"This is embarrassing…!" Tris complained; her head was lowered down so people before the stairs couldn't see her.

"I-I agree." Eli added as her face turned red from all the attention we got.

"Art, are you not embarrassed sitting like this while being watched by many people?"

"No. This is still way better than standing beside Queen Eve and making a speech in a few cities. I was press trained." I chuckled at my own words.

'Press trained my ass. I just wing it.' I thought in my mind.

"Press trained your ass. I bet you just wing it."

But Tris also had the same thing in mind and giggled together.

Eli looked confused as she didn't understand the term, but then I explained that press training meant getting used to crowds and talking in public. It wasn't a perfect explanation, but it was enough to make her understand.

"That's… I want to receive that kind of training, too." She said, nodding shyly. "As you can see, I am not used to crowds and get shy easily."

"Don't worry, Eli! Let's learn how to get used to it together." Tris said.

"That's great." I nodded, "But Tris… It's time."

"Ah, yeah." She nodded, looking over the crowd. They began to chant, following Ertha's lead.

The blindfolded Bishop nodded in our direction from the foot of the stairs.

"I guess it's time to cure them all from the curse." She said, smiling softly. Her hand trembled due to nervousness, so I grabbed it to calm her down.

At the same time, I took out a magic item from my inventory, which looked like a brooch, and put it on her palm.

"This…" Tris' eyes widened as she saw the magic item. "What is this?"

"A [Fairy's Brooch] that I made for you. This is a Level 90 item that can increase the range of your skill. If it's with your skill and level, your <Fairy's Banquet> might be able to cover the whole Academy City, so we don't need to visit those cursed people in their houses."

"This will help." Tris smiled, put the brooch on her dress, and stood up. "Watch me, Art."

"Yeah." I nodded as I saw her walk to the edge of the stairs.

Eli watched curiously and asked, "How will she cure the citizens from this place, Arthur?"

"Just watch." I grinned, looking at my cute tsundere fiancee, "You will see the most beautiful skill when used in an area."


"Yes." I nodded, "To reach that level is hard, though. You need four elements of magic to reach Level 5, combining it to <Four Elemental Magic> and reach Level 8 in that skill. It took years of dedication to reach that level."

That was why it would be the first time this kind of magic was used in front of many people in this world

I watched as Tris raised their hands, a sense of anticipation filling the air. Eli also fell silent and only watched.

The crowd that gathered around the church cheered. They were waiting for the show that Ertha had told them.

Then, with a graceful smile and movement, Tris invoked her skill, <Fairy's Banquet>.

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifted. From her hands, radiant tiny figures began to materialize. These were the fairies, each representing one of the four elements.

Water fairies shimmered like liquid diamonds, fire fairies danced with flames that didn't burn, earth fairies brought forth tiny flowers and plants, and wind fairies twirled through the air like dandelion seeds.

The night was suddenly filled with light as the fairy danced in the air and approached the people below.

They circled the cursed individuals, their presence imbued with a soothing magic. As they danced, a soft, melodic hum filled the air. People began to dance along with the fairies, bright smiles on their faces.

I watched as I used <Appraisal> to check on the people I marked as cursed earlier.

Slowly, the curses that had afflicted the people began to dissipate. Their (Cursed) status was gone. The once-pained expressions of the cursed individuals softened, replaced by looks of wonder and relief.

The crowd around the church was captivated by the sheer beauty of the skill unfolding before them. It was not just a magical display; it was a celebration. The fairies' dance transformed the atmosphere, infusing it with a sense of joy and hope.

This was perfect to celebrate my engagement with both of my fiancees. I stood up, approaching Tris with Eli.

"Good work, Tris." I softly whispered.

"Un." She nodded. Her face was filled with tears of happiness as she watched the fairies flying all over the Academy City. "I cured them."

"You did." I nodded, bringing her to my embrace. My other hand pulled Eli, and we watched it together.

Tris's skill had not only cured the curse but had also lifted the spirits of everyone present.

"Hey, Art." Tris softly whispered into my ear. "Thank you."

"No problem," I answered with a smile and used <Appraisal> on her.

The (Mild Trauma) was gone. She was completely cured of both her regrets and trauma. She had paid it off.

Eli smiled beautifully in my embrace. They leaned their heads against my shoulders. I could feel their soft, hot breath amid the people's cheers.

We sat on the ground, enjoying our peace as people continued to dance with the fairies. My goal to cure Tris' trauma was completed with this. I didn't need to worry anymore about leaving her for a month or so to finish my business in the Sin Kingdom.

Now, my next stop would be in the Capital City.

Without a doubt, Queen Eve would attend this charity event. I hadn't received any information from Beatrice yet, but she probably couldn't contact me at this time because she needed to stick around the Queen.

Patience was a virtue. I shouldn't be too greedy or too impatient to make my move. It was just a little bit more until I could finish my quest.

'I will inquire about the coronation from the Queen tomorrow and, if possible, get a pass to cross the border from her.'

While that wasn't needed, I just wanted to show that I respected her authority as the next Ruler. I could also ask her to contact the Sin Kingdom's patrol border or Duke Blacktomb to prepare for my arrival to make things easier.

'That's decided.'