I removed my pants, showing Beatrice my hard erection. Her eyes widened in excitement, and she drooled in anticipation. I pulled the clothes hiding her breasts, giving me a full view of her beautiful breasts and bare pussy.

Beatrice was wet, dripping all over the couch.

I sat on the couch and motioned to her, asking her to sit on my lap.

Beatrice giggled and crawled towards me. She put her legs around my waist, sitting on my lap. We embraced each other, lips pressed together and tongues doing a wild dance. Our saliva was traded as our fingers explored our bodies.

Her arms surrounded my back, and my hands grabbed her ass.

"Hnn~ Master..." She moaned lustfully when I bit her nipple, pulling it with my teeth and licking it.

After I played with both of her nipples, I lowered my hand to grab her firm round ass once again. I let Beatrice grind her hips, using my thigh to pleasure herself and slapped her ass to control the speed of her hip movement.

"Hyaanh~! Ugnhh..." Her erotic voice reverberated inside the private room, and I slapped her ass multiple times to intensify her movements. "It feels too good, Master!"

Beatrice climaxed, squirting love juice all over my thigh.

"Hmnhhg... Master..." Beatrice panted tiredly, resting her head on my shoulder, and hugged me. "Fuck me~ Please fuck me right now~"

"Master, hurry up~ I need your cock inside my pussy right now~" She licked my neck, hugging me with her sexy legs.

"Alright," I answered and aligned my dick against her entrance.

Her moan as I entered her and the pressure as I squeezed my length through the tight wall of her pussy made me grunt. It felt heavenly.

Beatrice's tongue was stuck out, her body trembling due to the sheer pleasure.

My hands caressed her breasts as I pulled my length out before slamming it again, making her voice ring out again. I pushed myself in as I lowered her weight on my throbbing shaft. I released my restraint, enjoying her body and not caring if anyone could hear her lustful moans.

"Is this what you want?" I asked her and received no answer since her tongue was stuck out, and she had no strength. She looked so sexy with her breasts bouncing up and down in the rhythm of my fucking.

I nibbled and sucked on the skin of her neck, my hand groping her ass while I pounded her.

"Does it feel good?" I asked her, letting my thrusts grow fiercer.

Beatrice grunted, almost unable to withstand the sensation. "Yes...! So deep inside...!"

She managed to let out some words and wrapped her limbs around me.

"Master, kiss me..." She said with her eyes closed and her head resting on my shoulder.

I fulfilled her request and kissed her lips. Our tongues pressed against each other's, exchanging our saliva as I fucked her hard.

The wet slapping sound increased in volume, the tail plug still sending pleasure to her rear, and her ass hole was twitching wildly. She was cumming almost non-stop as her asshole was being stimulated alongside her pussy.

I tried reaching out for the cat plug and pulled it out. She cummed a bucketload the moment the plug was out, making the couch and her whole lower body completely drenched.

"What a slut!" I chuckled in amusement.

She squealed a horny moan as her pussy swallowed every inch of my dick inside her, her insides tightened even more, her back arched, and her sexy hips shook madly, her head swaying from side to side as she climaxed wildly.

She orgasmed once again when my length dug its way through the inside of her pussy as I continued ramming against her hips, her legs surrounding my waist shaking madly.

"T-too rough... too deep~!" She whimpered, biting on my shoulder and clinging to my back. "Hnngh...! More! I am going to... lose my sanity...!"

It would be an understatement to call her lewd, erotic, and pervert, especially right now.

Beatrice's skin was drenched in sweat, and I could see her naked body trembling from the after-effects of her numerous climaxes.

I stopped and threw her on the couch once more.

This time, she lay on her stomach, facing downward, her ass raised in the air. I admired the scene of her aroused, soaking pussy lips and then jamming my cock inside her drenched pussy. She trembled and screamed a muffled noise on the couch, her thighs trembling as she struggled to keep her hips in the air.

"Unngh, yes... Yess! Deep! So deep...!!" Beatrice let out a quivering sigh of relief when I finished pushing the whole length inside.

I leaned towards the couch and rested my elbows beside her waist. I started with gentle but fast paced thrusts, hitting against her g-spot, and groped her breasts with both my hands.

Beatrice held the pillow tightly and gasped in pleasure as she endured the continuous thrust of my hardened shaft inside her. I sped my pace and rammed against her pussy, her face smothered against the pillows while moaning loudly.

Before long, I felt her tight pussy massaging my shaft and her whole body shudder as a fountain of love juice spurted between her thighs. Beatrice squirmed for a moment as she experienced another orgasm. She began moaning in an absolutely lascivious way.

Pleasure built quickly, making it impossible to resist the need to shoot inside her womb and fulfill her desire for my seeds. As I thrust once again, this time filling her up to the base, my hand wandered on her belly, pinching her clit and pushing her nub hard.

"Hnn! Aaah~ Give me your cum, Master!! Give me all your cum, please...! I want... to be filled up~ Please cum inside~!!"

I held the edge of the couch with one hand, pinching the clit with the other as I continued plowing her pussy mercilessly with my cock. A grin crept on my face as I saw Beatrice's face full of euphoria, feeling her body tremble as she experienced multiple continuous climaxes.

She was smiling, her face buried in the pillows, crying out my name, her hands still gripping the pillows, holding for her dear life as she received my reward. She was so close again, I was sure of that.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she cried in pleasure and pushed her butt in an attempt to meet my thrusts.

It was so hot inside her, and her tight pussy was grinding my shaft, begging to receive the love seeds. I pinched her clit one final time before ramming all my length inside her again.

"Ooooh!!" She started clenching down and moaning in ecstatic pleasure as the sperm jet shot inside her pussy like water being splashed through a garden hose.

I groaned when her pussy tightened more, and her walls clenched hard as if trying to suck me. A rope of love juices squirted in an amazingly thick stream from her. I felt an intense sense of relief when I came and showered her vagina walls.

She couldn't seem to stop the orgasmic moans pouring out her lips as if her senses were taken over by the pleasure.

"Take this."

As a reward for enduring, I returned the cat plug tail in her ass while she was still squirming in sexual delight, enjoying her own climax. The tail plug went back in, and she wiggled her butt around cutely.

I shot the final ropes of my seeds on her butt and finished the cumshot all over her body. I watched her use her own fingers to rub the pool of semen around her and scoop the cum inside her mouth.

Gulping loudly, she showed me the inside of her mouth to prove it, and the pool of seeds in her pussy was enough to make her look like a bitch.