When I walked away from Naya, I remembered something important.

'Wasn't the first Paladin impotent? Cleric said that, but… How did he have a kid then?'

Well, that might be something I needed to ask him again. Cleric was gone from my <Presence Detection> right after he walked away. I bet he teleported with his <Space Magic>.

'He will return to the banquet. For now…' I looked at the castle's second floor.

There was someone who watched me earlier. She was Mafula. Her eyes were narrowed suspiciously as she followed my movement. Her blonde hair hid one of her eyes, and the silhouette covered her lower face. But I knew she wasn't pleased when I talked and joked with Naya earlier.

'How should I deal with her? You should've brought her with you, Father-in-law…' I sighed and walked away from the garden.


In Arthur's mansion in the Academy City, Cecil sat in the garden with Vivian. She was immediately pulled to accompany the Madam to have an afternoon break. Of course, she was asked to change from her red bikini to the white crop top they bought together and long dark green leggings.

They sat across from each other, with a white round table filled with snacks and tea prepared by the maid. A parasol to keep them from burning from the sun was set, casting shade on them.

Linda and Jane stood near the mansion, ready to prepare more snacks or beverages if Vivian wanted to. And the twin nuns, Lisa and Lara, took care of the garden as usual while protecting the mansion.

'This is strange.' Cecil thought as she listened to Vivian's story. She looked at the older lady, who had a beautiful smile plastered on her face while giggling happily every time she recounted an amusing story. 'I usually don't like it, but… Somehow, this is relaxing.'

Cecil began to enjoy listening to Vivian's story and didn't mean being around her. It was different at first, as she disliked Vivian for being too pushy. However, that feeling changed at some point, and now she liked her company and was even close to her.

'She called me her surrogate daughter. Am I also beginning to look at her as my mother unconsciously?' She wondered, thinking of the foursome he had with Arthur that night.

'Yeah, Arthur even called her Mommy as a play. Though it changed to Eliza calling him Daddy… That was fun and felt good. I wanted to have him screw me again, squeezing my milk and giving me his semen. Ah!'

At that moment, her body jolted, and she blushed in realization. She had become quite a pervert since he taught her about women's pleasure.

Vivian noticed that and stopped her story. She hid her mouth behind her hand and began to giggle.

"What are you thinking about, Cecil? Are you thinking about… night with Arthur?" She giggled playfully as her cheek was also dyed red in embarrassment. Whether she wanted it or not, she also remembered Arthur's touch on her body when she teased Cecil.

"… You were also thinking about that." Cecil retorted as she wiped the drool that escaped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Fufufu, you were the one who thought of that first and even drooled. Do you miss him that much?"

"I am not."

"You don't need to deny it. I know everyone's feelings… Well, it's a bit strange that while I am the only one besides my maids, he doesn't dominate, right? Hahaha… But I know that everyone loves Arthur and wants to be touched. Even me…"

"Vivian…" Cecil muttered as she looked at Vivian's slightly sad expression.

It was gone just a second later as she narrowed her eyes in protest.

"I told you to call me Mama, right? Didn't I say I already thought of you as my own daughter? You even agreed to it when we visited Lima Port City!"

"That's…!" Cecil raised her voice and was about to refute. But when she saw Vivian's expression once again, she quieted down and clicked her tongue. "Fine. I admit that I am imagining getting touched by Arthur. And also, don't sell yourself short, Mama."

"Cecil!" Vivian squealed happily as she heard what Cecil called her. "And I don't sell myself short. I just know myself. I am a widow and old. I am happy enough that he is willing to accompany this perverted mother thanks to his kindness." She continued, smiling softly.

Cecil wanted to sigh. Her new mother didn't understand Arthur and thought he was kind.

'Only I understand his real self.' She thought as she remembered how sly her current lover was. 'He put an act to get close to me and made me fall for him unconsciously. He has wits and is cruel against his enemy. He's not kind but loving. Yes, he only showed kindness to someone he loved.'

