I brought Rania and Sophia to the private room I used as a Paladin ritual before. The bed was still there, probably thanks to Sana. She probably wanted me to use this room whenever I wanted to.

Both Rani and Sophia's aroused switch had been flipped. Love juices dripped out slightly from their tight, black leotard as they pressed their breasts against my arms. They looked so sexy, and it excited me greatly.

When we reached the room, they backed away from me and obediently went to bed as I closed the door.

They were sitting side by side, looking at me with expectation.

"Arthur, will you dominate me now?" Rania asked, looking at me with heart-shaped pupils.

"You will do me too, right?" Sophia chirped in, "You promised to treat me the same way as Rania, Sir Arthur."

"Of course." I nodded and approached them, squeezing their breasts and pulling them closer. "I will dominate you both. But first…"

I took out two [Binding Rope] from my inventory and activated it. The ropes moved as if they were alive, following my command to bind their bodies.



Rania and Sophia squealed and moaned as the rope bound them, going between their breasts and keeping their legs spread wide.

They were now completely helpless, bound, and unable to resist. I could do anything to them. Their breasts were pressed together, making their cleavage look all the more enticing.

The rope also went between their thighs, pressing it firmly.

It was perfect.

Rania was a submissive girl who liked being dominated. That was why she enjoyed getting tied up like that. It made her feel safe and protected. While Sophia only wanted to be treated the same as her rival. This scene would make them both happy.

"I can't move!" Rania cried out in pleasure, "Please don't stop... Master..."

She was lying down on the bed, her body covered in ropes. Her head was tilted back while her eyes were shut tightly. She looked incredibly cute and innocent when she did that.

Her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet. As for Sophia, she wasn't able to see much since the ropes prevented her from turning around or seeing what was happening behind her. However, she also moaned softly from the robe rubbing against her pussy entrance on top of the leotard.

As usual, I undressed myself. My cock was rock-hard and throbbing inside my pants. I stood between them and shoved my dick into Rania's mouth.

"Mmfphh..." Rania moaned, sucking on my shaft.

I grabbed onto her hair and began thrusting my hips faster and harder.

"Suck it well, Rania!"


She sucked my cock harder, her tongue working on the underside of my shaft and pressing it against my sensitive glans. My hands were playing with Sophia's tongue, feeling it twitching and trying to escape.

I removed my dick from Rania's mouth, letting it pop out and land on her lips. She opened her mouth, her tongue sticking out to catch the precum. It was quite impressive that she could do that without her hands, all while the ropes limited her movements.

Sophia was watching us as she moaned from the rope. The rope was pressing on her pussy and making it wet with arousal. She was starting to drool and was leaking love juice, her tight leotard becoming see-through.

"Let me suck it too." Sophia begged, "Please, Sir Arthur!"

I grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at me. "No. I'm going to make you both cum, whether you like it or not. You will be a slutty, obedient little girl until I am satisfied."

"I want to taste your seed, Sir Arthur." Sophia complained, "Please let me suck your dick."

"Not now." I replied, "You will get a taste of my seed when I have you both begging for it. I will make you both my little cum sluts."

"Sir Arthur, please! I can't wait anymore..."

"Silence!" I screamed, my voice booming across the room.

Sophia fell silent and looked up at me. She was so cute and obedient like that. The fierce lioness looked so weak and precious, making me want to break her.

Rania was trembling. Her body was quivering from the ropes and pleasure. She loved when I took control of her, and I could tell she was very close to cumming. A masochist pig through and through. I liked her.

I decided to have mercy on them and removed my hands from Rania's mouth and chin. Rania was relieved, but Sophia was clearly unhappy about this.

"Sir Arthur..." Sophia begged, "Please let me suck your dick!"

I shook my head.

"Not yet."

I then took out a whip from my inventory and began hitting their legs with it.

"Ah... Hyaaaaa!"


"That hurt..." Sophia complained, "Please be gentler, Sir Arthur..."

"Silence. Look at Rania and how she is enjoying her suffering."

