I leaned back as the head of my penis was aimed towards her little cute face.

She flicked her tongue at my cock and slowly took the tip into her mouth. It felt good, but it seemed she wasn't satisfied with that. She immediately buried half of it in her mouth, coating and wetting it with her saliva.

Her hand played with her modest breast and the dildo in her tight cunt. From her expression, the two fingers on her lower lips, playing with her clit, gave her more pleasure compared to her fake dick.

Seeing her acting like this and pleasuring herself, I chuckled. I stroked her blonde head, tangling and grabbing a handful of her blonde locks.

"You know why you can't take me all the way to the end, Milea?"

With her mouth full of my cock, all Milea could do is grunt or shake her head.

I gently slapped her cheeks and asked in a dominant tone, "Does it hurt when your little mouth is full with my dick? Can you breathe normally when a huge, fat dick invades your small mouth? I am curious."

Milea looked me right into my eyes while she moved her head up and down.


"Then, how much pleasure can you get when my dick gets out of your control and shoves into your mouth, poking the back of your throat, and starts thrusting you deeply while choking you?"

The blonde nun squirmed at that as the lust and passion reflected in her eyes. That made me more turned on.

Her movement grew vigorous and desperate. My dick felt good, her lewd act was mesmerizing, and the warmth and suction from her small mouth increased.

She let the dildo fall between her feet, shifting both of her hands on my legs and waist while trying to push my cock further to the end of her little mouth.

That sudden development didn't surprise me. It was natural because she was too excited after she decided to let herself get dominated by me. Her lewd slutty instinct appeared as she put all of her focus on pleasing my cock.

I loved this cheeky nun. And so I would give her the pleasure she deserved.

"You can only cum when I let you, understood?!"

I grabbed a handful of Milea's hair and forced her face deeper until she coughed and her nose reached my pubes. She opened her mouth and let my dick touch the end of her small mouth.



Tears gathered from the corner of her eyes, and her chin was getting covered by saliva and precum.

This made me feel more assertive as she continued to bob her head while I stayed still. My eyes gazed down at her small pussy. The dildo is out, and a large pool of love honey dripped from the floor.

The act Milea did brought her to her climax. But it seems the cheeky nun wanted to let my seed be the only thing that could make her cum.

When the young nun couldn't control herself, and tried to release, I tightened my grip, holding her in place and making her look up to my face.

"I will shoot my seed into your throat. Drink all of it, got it?!"

The petite blonde nodded, and a trickle of saliva spilled from the corner of her little mouth as her lips stretched up.

The light coming from the magic lamp above illuminated the pleasure reflected in Milea's face, enhancing the erotic atmosphere of my cock, and dominating her cute little face.

She eagerly squeezed her boobs and nipples, pinching and groping them harder and more urgently. It seemed that this part of her body didn't get any pleasure from her blowjob.

In that instant, as I caressed Milea's soft, golden hair, my penis trembled in her mouth.

"I'm cumming. Drink all of them!"

A long strand of thick, viscous semen streamed out. I grabbed her hair tighter to shove the rest of my cock into her little mouth. The small entrance of her tight pussy started quivering and tightening again.

"Mmm mmmm mmnn!"

Milea's beautiful green eyes widened. I let my seed spew directly down her throat, spilling down and making sure she ate my semen whole. Her lust-ridden eyes told me she wanted that so bad.

When I let go of my grip on her, my cock slid out of her mouth with a 'pop', and some drool leaked on the side of her mouth and down her chin.

"Haa... Haa...! Uuk~ Nnn, thank you for your seed, Master~" She swallowed the rest of my seed still inside her throat.

"Your slutty look was really beautiful. I almost shot another batch of my seeds in your mouth just now."

Milea got bashful when I said that. However, her body betrayed her mind as she squirmed in a naughty way, showing me the slit of her dripping wet pussy.

"You want my cock in your pussy now? Do you want me to play with this little pussy?"

I stroked her cheek gently while staring straight at the slit of her soggy cunt, leaking thick love juice. She shuddered from my touch.

"Oooh~!" Milea shuddered when I rubbed her cunt's slit slowly, and with my touch getting harsher, she looked up at me. Her little face and smooth neck had sweat dampening her skin and glistening, giving her a more erotic vibe.

