After the three of us were satisfied, we decided to stop. It was just right before midnight. Vivian blushed and couldn't look me in the eye while running out of the bathroom first with just a towel wrapped around her body.

Cecil giggled playfully as she saw that and followed her, saying that she would accompany and calm her down. Before leaving, though, she wished me good luck.

I was slightly confused at first, but I understood her meaning soon after I activated my <Presence Detection> again.


Eli had returned with Tris. According to the pink dots shown on my radar, they must've seen Vivian running away wrapped in a towel just when they entered the mansion.

I wondered how Cecil could know that, but I was sure Tris saw the pink crest above Vivian's crotch and told Eli about it. And I knew they were in the mansion because we needed to prepare for the Queen's coronation in a few hours.


'Will they get mad because of this?' I thought as I exited the bathroom and went to the mansion Lobby, expecting their worst reaction.

Standing there with crossed arms was Tris, while Eli looked at me with a wry smile. Alright, this was easy. The former was just slightly disappointed in me, while the latter was happy that I dominated her mother, a sign that I actually cared about her.

Alright, that wasn't the worst. They were still calm and not angry.

I couldn't see Garcia anywhere, but it seemed like she was with Cecil to calm Vivian and talk to the madam. Milea was also already sleeping, and so were the maids. The twins still guarded the mansion outside, and Sandra… I left her.

Damn, I forgot about her in the Steelwill Viscounty. I hoped she didn't eat anyone's horse.

Anyway, I was alone to deal with them… Well, this was my responsibility as their fiance too.

"Art, did you have fun?" Tris asked with a scary smile that seemed to be able to freeze the mansion.

"Yeah," I answered with a nod.

"Hmm…" My cute fiancee hummed as she approached me. "With Eli's mother and Cecil?"

"That's right." Once again, I nodded, "And I dominated Vivian because she wanted to but didn't want to say it. The reason being…" I looked at Eli without finishing my sentence.

"Me?" Eli asked as she pointed at herself. "Does Mama hesitate because she thinks I would be mad? I mean… she also didn't tell me…"

"Figures." I shrugged my shoulders, "She wants you to be happy and hesitate to ask me to dominate her. She looked so happy earlier, but… Well, her embarrassment and guilt caught up to her. Can you say something to her, too, Eli?"

"Hmm, alright." Eli smiled at me sweetly, "I am happy if Mama is happy. But, Arthur… I hope you won't forget your fiancee, you know?"

"I don't, Eli. Will you believe me that I actually really want to meet you girls? But whenever I am home, you are either in the Academy or Tris' dorm." I glanced at Tris, and her body jolted.

"W-Well, we had a girl talk, so you can't listen to it!" Tris exclaimed, showing off her tsundere side once again. "Right, Eli?"

"That's right, hehe." Eli giggled cutely and turned to me. "Well, I will go to see Mama now. I bet she's worried about what I said. I will assure her that it won't be a problem."

"Thanks, Eli."

Eli nodded at me and walked to the second floor, where Vivian's room was. I was left alone in the lobby with Tris.

"So, you also want to spend more time with me and have fun?" I teased her and smirked, causing her face to blush.

"W-What are you talking about?!" She punched me lightly and averted her face.

It didn't hurt, but I caught her hand to stop her from moving around. Using my other hand, I held her chin and made her look at me straight in the eyes. I was able to see her cute, embarrassed face thanks to this.

"Just be honest with me, Tris. How do you really feel?"

"Uggh… You know that you're too pushy sometimes?" Tris grumbled in displeasure. Her face was right in front of me, trying to find words she wanted to say but could not.

I chuckled at that sight and caressed her cheek, "Didn't you like me like this, though?"

"W-Well," Tris' eyes moved around before looking down, "I do…"

The way she blushed and pouted when answering looked so cute that I took her by surprise and carried her in a princess carry.


Tris squealed in surprise and circled her arms around my neck, moving around as she wanted to be freed, "R-Release me, Arthur!"

