I hated greeting Nobles. Once again, I went through this agony, but longer than before.

Cleric tried to hold his laugh once again when greeting me, but Mafula's impression of me seemed to be slightly improved as she didn't glare at me.

Duke Blacktomb and Naya were among the people who greeted the Queen and me first as the representative of the Sin Kingdom. The former wore a luxurious Noble suit, while the latter wore an off-shouldered black dress, which complemented her looks.

The greeting lasted for almost an hour before I was freed, and Queen Eve went to the balcony above to rest. Afterward, I joined my girls' group, and the Nobles began to dance.

"Will you dance with me, girls?"

Naturally, I also danced with them. I started with Eli and Tris, before dancing with Emilia and Vivian. Cecil couldn't dance because she never practiced. Besides, she looked a bit uncomfortable wearing high heels, which further boosted her height and made her stand out from the others.

When it was Tris' turn, she was slightly awkward in her movement but caught up soon. Due to her appearance similar to Milea, Mafula's gaze occasionally followed her. Cleric whispered something into her ear before she turned around and drank alcohol given by a maid with long purple hair.

When that maid passed by, Cleric narrowed his eyes in wonder and looked at me for a second. Because I was in the middle of a dance with my fiancee, I just gestured to him that she was already tamed.

Yes, that maid who brought alcohol around was Beatrice, the primordial Succubus.

As someone who probably had met Luxuria Church's Pope, Duke Blacktomb also noticed Beatrice's existence, and his eyes widened in surprise. I bet he would ask her about what she was later, looking at his expression.

My dance with Tris ended, and I went to the dance floor with Emilia next. She was the one who invited me. I thought she would be trying to hide our relationship in front of the public. When I asked her what made her change her mind, she answered.

"There is nothing wrong with dancing with my student." A smile bloomed on her face, washing away her strict expression. "Besides, I want to say thank you. I reconciled with my father, and he didn't pester me about marrying other Nobles anymore. I heard it's thanks to you, Arthur."

"Hmm? I didn't know that he pestered you to marry other Nobles. Well, I would interfere if that happened. And it's also thanks to Duke Blacktomb that made him change his mind." I answered. Then I suddenly became curious, "But what made both of you fight in the first place?"

At my words, Emilia smiled slyly and leaned closer to an intimate distance. The dance was about to end, and it wasn't strange if our faces slightly touched before pulling away. On this occasion, she whispered sultrily.

"I told him that I wasn't a virgin anymore and got knocked out by an amazing man. Thus, I made him dominate me, and I offered my all to him."

Emilia pulled away slightly and glanced at the crowd of Nobles. I followed her gaze and found Count Dixon looking at me and nodding slightly while muttering a warning.

"Don't make her sad."

I laughed dryly at that and finished the dance with a bow.

When it was Vivian's turn, many people's eyes looked at us. Mostly, people who were the same age as Vivian took a glance at her before smiling happily.

The news of her divorce had spread already a long time ago. And this was the first official event she attended after so long.

The flower of the society had returned to a high-class society. Such things were interesting, and thus, we became the center of attention.

Even Queen Eve smiled when she saw Vivian. Both of them knew each other as they were the same age and attended the Royal Academy together. I was aware of that. Maybe I should make an opportunity for them to meet each other again.

"We became the center of attention," I said as I took Vivian's hand and pulled her body closer to the point her breasts pressed against my chest.

We began to move, following the rhythm. It was the fourth dance, so the dancing hall was less crowded now.

"Fufufu, it seems that I still have my charm." Vivian giggled playfully as we took the center of the dance hall. "Thank you for yesterday, Arthur. I forgot to say this. My confidence only returned after my cute daughter consoled me. How embarrassing."

"Did you not trust me when I said that you're beautiful?"

"I was used to flattery." She answered with a sad smile, but it turned into a genuine one just right after, "But I know that you're sincere after… Well, gave me such a chance. Though I might not be able to become your wife, please take care of Mama, Arthur."