"Master please... your thick, long cock... uuk... Dominate me while your cock is inside me!"

Her pink pussy lips and sensitive clitoris are engorged from getting so much pleasure.

I rammed two fingers from each hand into her pussy as I softly strangled her little neck.

"Ahh~!! Nhhgg, nnnh~!" Milea raised her leg. Her thin, slender body shuddered in pleasure, eyes rolled back, and saliva trickled from the corners of her mouth as the muscles of her vagina and anus flexed uncontrollably.

Milea lost all strength from the intense pleasure. If not for my support, she would have fainted.

She licked her lips, and her legs twitched and trembled.

The sweet juices gushed out from her, and so I held her and spread her labia open for me to enjoy. Her walls were twitching. Her stomach clenched in bliss as I poked at the bottom.

When her climax finally stopped, I entered her as her warm, moist, slick inner tunnel hugged my cock tightly. She gasped and came a third time. Her legs, wrapping my body, quivered in the rush of pleasure, and her warm cum rushed over my cock.

Milea was taking short, ragged breaths with a hazy, unfocused look in her eyes.

"Ahhnn~!! Master's dick feels really good!" Milea yelped at me.

The tight squeeze of her hole was driving me insane, but I went gentle so I wouldn't accidentally break her. Still she wrapped my waist with her soft, slender legs, showing that she could take more.

"I will dominate you now." I declared, bringing up the window and pressing yes.

[Ding! Milea Daxidor is dominated!]

The pleasure that accompanied the etching of the pink heart-shaped crest made her moan loudly, but she quickly shook herself from her post-climax euphoria.

Her walls clamped onto my dick hard, and her body came yet again. Her spasming cunt spurred me on, and I lifted her hips with my arms, my handprints around her thin, pale waist. Her orgasm gave me free passage and made her even tighter as my cock entered her fully, pounding her cunt ruthlessly.

Her small breasts danced in sync with my thrust.

"Ahn! I was dominated! It feels good!" Milea was almost screaming. She pulled me down to kiss and embraced me tightly, her pussy sucked my cock deeper and tightened.

"Uukh!" I grunted, and my dick started pumping her hot cunt full of my seed.

"Hah~ Hah~ Master... Y-you're coming... inside!"

It seemed Milea had her mind blown as she locked her leg around me.

"You're so cute, Milea."

I smiled and nibbled at her earlobes. As soon as my lips moved down to her neck and left a mark, her legs tightened even harder, forcing me deeper into her. I continued to pound her harder, and the next orgasm arrived as her walls tightened.

"Ahhhn~!! Again! M-My womb~ I-It's marked now. I want to feel your hot sperm spurting into my fertile womb~!"

Milea embraced me desperately, leaving kiss marks on my nape. I released my cum deep inside her, filling her hot vagina to the brim, giving her exactly what she had wanted.

After making her climax for the fifth time that night, I pulled my cock out of her and patted her head gently. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as her expression filled with ecstasy and satisfaction.

I caressed her head for a while as she slumped to the bed. The room was filled with her aroma and the mixed smell of our sex.

Before long, she was fully unconscious, snoring in the most sensual way I ever saw in my life. Her face was just utterly satisfied with her expression, relaxed in a slutty way as she let her hair all over the bed. She looked like the lewdest princess to ever walk on Earth.

"You should take a bath." I sighed and used <Purification> to clean her cum-covered body. "Really, I guess I should just not visit you after my business with Beatrice... Even I got a little tired."

Looking at her resting on the bed, I picked up the fallen dildo and put it beside her.

Then I put on my clothes and got out. After that, I walked back to my room to rest for the day.

But... the night wasn't over yet.

It was around midnight, and my sleep wasn't the deepest since I still had my <Presence Detection> active and had <Holy Barrier> covering both the mansion and the [Purple Eye]. I suddenly felt a presence entering the mansion, which wasn't hostile.

I opened my eyes and walked to the balcony to meet her.


Sandra appeared out of nowhere and kneeled in front of me. I looked at her and gestured for her to continue.

Lowering her head deeply, the Dark Elf assassin said, "Mair Steelwill has gone missing from our track."