"No." I leaned down and kissed her deeply, all while caressing her soft and bouncy thighs under her skirt.

"Hnn~" Tris moaned and pushed my face away from her, "S-Stop it… I-If you want further, then… It's going to be bad!"

"Why is it bad?" My face was close to her neck, breathing heavily onto it, while my hand went and grabbed her ass.


A moan escaped Tris' lips once again as her body trembled in pleasure. Her expression had already changed into a blissful face, and she breathed heavily.

"Hnn~ I said stop!" Tris shouted loudly and held my face. Her eyes were teary and trembling, and a drool escaped the corner of her lips. She looked at me with a hazy gaze. "You made me want to do it with you now! And I tried my best to hold back, dummy!"

"You don't need to hold anything back." I began to walk upstairs as Tris buried her face on my neck, licking it seductively. Her hot breathe hit the area behind my ear. It was ticklish, so I squeezed her butt for revenge, causing her to moan again.

We passed the second floor and went to the third, where my room was.

With a swift motion, I pushed the door open and threw Tris onto my bed. Her short clothes rode up her stomach and even showed her white panties. When Tris saw me look, she hurriedly tried to cover herself, which was a sight of pure innocence and bashfulness.

"Don't look!"

"It's fine, isn't it? We are both engaged now." I began to strip myself and smiled at her.

Tris bit her lower lip and covered her face with a blanket, not wanting to peek, "Y-Yes... b-but that is..."

I sighed softly. How come she's not used to it already, being with me? I grabbed the edges of her elf tunic and pulled it up gently. Her pale body appeared underneath the blanket, her delicate frame and small but soft bosom showing up.

I tossed the cloth somewhere and reached for her head, pulling the blanket down so her beautiful face was revealed.

She shyly tried to push it off again.

But when our eyes met, hers quickly turned into a dreamy gaze, as if she was completely seduced and defeated.

My eyes were not really kind, but there were some feelings in them, and it was something she liked very much. I loved her a lot. She was special to me and the most important person that had ever appeared in my life, "Hey, do you not want to be embraced by me?"

Tris puffed out her red cheeks and pushed me, "It's not like that... You know very well of my condition, dummy..."

"I know." I had never thought this side of Tris would appear again, especially towards me. She must have really wanted to go all the way with me if she showed a new expression like this, "I will embrace you and fill your body, Tris, so rest assured."

Her eyelashes fluttered, "Oh~ What will you fill me with?"

My heart quickened. Was she seducing me, or was she just too drunk by the feeling and her body that she did not mind her words? Either way, she looked too sexy for me to resist anymore.

"Here, open your mouth for a taste." I slid two fingers between her plump lips and over her tongue. She slowly sucked it as if her body had a life of its own.

I smirked and lowered my face towards her flat stomach, leaving soft kisses from her belly button. She panted as if my touches sent a jolt through her body. I could see how she trembled every now and then.

"Is it alright if I touch a little?" My left hand slid up to her modest, perky breasts and began massaging it. She reacted when I tweaked her nipples a few times.

"Mnn..." She breathed softly, moving her neck from side to side.

Then, I continued to go downwards. My fingers pulled aside her panties, showing off her moist, beautiful, pink lips. I moved my middle finger to her opening and pressed its soft skin.

"Ahn, no, not tha— Mmn~" Tris gasped, arching her back when my finger rubbed over her labia and pressed gently, massaging her insides. "Wait, n-no!"

She closed her thighs in a hurry and tried to escape, but I wouldn't let her. I took her leg and pulled her to me again, shoving one more of my fingers inside to the knuckle. Tris screamed when I pinched and twisted her nipples while fingering her.

"Ahh, n-no, no, wai— I'll melt like this! S-stop aahhn, stop aahhn~!" Tris' beautiful blue eyes became teary. When she climaxed and felt her lower part gushing juices all over her thighs and the bedsheets, her legs shook uncontrollably. "No, I came... I'm coming, coming!"

"And you said no... Look at this," I smirked and withdrew my wet fingers, showing it to her. "You're quite lewd, Tris."