The event ended at 9 PM.

They didn't extend it to midnight as the Queen needed to return, and the citizens of Capital City wanted to continue the party privately in the bar or their own home, unlike the citizens of Academy City.

Well, there was an important factor back then that was missing here. There were no fairies dancing around with the citizens, making the event in Capital City more bland than the one in Academy City.

Also, Beatrice's skill had affected them. The married couple probably couldn't help but return home faster due to excitement and proceeded to have another kid. I wished them prosperity.

Talking about the primordial Succubus, I asked her to leave with Queen Eve and influenced her more. The effect has been shown already. Just a little bit more, probably a month, before I could make a move.

As for me, I had dinner with Cameron. It was a fancy one instead of a simple meal like what we had at breakfast.

At least I managed to talk to the Queen about inviting Duke Blacktomb or some ambassador from the Sin Kingdom to her coronation. I would use that chance to get a formal invitation and send a letter to Queen Ariel and Pope Seraphina, informing them of my intention.

Afterward, I returned to my mansion using [Teleportation Gem].

"Welcome home, Sir Arthur." Garcia greeted me with a soothing voice. However, she somehow had a bitter smile, as if she hid something.

"Is there something wrong, Garcia?" I asked in a concerned tone.

"T-There is nothing wrong, Sir Arthur." She stuttered, laughing dryly.

"You are hiding something."

Garcia's body jolted as I stared at her with narrowed eyes.

"What's wrong? I won't get mad, so just tell me."

"Umm…" She hesitated, fidgeting with her hands in front of her. "A-Actually, I masturbated in the garden when you weren't aware of it, Sir Arthur. Please forgive me!"

Masturbating in the garden?

I looked around and shrugged my shoulders.

"And?" I pressed, walking toward her. She took a step back, but I stopped her by pulling her hand. "Anything more than that?"

"There is nothing more. I promise." She answered, her cheek turned red.

"It's just… My body feels hot lately. And… Milea was trying to find you yesterday, Sir Arthur. But you are nowhere to be found. So she sulked a little bit in her room and refused to come out. The meal today was prepared by Linda and Jane."

"Ah, I see." I nodded at Garcia and released her hand. "My bad for pulling your hand. And is there anything else to report?"

"Yes." Garcia rubbed her hand and used <Holy Magic> to heal it.

I pulled it too hard. I feel really bad now after hurting her. So, I also use <Heal> to make the process faster.

"Thank you, Sir Arthur." Garcia smiled beautifully, looking straight at me.

"Umm, Miss Eliza is with Miss Tristan for today. She said she would stay in the dorm and have a girl's night or something. Madam Vivian has returned to the mansion, but Cecil wanted to stay in Port City a bit longer because there is a little problem there."

"Problem?" I raised my eyebrows curiously.

"Yes." Garcia nodded, "It seems like new pirates are more active now with the sea becoming safe again. Also, Madam Vivian said an old man and a girl with braided hair accompanied Cecil. And Cecil herself said that she would be okay, so you don't need to worry.

"Lara and Lisa also returned to their investigation of Viscount Steelwill and his sons. They have joined with the church's shadow squad and Sandra. They took Astro with them because they needed his nose to track something."

Well, looking at Cecil's strength, I wasn't too worried about her. She also knew the sea better than any new pirates that were active in the sea.

Still, the old man and the girl. They were Gon and Marny, right? Why did Cecil ask them to accompany her? Especially Marny… She had trapped me once before.

I wouldn't stop Cecil from doing something she wanted, as I would probably not be able to stay here for a long time.

'She probably has her reason.'

Also, Astro joined the investigation? Well, he was pretty smart and attached to the twins, so I didn't mind.

After I got information from the twins or the shadow squad regarding Mair Steelwill going missing or someone in the Viscounty couldn't be found, I would use the scroll and [Purple Eye] to track him.

The pressing matter was also done. After the coronation and the party, it would be time for the monthly prayer. That meant my engagement with Eli and Tris would also come soon.

'For now…'

"Thank you for your hard work, Garcia. You can rest for the night. I will put up the barrier so no one can enter."

"Yes, Sir Arthur." Garcia bowed respectfully.

I walked past her and patted her head, making her smile.

Looking at my radar, I found Milea's dot still in her room near the kitchen. I headed there immediately because of my promise.

'She has decided whether she's willing to be dominated or not. I also have something to talk about with her, so this chance is perfect.'

Stopping in front of Milea's room, I was about to knock on the door when I heard pleasured moans and heavy breath from within.

"Hnn! Aah~ So big…"

I stopped and froze.

That was Milea's voice, but it was more sensual than before. It was sexier and sluttier than when we had sex. This cheeky nun was too horny and actually masturbated inside her room.

"It's hitting my womb. Hmnn~ Master! I want your seed! Mark me with your crest with your cum inside my pussy~"

Too many girls being horny while I only had one body. It was troublesome, but I was happy that they felt that way for me.

In fact, even when I already had a lot of sex with Beatrice earlier, the sight of Queen Eve's butt and her body language earlier excited me again. Combined with Milea's moans and sultry voice, my dick throbbed inside my pants.

'She wanted me to dominate her while she was marked with my cum, huh?'

My lips curled up into a wide smile as I pushed the door open. Milea jolted up from her bed, looking at me with wide eyes.

She only wore long black gloves and high socks. Her body was covered in sweat, and a big dildo was still inside her drenched pussy.

"M-Master?" She stuttered as she didn't expect me to enter without saying anything.

"Cheeky nun." I closed the door behind me and unbuckled my pants, freeing my throbbing hard cock. "Suck it. You made me hard with your moan, so take responsibility and suck it. Only then I will mark you with my semen and dominate you, Milea."

The blonde nun stared at my dick as if hypnotized. She could not see me. All of her attention was for the huge cock that could break her mouth or cunt.

Milea knew what to do. She obediently crawled towards the bed edge, holding and lifting my dick up.

"Fufufu, it can't be helped. Let me calm your cock, Master~"