and put her down. I was standing while she was sitting down. I didn't care if someone saw us. After all, I was a Paladin.

"Sir Arthur... We can't do this in the church..." She muttered, but her arms were circled around my neck. Her face was flushed red as she looked at me with her moist eyes.

"It's okay." I reassured, taking out a handful of [Darkness Curtain] and spreading it.

With this, people would only see darkness around this area. But for us, the area looked normal. It only made it feel like we were in the open.

"Let's make love here." I smiled and pushed her down on the bench, "No one will see us. Just focus on me and release your desire."

I started by kissing her lips. I leaned over her, pressing her down on the bench. She was gasping for air when I moved to her neck, leaving marks and bruises.

Her soft skin was so erotic that I couldn't help but lick and bite her, eliciting moans and gasps from her mouth.

"Sir Arthur... Please, don't leave marks.." She whispered, her voice hoarse with desire.

"It's okay, Sana." I answered, "Let me shower you with my love."

I didn't give her a chance to answer. My hand went to her chest and ripped her leotard. Her breasts were exposed, bouncing and jiggling, inviting me to lick and suck them.

I could see her nipples hardened. I licked one of them while squeezing the other with my hand. She let out a moan as her hand touched my hair, pushing me deeper into her chest.

"Ahh... Sir Arthur..." She panted, looking at me with her eyes half-closed.

With the naked Goddess' statue as our witness, I continued playing with her body. For some reason, I could hear an imaginary voice saying, [Beloved Paladin, after you're done with Sana, go to Bishop Ertha and take her virginity so we can play again] at the back of my head.

I ignored it and focused on making love to Sana.

'Sorry, Goddess. My girl is my priority.'