(The Hell's Cult planned to show themselves in the coronation ceremony.)

Lucy informed me just right before I went to the Royal Castle to prepare for the coronation ceremony.

But they weren't attacking.

I was waiting for a while, but they didn't show up, not even on my radar. And the ceremony ended without their interference.

Queen Eve retreated to the back first to change her clothes to fit the party that followed the ceremony, and I also followed her to the backside.

She was inside the changing room with some maids while I guarded outside with Grand Marshal Garland. I was offered a room to wait for her, but I refused because I had something to say to the Grand Marshal.

He didn't say anything, just like usual. His eyes radiated the wariness of the surroundings.

As Queen Eve changed clothes, I decided to tell this giant about the information I received.

"Grand Marshal," I spoke in a low voice that only Garland could hear.

He glanced at me for a second before turning away, knowing that I purposely was not glancing at him so people wouldn't notice me speaking.

"There is this group of people that will probably try to ruin the coronation party later. Order the Royal Guards to tighten the security and patrol the surroundings. If you see someone suspicious, then don't hesitate to put them down."

"Is this information accurate, Your Holiness?" He whispered back.

"I caught the real mastermind behind the assassination a few days ago. I believe you've heard what happened in Steelwill Viscounty by now."

"I am aware."

"That simplifies things." I looked at the ceiling, "The Viscount and his first son is that group's member, while the second son is just a greedy man. I came across the mastermind while a girl working under me investigated that family. And…"

I didn't know how to explain it. The Goddess wanted to hide the Hell's Cult from the masses, preventing them from even knowing their existence, which could shake their belief.

But giving the Grand Marshal incomplete information might allow them to infiltrate without me noticing it beforehand, and it could lead to them successfully carrying out their plan.

After deliberating about what I should tell him, I decided just to give out the necessary information.

"They are dangerous not just to Queen Eve but also to the masses."

"I shall order the Royal Guard to increase their security."

"Thank you, Grand Marshal."

Silence reigned over the hallway again, contrary to the busy noises from the hall that was located right behind the door at the end. The party had started, and the Nobles had begun to converse with each other.

From my radar, it seemed like Emilia also joined the group of my girls and moved together with them. With her and Vivian at the same place, I might not need to worry about them getting harrassed by Nobles who didn't know that my fiancees were in that group.

As for Beatrice… I gave her a task after Lucy contacted me earlier. She was blending with the servants in case those people from the Hell's Cult had already entered and just didn't show their hostility. If that were the case, then infiltrating as servants was easier than as guests.

The maid inside the room behind me also seemed to be ready. They praised the Queen's beauty with her new dress and even said everyone would be captivated.

Queen Eve laughed and also praised someone who designed the dress. She didn't know about it as she left everything to her servants to order her dresses, though she did choose the design herself.

Knock knock!

Hearing two knocks from inside that signified the Queen was almost ready, Grand Marshal Garland looked around and bowed at me.

"Please excuse me first, Your Holiness. I am entrusting Her Majesty to your care. I shall secure the entrance and announce her arrival."

"Very well."

With that, Garland left toward the other way of the entrance. He would, as he said, announce our entrance together.

As for me, I would become Queen Eve's partner when entering. She had no husband, and the Princes were still too young to make their appearance at a formal party, so I was chosen as I was close to her, trustworthy, and our social status was similar to each other.

A few moments later, the door was knocked three times from inside, indicating that the Queen was ready. I took a few steps away from the door and watched it get opened by the maids who helped Queen Eve get dressed.

Then she appeared from the room, wearing a light blue dress. The long sleeves cascaded beautifully from her shoulders. A subtle pattern of vines and roses adorned with butterflies around her slightly exposed chest, waving its way across the skirt.

The half-transparent skirt revealed a glimpse of the Queen's slender legs with every step she took while maintaining an air of elegance and modesty—a silver tiara with a large blue gem adorning her hair, making her glimmer beautifully.

"How do I look, Your Holiness? May I hear about your opinion?"

