"They saw me…" Sana muttered in defeat, "How could I show my face after what happened earlier? My reputation..."

After we cleaned the hall and ourselves with a large-scale <Purification>, Sana dragged me to her office, only covered in a long cape. I ripped her leotard, so she needed to get a change that was in this office.

Anyway, she sat on the couch and felt a bit devastated. For the record, I didn't tell her the nuns couldn't see us having sex yet, so she thought that they just pretended not to notice us and walked away, being considerate.

"Sir Arthur… I don't want to say this, but… That was your fault."

For the first time ever, someone blamed me for something we both agreed on. I only seduced her after knowing she was a bit lonely, and she also made a move. I also said we should just do it in the hall because no one was there anyway.

Looking back, yes. That was indeed my fault, wasn't it?

However, the pouting Sana always looked cute. She glared at me with bloated cheeks, looking like an angry little animal. I wanted to tease her.

"But you seduced me too," I replied as I sat close to her, invading her private distance. She didn't try to dodge or move away at all, signing she didn't mind. "How could that be my fault?"

"No, you seduced me first." She rolled her eyes, "And I told you that we should do it in my office." She continued, scotting a bit away from me to show her dissatisfaction.

"You never said that," I smirked and got closer once again, making her flutter. "You said that I was unfair and suddenly kissed me. Isn't that right, Sana? Ah, that was quite a deep kiss, which excited me. That was your attempt at seducing me, no? I knew that you could still hold back at that time."

"Uhh…" She groaned, not having any excuse to retort. "You're really unfair. Even if the nuns from before are considerate of us, t-the rumor would definitely spread wide. It was embarrassing."

"So being seen with me is embarrassing?" I heaved a sad sigh. "If that's so, I guess I won't ever show up again. How sad… So that was how you feel about me."

"Eh? N-No, that's not what I meant at all!"

Sana was flustered, clinging on my sleeve to resolve the misunderstanding.

She was a sly Archbishop, smart at politics, and was sensitive enough to know my plan with a simple explanation.

But… This was her weakness.

When she was flustered and lost her calmness, she couldn't think straight. This always happened every time we had sex, and I loved this side of her.

No one was perfect. Her flaw made her look attractive.

"Hahahaha." I chuckled in amusement, "Sorry, Sana. I was just joking. The nuns from earlier weren't able to see us because I spread a magic item called [Darkness Curtain]."

"Huh?" She froze, and her eyes widened in confusion.

"So before we made love earlier, I made sure to use a magic item to make it look like no one was around the area. When someone saw us earlier, they could only see darkness and thought that nothing was wrong."

'Well, the Goddess did witness us and even told me to take Ertha's virginity as fast as I could because she wanted to have sex with me in her body.' I added in my mind, not bothering to tell Sana about it.

"So… No one saw us?" She asked in an uncertain tone. "Sir Arthur… You… You just teased me?"

"Yeah." I nodded with a wide grin. "You were so cute, so I can't help myself."


Slowly, Sana pulled away from me and stood up. Her expression was cold, and she walked to her desk silently.

'Did I go too far?' I thought as dread washed over me.

This time, I might really go too far in my teasing.

'She's mad!'

"Sir Arthur." A cold voice escaped Sana's lips as she opened a drawer of her desk.


Confirmed. She was truly angry about what I did.

"Yes?" I replied, pretending not to panic or anything.

I thought she liked being seen, but apparently not. That was just a spur of a moment from her arousal. Sana was still normal and didn't turn into a pervert.

"I was mad." She said, taking out a document.

"I thought that my reputation as an Archbishop was ruined. No, even if it wasn't ruined because I slept with you in the holy hall, the act was still disrespectful to Goddess Teri. So…"

She approached me. An evil smile crept onto her face as she handed me the document.

"Please read this."

I took the document as she said and looked at it. Meanwhile, she sat down next to me, looking at me expressionlessly.

Was she angry or something else? I couldn't really read her at all.

Anyway, I proceeded to read the document as she requested. As I read it, I became confused as hell.

'Request to change affiliation?' I thought as I read down the document.

There was the second one, and it made me stop.

"Sana…" I called out, turning to her. "Are you really this angry? I'm sorry, okay? My joke has gone too far."

"Sir Arthur." She spoke, leaning closer to me.

I stayed still. Not because I was scared of her expressionless face but because I didn't want to make this matter worse.


"I am not mad."

She suddenly stuck out her tongue and planted a kiss. A soft tongue invaded my mouth, rolling around inside. Our saliva mixed together, and she pushed me onto the couch.

I was slightly surprised, but I began to enjoy the kiss as I pulled her closer. Her arms went over my neck as a slurping and wet sound echoed in the office.

After a while, Sana pulled away. A trail of saliva still connected our tongues; some fell onto her leotard, and she breathed heavily.

"Huff… Huff… T-That was how I showed my answer, Sir Arthur… I am not mad, just a little bit angry. You're really unfair to make me show that document." She said, smiling softly, "So take responsibility, okay? This is my final decision."

"Are you sure about this?" I asked worriedly, looking straight at her eyes, which were close to mine.

The document she gave me earlier was about her request to stop being the Archbishop in Academy City's Castitas Church and get transferred to the Holy City. It seemed like she wanted to pursue her goal seriously this time.

But… Why did she say take responsibility?

"I am serious, Sir Arthur."

"This is so sudden," I said, pushing her slightly so I could raise my body. She was still sitting on my lap and looked at me with a tender gaze, "But what do you mean by taking responsibility?"

"Fufufu, it's just as I said." She giggled playfully and traced her finger across my chest, "I want you to escort me safely to the holy city after you finish your business in the Sin Kingdom."

She climbed down and sat next to me again.

"After hearing what you said to us earlier, I decided also to pursue my dream before it's too late. And seeing your serious face earlier made me want to tease you too. Fufufu, it seems like I managed to catch your guard off, Sir Arthur."

"Seriously…" I sighed as I put the document on the table. "You got me with that one. I thought you really got mad with me and chose to leave."

"Are you afraid that I would do that, Sir Arthur?" She asked me playfully with a low giggle.

"I am," I answered seriously as I grabbed her hand.

Being left by someone important to me was… not a pleasant experience.

I already forgot how many times I had experienced that. One hundred… probably more. My friends died one by one, creating a rather deep trauma in me. I wasn't afraid to admit it because I was also broken before, just like Tristan.

If I saw my loved one die in front of me, even when I knew they could get revived in this world, I didn't know what I would do with my uncontrolled power.

Just the thought of Sana wanting to leave earlier was surprising. Thankfully, it wasn't because she was mad at me but because she wanted to pursue her goal.


"Please don't joke around with that anymore."

Sana looked at me, surprised by the sudden sight of my weakness. I understood this very well, and that was why I would do everything to ensure the world was at peace.

Slowly, she reached out and hugged me.

"My apologies. It seemed like I went too far with my joke."

"Don't be sorry. Just… don't do it again, even as a joke. You know that I care a lot about you. And I will support your decision no matter what it is."

"Yes." Sana's soft voice rang in my ears. "Thank you. I love you, Sir Arthur."

"And so do I, Sana."

We looked at each other for a second before our lips met together.

Now I knew why she looked lonely earlier and looked so frail.

I came to understand her more.

She was afraid.

Afraid that I wouldn't care about her any more if she was away from me.

We spent a bit more talking to ensure we were on the same page. I didn't bring up the matter about me wanting to get engaged with her or anything about dominating her for now.

It was a little bit disappointing, but I was happy she had a goal. That was what made life wonderful.

At this moment, I realized another thing.

'I've changed a lot too.'