So far, that was what Cecil got from him. She had seen many people on the sea, from a kind one to a really cruel one. Arthur was someone who could control that personality to the extreme. Thus, people thought he was kind.

'And he clearly cares about Vivian as much as Eliza. I only want to stay by his side and get the pleasure he promised me, but it's different from Vivian's. I will tell him later… If I do not drown in my lust beforehand. But better yet… Maybe we can have a threesome in the bath? Yeah, that's good.'

Cecil smiled sweetly as she nodded to herself. Arthur was able to take care of many girls at once at the party. Having a threesome was now normal. Or rather, Cecil wasn't sure she would be able to satisfy Arthur alone as his desire also grew, just like hers.

'Maybe Garcia will also want to join? She's a half-succubus and has an endless sexual desire. Or maybe Arthur will bring a new woman or even the Queen of the Virtue Kingdom herself. Who knows?'

What was important to her was she would finally have sex again later and could satisfy her piling-up sexual desire. She disliked touching herself besides milking her breast milk. The latter was an exception because it was for her lover and not for her own sake.

Vivian returned to normal after a while. Her mood improved after Cecil called her Mama and even gave her some snacks she baked herself. It was a good day for her. Even when she was jealous of that pink crest below Cecil's abdomen, she wouldn't say it out loud due to her position.

'Fufufu, I know very well about Arthur. That boy will try to give me what I want, but that will be selfish of me and unfair to my daughter. Unless he asks me himself, I won't say anything or bring it up.' She thought as she poured tea into her already empty cup.

At that moment, Vivian suddenly felt something. Turbulent mana focused on the cobblestone path near the entrance. It was massive and tried to breach the barrier.

"Madam Vivian, Miss Cecil!" Lisa, the younger twin, suddenly appeared near their table and held two sharp daggers. "Please evacuate. Whoever tries to breach the barrier is strong!" She said with a grim face.

Lara had positioned herself in the opposite garden, holding similar daggers as Lisa.

"What happened?!" Cecil shouted loudly, noticing the strange situation. She couldn't feel Mana's movement as she had no <Mana Sense>, but she still understood that someone was trying to enter the mansion uninvited.

"Someone is trying to teleport inside this mansion. And that person is most probably an intruder as he's not granted permission by Arthur yet." Vivian explained as she stood up. "And Lisa, I can also fight. Don't worry about me."


"I am Level 52." Vivian interrupted the maid, "And I will stay in the back. Cecil will protect me, right?"

The minotaur girl nodded. She looked serious as she stood tall in front of Vivian. She was confident with her strength and defense. No one would be able to break through her as long as she was still standing.

"Both of you, enter the mansion for now!" Vivian ordered Linda and Jane.

"P-Please be safe, Madam!"

They ran to the mansion without questioning the order, understanding that this was a rather dangerous situation.

The mana turbulence intensified, and a distortion appeared in the air. At that moment, a boy with blonde hair and green eyes stepped out with a carefree smile.

"Hahaha, that was hard. As expected of the barrier in this house. That was created by Ales–" His words were cut short by a dagger thrown by Lara. He looked around curiously and scratched his cheek, "Woah… Am I not welcome here?"

"Identify yourself, intruder." Lara commanded ominously as she raised her daggers, "Or I will use force."

"How scary." The intruder chuckled nonchalantly as if this situation where he was surrounded by four high-level people wasn't scary at all. "Well, I will play a little. Don't worry. I will hold back enough not to hurt you. If you're ready, here I co –"

This time, his words were interrupted once again. Something was flying toward him at a fast speed, and he caught it with his hand. Looking at the object thrown, he looked slightly confused. It wasn't a weapon.

"A wooden ladle?" He asked and raised his head.

Standing in front of the door was Milea with a red face full of embarrassment and rage. She glared at the intruder with anger in her eyes.

The intruder's smile widened as soon as she saw her. Everyone looked confused, but they had an idea of what happened, so they didn't do anything.

Then, he said cheerfully, "Hello, Milea. I've come to visit!"

"What the heck are you doing here, Father?!"