"That's…" Beatrice looked at the item I took out from my inventory with widened eyes. "I should wear that?"

What I showed Beatrice was a nun costume, the one with a similar design to what Garcia wore. It was an erotic one.

"I will have you to accompany me while pretending to be a nun for now. Of course, while wearing this inside you."

I took out two more items: a large vibrator and a cat tail plug with 8 beads. This one was special as the others only had 4 to 5 beads. But I believed in Beatrice. She would be able to take it all inside her.

The primordial Succubus' eyes lit in arousal. Her pupil changed into a heart shape as she looked at the items in my hands and licked her lips seductively.

"Fufufu, so you wanted to humiliate me first before rewarding me for real. You're so naughty and sadistic, Master~ I love that part about you."

Beatrice began to undress her crop top and sexy shorts after replying. Before long, she stood naked and approached me, shaking her hips and making her breasts bounce.

"Are you truly not interested in doing it right now, Master? Look at my crotch. It's already drenched just by imagining taking your big, hard cock inside."

Indeed. Her love juices already dripped from her fold to her thighs. She looked so sexy that I got a little bit excited.

She leaned closer, pushing her body against mine. Her soft breasts were crushed against my chest, and she seductively moved my hand onto her plump ass.

"I can turn into anything you want to, Master. Just order me, and I shall satisfy you and your most disgusting desire that you can't let out to your loved ones. I am your slave… A pleasure slave."

The whisper that tickled my ear almost made me lose my reason. But… I wasn't someone who got easily seduced like this.

"Hya~! T-That was so sudden, Master. Cumming!"

I pushed the tail plug inside her ass in one go and the vibrator inside her pussy. Her body trembled as she squirted a torrent of love juice onto the floor.

Beatrice turned weak and hugged me as her back arched due to the intense pleasure she experienced at once.

After a few seconds, her orgasm calmed down, and she breathed heavily near my ears. The vibrator moved slowly inside her pussy, making her moan in pleasure.

Still, she was a primordial Succubus. Even when experiencing such pleasure, she was still able to move and sat on my lap, looking at me straight with a lustful gaze. My hands were still holding her ass, kneading the soft cheeks.

"Master~ Y-You are a sadist. How could you insert something so big into my pussy while penetrating my ass at the same time?"

"Didn't you love it?" I smirked and chuckled lowly. "You even squirted a lot. Look at the mess you made."

"Well, I can't say anything." The primordial Succubus grinned and climbed off my lap, taking the nun costume beside me. "I just need to wear this and use my <Illusion Magic> so people, including the Queen, think I am just a regular nun, right? Should I create a pair of purple cat ears too?"

"Yes." I nodded at her and smiled like a sly snake, "I have a little duty for you."


Beatrice hummed in interest as she began to wear the nun clothes, starting from the white socks and garter belt. She didn't wear any panties because of the vibrator and the tail plug.

"What kind of duty should I do while having this big thing inside my pussy, Master? I know you have no hobby of sharing your girl, and I don't believe you will develop it. So I am curious. Why did you give me a new task while I was tortured with… Hnn~ This pleasure?"

What was this Succubus saying?

"I don't have such a hobby."

I would always make sure that only I could see my girl's pleased face and touch their bodies. Even when punishing Milea, I made sure that no one would be able to see through the illusion Garcia cast beside my girls.

And to answer Beatrice's question…

"Don't you get excited with such a challenge? You said you were holding back a lot. So, I thought of giving you something to feed on. Use your skills to make some of the citizens screw around tonight to celebrate the Queen's exclamation."

"You want me to feed on their desire?" Beatrice asked in a surprise after she wore her bra. Her breasts jiggled with her movement as her face morphed in confusion. "Why?"

Beatrice continued wearing the nun costume. Now, she wore the corset and clothes that only covered a slight part of her large breasts.

"To make them believe they are happy hearing Queen Eve becoming a ruler," I answered with a smirk as I watched her without averting my eyes.

Just as I finished speaking, she also finished wearing the nun costume and smiled widely.

"Ah, so that's how it is." She exclaimed. "So you want them to think that their good feeling is because of their trust toward Queen Eve. You wanted to give them a sense of relief, especially to those who don't trust the Queen."

"I am glad you caught on." I nodded at her.

Having a smart slave like Beatrice was the best. She immediately knew why I asked her to make the civilians feel good with her skill.

The reason why I used a vibrator and tail plug to make Beatrice aroused wasn't just because of my sadistic nature that wanted to see her embarrassed expression. But it was also because her skill would get stronger the more she got aroused.

And of course, she didn't need to show her body or even touch them. Using that pink mist was enough.

I didn't believe in certainty. There would definitely be people who didn't like Queen Eve among the civilians.

Back in Horizon Online, there were many quests regarding revolution and coup d'etat. I didn't want to risk it before Queen Eve could prove herself as an outstanding ruler.

'So giving the civilians a fake sense of relief will help, but it is only a temporary measure.'

The rest depended on how the Queen governed the Virtue Kingdom and whether she could satisfy her citizens or not.


Beatrice's voice pulled me from deep thought, and I raised my head.

She pulled her front skirt up, showing her drenched pussy with a vibrator moving inside and a tail plug that moved around. Then she spun slowly, making her love juice drip on the floor, but she didn't care and smiled lustfully.

After a full spin, she released her skirt and hid her crotch again. Her breasts jiggled as she stopped, and then she asked.

"How do I look?"

I stood up, approached her, grabbed her large breast, and squeezed it. She moaned loudly and giggled playfully. Leaning closer, I whispered into her ear.

"You look fucking sexy."

"Fufufu, I can look forward to getting your thick cum after finishing my small duty."

"Yeah, I won't stop even when you're begging me to."

"You think I would beg you to stop, Master? I would be happy even if you broke my body and mind. Rather, please break me."

Truly a sentence that would only be spoken by a lustful primordial Succubus. I kissed her deeply and made her cum once more before leaving the private room together.

Of course, Beatrice had used her <Illusion Magic> to make her look like a regular nun that Sana sent to assist me. That was the setting I made for her identity.