Alesia looked at me with a neutral expression, not showing any emotion, "Because you will join the family soon?" She said with a questioning tone.

"Even if Milea refused, I have already offered myself to you if you help me achieve my dream, right? So you're part of the family. My trouble is your trouble."

What kind of logic was that?

"Anyway, thanks to you, the situation didn't become worse." Alesia's lips curled up slightly in an amused smile, "Thank you."

"Whatever you say." I sighed, "I already knew it would be like this. Just explain it to me later, and I hope I get compensated for it."

"Of course." Alesia nodded, "I will get you a lot of [Teleportation Gems]. You need them to go around, no?"

"Good enough," I said with a smile.

Well, that would be sufficient for the trouble. And just like Alesia had said, it wasn't to the point where a fight broke out.

I bet it would be worse if I visited this place alone or just with Milea. Mafula, Milea's mother, wasn't exactly in her best state.

Her emotion was unstable, and she seemed unable to accept that her daughter ran away from the house because she was curious.

Still… I wouldn't involve myself in this trouble more than this. Unless Milea or her parents told me, I wouldn't do anything.

Before long, Cleric returned from inside and closed the door behind him.

"My apologies, Alesia. Mafula was always worried about our daughter and… was a bit angry at you." He laughed dryly and sat back in his seat. Then he turned at me and bowed, "I also lost control earlier when I thought my daughter was forced to do what she didn't want to. My apologies."

I looked at Cleric in surprise. Well, I certainly didn't expect that he would apologize like that, even bowing his head toward me when it was clear that we were the ones who caused the misunderstanding.

"I understand the situation, Mr. Cleric. Please raise your head. It's also the headmistress' fault for… provoking Mrs. Mafula."

Cleric raised his head at my words and smiled, "You're quite kind."

'Perhaps.' I replied in my mind.

After hearing it a few times, that word didn't really make me happy or anything. My kindness in the past was fake, anyway. And people always put a second face in society.

Still, I was glad that Cleric was a reasonable person. I felt like this was the perfect time to tell him.

Getting his permission would feel better in my mouth instead of dominating Milea without her parents' knowledge and having trouble later.

"I am not that kind, Mr. Cleric." I smiled wryly at him. "And there was a bit of truth in the headmistress' words earlier."

"Is it about Milea serving you?" He asked, still having a kind smile. "Hahaha, if that's what she wants, then I don't mind. Also, I understand that Alesia just wanted to make my wife angry about my daughter being dominated. You are a kind young man, from what I see. You surely wouldn't do that."

"It's about that…" I said, scratching my cheek.

"I wasn't lying about that. My cute niece went to me and asked for my opinion." Alesia interjected once again, smiling playfully. "She made her decision to be dominated by student Arthur. If you love your daughter, you should support her decision. This guy is kind and strong. He will be able to protect her."

"I see… If that's her decision, then I won't stop her." Cleric let out a long sigh.

Was he truly okay with that? I was a bit surprised.


"But accepting it as her father is something else." He said, his tone lowered once again. "I need to make sure you can protect her, as Alesia had said." He looked at me with a sharp gaze as an iron sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

'<Space Magic>?' I thought, my eyes widened slightly.

He was the second person I met who was able to use <Space Magic> besides Alesia. Could everyone use that magic now? That would be scary.

'I wonder what his secret is. Don't tell me he can use <Time Magic> too. But if he can, that would explain why he looked so young even though he's Milea's father.'

"Arthur Vainglory, is it? Fight me." He asked, standing up.

"I will see whether you're able to protect my daughter or not. Just so you know… I was the first Paladin's older brother. If you lose, I hope you throw away the thought of dominating my daughter. If you win, then I will leave her in your care. I know that I failed as a parent, so this is what I can do for her, at least."


I looked at him with a calm gaze, hiding my surprise at the information he casually revealed. I was glad he was someone 'special' and not just your everyday father.

If a random father I met in the Elf Village could use <Space Magic> casually like that, then I needed to put this place as a dangerous area that I needed to be wary of.

Still… This was good. I was also curious and had a few questions for him.

"Very well." I nodded and stood up. "May I ask a few questions regardless of the outcome of this fight later?"

"Yes. I don't mind."

"Thank you." I smiled calmly and turned to Alesia. "[Teleportation Gems] alone won't cut it."

"I will add an extra thing." She answered. "And I will referee this fight. I will stop it if it gets too dangerous."


We moved out of the house and went over the forest, away from the village.

All three of us understood that this fight might turn into a bigger scale, so we went over to a clearing that was apparently used for training.

I stood a bit away from Cleric and took out an iron sword. He was already in a stance, and without even using <Appraisal>, I knew that he had a high Lv of <Swordsmanship>, probably even higher than Grand Marshal.

'First Paladin's older brother, huh?' I mused in my mind as I held my sword tighter and put down my barrier. 'This might be fun.'

Alesia stood between us on the edge of the clearing. She looked at both of us alternatively and nodded, shouting loudly.