That was cheating. But she was right. I couldn't get engaged or marry her because I would be officially engaged to her daughter in a week.

Everything was also ready for that day, including the dress and the rings.

"I will," I answered, and our dance ended.

Vivian held the end of her skirt and bowed elegantly. Raising her head, she took my hand, and I escorted her back to where the others were.

Most guests began to eat and converse with each other. Many curious Nobles surrounded Duke Blacktomb and Naya, but some were still wary of his unpleasant aura. However, some young men were curious about the beautiful, wavy-haired girl who radiated a rather oppressive feeling.

Cleric and Mafula were also surrounded by Nobles, mainly younger ones, who were curious about Elf Village. Getting ahead of himself after getting praised, Cleric's nose raised high as he explained how amazing Elf Village was while his wife looked at him with a blank gaze.

Unexpectedly, Oliver and Karin also attended this party with their parents. I didn't recognize Viscount Greenway and Viscount Coppertree when they greeted me earlier. Rather, I forgot about all Nobles and only answered automatically.

They brought their wives, and the ladies chatted with Vivian, asking how she was doing. As expected, the older ladies had their own circles.

Cecil and Emilia also separated from me. They went to the break room, as the former couldn't handle this 'luxurious and pompous' atmosphere anymore. The latter just accompanied her on my suggestion… Well, after I whispered that I might want to have fun in the break room with her later.

Eli introduced Tris to her best friends, and they got along almost immediately. I watched from the side, and Oliver spoke to me.

"Your Holiness, thank you very much for your guidance at the annual tournament. My <Shield Mastery> and <Swordsmanship> have progressed since then."

Because this was a formal occasion, Oliver talked politely to me. I heaved a sigh and smiled.

"There is no need to thank me. That was your reward for surviving until that far."

I patted his back and laughed. He did the same, and we talked about how to maximize the sword and shield style. It had been a long time since I had such a conversation, so I enjoyed it while drowning in memories of my former comrade from Horizon Online.

After talking with Oliver for a while, I noticed the song had changed. The person who played the cello was also different, and so was the one playing the violin.

The new song didn't fit the party atmosphere. They… suck.

Everyone also noticed it, and some looked at the orchestra player. The conductor also changed, I believed, but I wasn't sure. He looked similar, with long white hair and a beard.

At that moment, I heard a voice behind me.

"Young Masters, do you need a cocktail?"

Oliver and I turned around and met the gaze of a beautiful maid with long purple hair tied in a bun. She was holding a tray and offered drinks for us.

Blushing, Oliver took one of the drinks, "Thank you." He said.

Meanwhile, I nodded at her and took the drink casually. She smiled at us and glanced to the side, at the orchestra players.

That was the gesture that we talked about before. Beatrice had found the Hell's Cult members that infiltrated into this party.

I drank the cocktail in one go and put the empty glass on the table.

"Excuse me for a second. I need to go to the restroom for a while." I said to Oliver and he nodded his head.

Even Paladin needed to pee.

Of course, it was only an excuse. In fact, I went outside the party wall and went to the inconspicuous dark balcony to meet my lovely primordial Succubus slave.

When I arrived, she immediately hugged me from behind and pressed her large breasts against my back.

"Master~" She purred happily as she rested her head on my shoulder, "I found them."

"Good job." I patted her head softly, and she moaned in happiness, "How many of them are here?"

"Hnn~ Those cockroaches put a lot of members among the servants. In total, I found six maids, and ten butlers got replaced. Added with the orchestra player, there are at least fifteen of them in total."

"Fifteen, huh?"

That was less than my estimation, but I wouldn't lower my guard. They must've planned something already.

"Go back to your post until I give you a signal, Beatrice. I might need you later. If possible, find out whether they have a magic circle made of blood or not in their clothes or bodies. But don't rouse any suspicion."

"As you command, Master! Anything for you."