Sophia turned her head, her eyes widening in surprise. Rania was moaning and moving her head back and forth. She was obviously enjoying the pain. With her limited movement, she licked and sucked on my dick, trying to make it harder and bigger.

"See?" I asked, "She loves it. And that is why you will enjoy your own suffering as well."

"But it hurts, Sir Arthur."

"It will turn to pleasure soon." I grinned, "I promise."

I placed the whip on the side and went towards Sophia.

"Sir Arthur... What are you doing?" She asked, her eyes wide open in surprise.

"I will punish you next." I said, "You have disobeyed my order by talking back to me. I will make you regret that."


I slapped her thighs with my hands. She jumped and moaned. I could feel her pussy juice dripping out and seeping through her leotard.

"That hurts... Sir Arthur..."

"I have already said that I will make you enjoy your punishment."

I slapped her again, this time on her ass. She groaned and looked away. I then slapped her again.

"Ahhh! Sir Arthur!"

"Beg for me, Sophia."

"Please... Sir Arthur..."

"I can't hear you." I grabbed onto her cheeks and turned her head so she was looking at me.

"Please... Sir Arthur... I want to cum..."

"Good girl."

I released her cheek and pressed her head against my chest. I was now sitting down on the bed, my legs spread apart. I brought Sophia's head close to my crotch while she was still bound by the rope on the ground.

"Suck it well." I said, "Make me cum with your mouth. Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes, Sir Arthur." She nodded, "I'll do my best."

She looked up at me with a determined expression on her face. She was trying to make her eyes as alluring and attractive as possible, her eyelashes fluttering cutely.

"Don't make me wait." I held her head and pushed her towards my crotch.

Sophia opened her mouth and took me into her mouth. She started sucking my shaft, bobbing her head up and down and licking it.


A soft moan escaped her lips and traveled into my cock. Her tongue was twisting and turning around my shaft, and she was using her saliva as a lubricant to help her slide her mouth along my shaft.

"You're getting better at this." I chuckled and turned to Rania who was gushing out love juice.

She was moaning and writhing on the bed. Her legs were spread apart, and her pussy was twitching. I could see the ropes going between her thighs, and I knew she was desperate for an orgasm.

Smirking, I commanded the rope to bind her harder. She was now trapped with her legs wide open and unable to move her body.

"Mm... Ah..."

Her nipples were hard and were visible from her tight leotard. Her whole body was glistening with sweat, and I could smell her arousal from here. It made me even more horny, and my dick was dripping precum down Sophia's throat.

Sophia's eyes were watering, and she was starting to choke. I released her head and she came back up, gasping for air and wiping the saliva and tears from her eyes. But I wasn't done.

I pushed Sophia back onto the bed and got on top of her. Her face was now wet, and she was drooling slightly. Her leotard was completely see-through, and I could see her breasts, and, most importantly, her pink nipples. I made the rope binding her to spread her legs further while moving away from her pussy.

"I will dominate you first, Sophia. Let Rania see your face when I make you cum."

"Ah... Yes... Sir Arthur... Please!"

I grabbed her arms and pinned her to the bed. I then began sucking on her nipples. She moaned in response, her whole body shivering from the sensation. I then moved my mouth down her stomach and to her pussy.

"Oh! Sir... Arthur..."

I licked her inner thighs, slowly closing into her leotard. She moaned again, her whole body twitching from the pleasure. Her legs were trembling, and she was trying to push them together to stop the stimulation but was unable to due to the rope.

"Hnn~ So good! I'm sorry, Sir Arthur... I'll be a good girl... Please let me cum!"

"Beg harder." I ordered, "I want to hear you beg more."

I removed my tongue and blew air on her pussy.

"Please... Sir Arthur... I... I need to cum... I want to cum with your big cock!"

I chuckled and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth, letting my tongue in. I explored her mouth, making her taste her own love juice. Then, I ripped her leotard, revealing her bare breasts and pussy.

With the entrance visible, I positioned my cock and slid it into the deepest parts of her.

"Hyaaaaaaa! Cumming!"