I looked at her briefly and smiled, taking a good look at her dress.

"You look stunning, Your Majesty. It's as if a butterfly has appeared to brighten the day."

"Fufufu, you're really good at flattering, Your Holiness. I believe many ladies have fallen over for you."

"That's not flattery." I approached her and extended my hand. "That's an honest compliment, Your Majesty. Please give me the honor to escort you, the brightest lady in the world."

Queen Eve smiled bashfully; her cheek turned slightly red. It seemed like she wasn't really used to this kind of treatment. What a surprise.

She extended her gloved hand slowly and took mine.

"Please escort me carefully, Your Holiness."

"The honor is mine." I stood up, and she linked her arm around mine.

We walked toward the entrance with confident smiles. A nice, flowery smell tickled my nostrils. It was a slightly familiar smell that I often smell.

'Isn't this the perfume often used by Beatrice?' I thought as I glanced at Queen Eve when we stopped before the door. She had regained her composure and tilted her head slightly when noticing my gaze.

"Sir Arthur, please look forward. Our entrance is important." She reminded me.

"My apologies. I was caught up with your beauty." I replied with a sly smile. It sounded a bit cringeworthy, but as I said earlier, Queen Eve wasn't used to pick-up lines that weren't flattery, so she blushed.

"Please…" She said, trying her best not to calm her loud heartbeat.

How could a mother of three children be this cute and beautiful? I knew she was more attractive than that crazy Princess, but I just realized how lovely she was after we interacted a few times.

"It's time, Sir Arthur. Please be serious for once, if possible. You looked cool when you stood on top of the staircase to coronate me earlier. I believe more ladies will fall for you if you show that kind of expression."

"Unfortunately, I will say no to those ladies. Besides, I believe none will look more attractive than you for me right now, my Queen."

I smiled gently and bowed my body slightly, looking at her from a lower position. She looked flustered and couldn't really reply.

"Honestly…" Her voice sounded a bit cracked as she averted her gaze, "You're used to this, aren't you?"

"Who knows?" I chuckled and straightened my posture. "The door is opened, Your Majesty. Let's walk."

"Very well, Your Holiness." Queen Eve replied with a smile. The red tint around her cheek was still apparent, but that only made her look more lovely.

Two Royal Guards kneeled after they opened the door for us, and we walked inside the party hall from the top of the stairs.

Grand Marshal Garland, with his hands behind his back, announced our arrival.

"Her Majesty the Queen has arrived! His Holiness the Paladin has graced us with his presence!"

The party hall became silent at once, but no one kneeled this time. I escorted Queen Eve by hand, and we walked down the stairs slowly, mainly due to her long skirt that made it harder to walk.

While walking down, I looked around the room and found that many young ladies from Noble's houses actually surrounded my group. Tris and Cecil looked tired, but the other three looked as if they were used to it.

Rather… Emilia's strict face melted as soon as she saw me. She was wearing a strapped black dress with a flower adorning her chest area. She looked beautiful.

But right now, I was escorting Queen Eve. Soft music rang as soon as we reached the hall, and we separated slightly before I extended my hand toward her once more.

"Will you grant me with the first dance, Your Majesty?"

I had to admit, this duty was more than I could take. Thankfully, I learned how to dance back in Horizon Online; although I wasn't confident of how good it was, it should be enough not to embarrass myself.

Once again, Queen Eve took my hand and smiled beautifully.

"My pleasure, Your Holiness."

I held her hand gently and went to the middle of the hall. The dance was Waltz, and the music changed once we were ready. Following the rhythm, we danced in the clearing surrounded by many Nobles.

Their judging eyes hurt. I'd rather deal with monsters instead of people, as expected. Still, I pulled it off nicely, and Queen Eve spoke to me in the middle of our dances.

"Prepare yourself, Sir Arthur. We will need to greet more people than in that banquet after this."


I didn't need to hear that! If only I had a clone… Unfortunately, that was just impossible.

'I should just run after this, probably having fun with Emilia in one of the break rooms.' I thought as I smiled wryly.